ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit shouts out Shane Beamer after coach delivers passionate message

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South Carolina football’s Twitter account posted an impassioned speech from head coach Shane Beamer on Thursday afternoon. It was met with much supportive feedback.

Beamer’s wisdom imparted to his team about the sacrifices fans and others make to watch them play was captured in a three-minute, 10-second video. ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit was among those to take time to send a social media reaction Beamer’s way.

“My man!” Herbstreit wrote in a tweet. “Great message brother.”

In the video, Beamer walks the team’s 100-plus players from the operations building to the upper deck of Williams-Brice Stadium to deliver a message. He urges his players to remember what they’re playing for — and “why” they’re doing it.

He mentions the trimming of trees, installation of LED lights, the dedication of fans and other elements that make up the gameday atmosphere.

“I don’t want us to lose sight of the sacrifices that people make to come watch you guys play down there,” Beamer said while pointing down to the field. “People pay money to park, to then walk all the way down Bluff Road, to then climb up this ramp and these steps, like we just did, to watch you play.”

Beamer mentioned the first two home games that people will attend — against Georgia State on Sept. 3 and Georgia on Sept. 17 — and how much time and money fans will invest to watch those games.

Specifically the Georgia game, which kicks off at noon.

“They’re gonna sit out here in the sun, where up here, you’re damn near touching the sun, for three and a half hours for you,” Beamer said.

The video went viral, accumulating more than 7,500 engagements and more than 280,000 views as of Friday morning.

Voices across sports media chimed in, in addition to Herbstreit.

ESPN’s Peter Burns and “Late Kick” host Josh Pate commented on the video, commending Beamer for his message.

“So damn good,” Burns said. “Great lesson from @CoachSBeamer that speaks to every team.”

“This is an exceptional video & a message every head coach should emphasize to their entire organization,” Pate wrote.

Jim Nagy, who directs the Senior Bowl, appreciated the creativity of Beamer’s speech. He even spoke to the direction of South Carolina football under Beamer.

“Hard not to be a fan of @CoachSBeamer and what he’s building at @GamecockFB,” Nagy wrote.

Others separated the speech from the success of the team, including reporter Dayne Young.

“I have no clue if a Beamer-led Gamecocks team ever gets to nine or ten wins ... but it is refreshing to see the focus is seemingly beyond scoreboards and money,” Young wrote. “CFB needs more of that.”

With this speech and the “Welcome Home: South Carolina Football” series streaming on ESPNU, the Gamecocks continue to build anticipation for the 2022 season.