Episode 5: Summer surge hits Jackson South as COVID takes aim on the staff’s families

Amy Driscoll, Reshma Kirpalani
·1 min read

Episode 5: The Surge

As COVID cases rise and deaths climb, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis insists he isn’t worried because those infected are younger and experiencing fewer symptoms. Meanwhile, Andrew’s entire family falls sick with the virus. Julio’s family is also affected, and he makes the choice to care for his family, taking time off of work.

When the summer surge hits, the hospital is overwhelmed, and so are Andrew and Julio.

Dianne Washington watches her son’s burial on video because she can’t take the health risk of traveling to Detroit to attend it firsthand. Still, she is grateful for the “healthcare heroes” at Jackson South.

In Episode 5 of Inside the COVID Unit, the grim projections of pandemic deaths come true. The hospital’s morgue is overwhelmed. But vaccines are on the horizon, and at the Jackson South ICU, workers hang on to that hope as they continue to help COVID patients fight for their lives.