Erika Jayne Credits Her Recent Weight Loss To 'Hormones' And 'Dancing'—Not Ozempic

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Erika Jayne's Weight Loss JourneyBravo - Getty Images

Whatever Erika Jayne does draws attention, so it’s hardly shocking to see people curious about her recent weight loss. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has spoken publicly about her slimmed-down appearance, and she’s been pretty vocal about her weight loss journey throughout the most recent season of the hit Bravo show.

Now, Erika is giving fans a glimpse into all the hard work she put into preparing her body for her Las Vegas residency, Bet It All On Blonde. In a new Bravo documentary special premiering on March 5 at 9 p.m. ET, the reality TV personality takes viewers along for the ride as she does grueling dance and vocal rehearsals leading up to her opening night.

Erika previously shared with ExtraTV that all these recent dance performances have helped her lose weight—but it's not the only reason. Here's everything Erika has shared about her recent weight loss:

Erika said she lost weight due to “hormones.”

In the first episode of season 13, Erika surprised her cast mates when she showed up to the first group event looking thinner than she had at the season 12 reunion. This raised a lot of questions among the RHOBH cast about what, exactly, Erika did to lose weight.

Erika told the ladies that she lost weight due to taking “hormones” for menopause. In a confessional interview, Dorit Kemsley questioned this explanation, saying: “Oh, are hormones spelled O-Z-E-M-P-I-C?”

Erika further explained her weight loss in an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in August 2023. “I lost weight I did it hormonally,” she said. “…I was going through menopause, so, I took it all down.”

She denied taking Ozempic.

While many Bravolebrities have publicly said they took Ozempic for weight loss, Erika said on WWHL that she did not. Instead, she credited her recent weight loss to working with her doctor to “get it off me.”

Several people have questioned Erika's claim that she didn’t use a weight loss medication, including RHOBH cast mate Sutton Stracke. “I’ve been through the menopause, but I still don’t look like that. But OK,” she told Us Weekly in August 2023.

But Erika reaffirmed her statement that same month in an interview with ExtraTV. "My answer stands then and as it stands now," she said, seemingly referring to her WWHL appearance.

Erika says that dancing during her Las Vegas residency also contributed to her weight loss.

“There's nothing like dancing and putting on a show and a little bit of stress to get you right back into shape,” she told ExtraTV of how she prepared for Bet It All On Blonde.

But she noted that her recent weight loss wasn't an unusual change for her body. “I've always been tiny. I got bigger through all of my depression and through everything else,” she said, referring to her legal battles associated with ex-husband Tom Girardi.

Erika also "gave up drinking" and "worked out."

While the "XXPEN$IVE" singer mainly credits her weight loss to hormonal changes, she also told the Associated Press in August 2023 that she also took up some healthy habits. "I went through menopause while I was going through all this other stuff. I gave up drinking, worked out," she said. "And you know what? I took it up with my doctor, changed up my hormones, and, yes, I've lost a lot of weight, and I feel good about it."

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