Eric Duhaime: The Bright Future of Quebec's Conservatives

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Eric Duhaime is the voice of progressive and inclusive conservative values in Quebec

Montreal, Quebec--(Newsfile Corp. - August 19, 2022) - The 110th anniversary of the birth of American economist Milton Friedman was celebrated last July. His seminal book, entitled "Free to Choose: A Personal Statement", which he wrote with his spouse, economist Rose Friedman, advocates free-market economics and reduced government interventionism. The book was published in 1980, it spent five weeks on the best-seller list, and it was the subject of a television series that was broadcast on PBS. More than forty years on, Friedman's beliefs resonate with voters like never before. "Free to choose" ("Libres chez nous" - free in our homeland) is the rallying cry that is attracting thousands to the Conservative Party of Quebec.

Parti Conservateur du Quebec

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Éric Duhaime, leader of the party, was born in 1969. His interest in social justice and in politics came early. He watched his native Quebec muster a pride in its language, a love for its culture and an inherent "savoir-faire" to become one of the more vibrant economies in the world. Duhaime studied political science and public administration and he bolstered his innate conviction that Quebec could, can, and will do better. He entered the world of politics in his 20s. "Why would you delve into such a nasty business?" asked his mother at the time. Duhaime was undeterred. He was already acquainted with the man behind the curtain. The principles that guided him then and that guide him now are firmly grounded in the social and economic realities of his fellow citizens.

The realities of oppression and absolutism were brought to bear when Éric spent time abroad working as a consultant for the National Democratic Institute. A posting in Iraq brought him face-to-face with unspeakable violence and death. The experience left him forever changed and more firmly devoted to the fight for individual rights and freedoms. Duhaime then spent a decade working as a columnist and broadcaster for several outlets, while he promoted the establishment of an inclusive and progressive political right in Quebec. In 2021, some 10 thousand members of the Conservative Party of Quebec chose him to be their leader.

Éric Duhaime's transition from backroom strategist and rapier pundit to the political front lines was largely ignored at first, but the more astute observers, even those who would oppose his views, took measure of the man in front of the curtain. One Quebec columnist (and staunch critic) writes: "His pugnaciousness, his many spheres of interest, his culture and his vitality, intrigue me. In a consensual society like Quebec, he has the pluck to take on touchy issues. His way of framing problems prompts us to take a stand."

"I reject the idea that a tolerant and free society is made up of sub-groups that feed identity lobbies who compete to see who is the ultimate victim and who is the ultimate oppressor. This is anathema to social cohesion," says Éric Duhaime.

Look around, recent history has taught yet again that freedom is precious. On October the 3rd, Quebecers will make the right choice: the Quebec Conservative Party.

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