Erin Napier Shared Rare Photos Featuring Her Daughters on Instagram and Fans Can't Get Enough

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Home Town star Erin Napier doesn't shy away from sharing the challenges of motherhood with her fans. Erin, husband Ben, and 3-year-old daughter Helen welcomed baby Mae into their family in May, and the new mom of two hasn't held back on the realities of parenting. While Ben and Erin have chosen to keep their daughters' faces off of Instagram, they do give fans glimpses into their home life. Erin has recently shared the challenges of breastfeeding, new parent sleep struggles, and even the difficulty of getting a home-cooked dinner on the table, and her fans applaud her honesty.

Erin recently shared a photo of an everyday moment: husband Ben carrying daughter Helen on his shoulders while on a neighborhood walk. She captioned the photo, "I love parenting with you," Fans took to the comments section to offer praise and encouragement. One commenter said, "There is literally nothing better than co-parenting in a good, strong marriage this side of heaven. ❤️" Another wrote, "You two seem to be wonderful parents. Helen and Mae are two blessed little girls."

Erin has mentioned in her Instagram stories that baby Mae prefers to nap on these neighborhood walks. She posted this photo of her holding her 9-week-old daughter in a wrap, and included the caption, "anyone else have a baby who only likes a nap in a wrap? 😵💫" She replied to commenter, "Mae is NOT A NAPPER. this, so far, is the only difference from her big sis."

Her fans were quick to chime in with supportive words. One fan said, "What you’re doing today is the most difficult but most rewarding thing you will ever do…aside from matching wallpaper seams 😉" Another said, "Snuggled up close to momma’s heart ❤️ is the best place to nap 😴." Other commenters were quick to point out that this is a short phase: "This is only temporary - all of a sudden they’re 12 & would rather be with friends. Enjoy!!" Erin replied, "don't talk about it 😭😭😭"

We hope Erin keeps sharing these "real motherhood" moments!

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