Entrust Your Home's Hygiene to BioBellinda’s New Probiotic Formula

Experts say that the increased dependence on chemical products to clean our homes during the global epidemic is causing harmful bacteria to proliferate. To counter this trend, cleaning products with probiotic properties are ushering in a biological cleaning revolution.

LONDON, September 27, 2022--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As the pandemic wore on, our hygiene sensitivity increased the time spent cleaning our homes, leading to ever greater use of cleaning materials that contain heavy chemical substances such as bleach and disinfectants. Research reveals that such products can destroy useful probiotics, or beneficial organisms, alongside bacteria, creating clean but unnaturally sterile living spaces. UK research suggests that cleaning products with probiotic properties reduce germs and viruses by up to 80%. Probiotic cleaning products prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria, mould and viruses by 60%, while reducing infectious diseases by 52%.

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Entrust your home's hygiene to BioBellinda’s new probiotic formula (Graphic: Business Wire)

Explaining that our homes have both harmful and beneficial microorganisms just like the human body, BioBellinda R&D Specialist, Microbiologist Kübra Hocaoğlu said, "Our homes can be likened to the microbial community that exists in our intestines, which supports the continuity of our life cycle. The most widely used chemical cleaners destroy almost all the microorganisms that exist in our homes. During cleaning, probiotics are also wiped out, which can create an ever expanding space for health-threatening microbes to proliferate. Surfaces that are excessively cleaned with such chemicals pave the way for harmful microorganisms to multiply every 20 minutes, securing and fortifying their place in homes."

The era of biological cleaning heralds a revolution

Describing how probiotic cleaners containing natural ingredients can, when used regularly, prolong the cleanliness of homes by extending the lifespans of healthy bacteria, Hocaoğlu said, "probiotic cleaners eliminate harmful bacteria while leaving millions of beneficial bacteria with probiotic properties on surfaces. Our goal is to create healthy microbiomes using ProBioPlus in products ranging from cosmetics, skin care and home cleaning, with our high quality brand BioBellinda.

Our awareness of the importance of environmental factors in human health has advanced even further with ProBioPlus, which avoids GMOs that can cause irritation and contains only natural ingredients that are safe to use on sensitive and allergic skin. We are pioneering a biological cleaning revolution with probiotic cleaning in homes through ProBioPlus, with its neutral pH formula suitable for use on tiles, marble, bamboo, wood and which contains no harmful chemicals."

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