The EQUITY Coalition Responds to Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revise

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Proposed budget falls short of addressing urgent gaps in health data sharing despite $97.5 billion budget surplus

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 17, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The data sharing EQUITY Coalition, made up of more than 25 health plans, provider groups, and health information organizations, released the following statement in response to Governor Newsom’s May Revision to the CA 2022-23 budget proposal:

While the governor’s May Revise includes a $50 million allocation to provide technical assistance to small or under-resourced providers, the proposal falls far short of addressing the urgent gaps in health data sharing across the state.

At a time when California is experiencing an unprecedented budget surplus of $97.5 billion, larger than any state has ever experienced in American history, the governor’s proposal fails to invest in health information organizations (HIOs) to expand, strengthen, and modernize the existing backbone of data sharing in California.

The EQUITY Coalition will continue to vigorously advocate for funding to build and support the HIO infrastructure needed to enable meaningful data exchange in California and for the use of generous federal matching funds that will maximize our state’s investment.

We are confident that the Legislature will agree with the urgent need to make sure all patients’ vital medical information is available to their care teams and will pass a final budget that contains at least $95 million for provider incentives and HIO data sharing infrastructure.

This is a bold and transformational investment that will benefit Californians for years to come and serve as the foundation for all of California’s major health goals, including implementing CalAIM, closing equity gaps, improving healthcare quality, and establishing the new Data Exchange Framework.

About EQUITY Coalition

EQUITY is a coalition of more than 25 health plans, provider groups, and health information organizations united to advance the funding and infrastructure needed for health care data sharing in California. The group is requesting $95 million General Fund investment in the 2022-23 budget for provider data sharing incentives and HIO infrastructure. The EQUITY coalition includes America’s Physician Groups, California Association of Health Information Exchanges, CaliforniaHealth+ Advocates, and Local Health Plans of California along with many individual organizations.

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