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Thousands of businesses across the country are currently struggling to adapt to the restrictions and guidelines imposed by COVID-19. As a business management consultant, Jeff Ber understands the overwhelming pressure that companies feel to adapt to this rapidly evolving economic climate. As an entrepreneur and testicular cancer survivor, he is no stranger to overcoming adversity. In a new interview with DotCom Magazine, Jeff Ber outlines the methods and techniques that have not only helped him succeed but gave him the strength to continue even when it no longer seemed possible.

CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2021 / An interview with Jeff Ber, a thought leader, influencer, and successful entrepreneur, has just been published online at DotCom Magazine. DotCom Magazine is the premier platform for leading businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers to share their company story. As a business consultant and the VP of Operations at OneBall, a charitable organization providing meaningful support throughout the testicular cancer journey, Ber has a unique perspective to share with readers. From overcoming his terminal diagnosis to helping entrepreneurs build their brands, Ber shares the secrets of his success in this new interview.

Ber's consulting business helps entrepreneurs develop their ideas into successful business plans. He claims that having a business plan that works with the current economic environment can be difficult; however, his determination to always be honest with clients is what helps them succeed: "I don't just say what they want to hear. If they are looking for someone to sugarcoat things, I'm probably not the one to help them. I believe in being direct and firm, but also in being kind. Too many people are rude and thoughtless today."

While many business owners view the current economic climate as unstable, Ber believes that it presents a unique opportunity for new entrepreneurs: "There are many new niches in the marketplace that a company can exploit. There are also certain types of business that can be considered ‘recession-proof,' like home healthcare and auto repair. If you can put your time and effort into a business creatively, you may find that you are ready to start your new venture now." However, Ber still warns that it is vital to consider the risk involved in starting a business, cautioning new entrepreneurs to take their time and to work with anyone who has ‘been there, done that'.

As thousands of businesses are currently struggling to stay afloat in the middle of this pandemic, Ber explains that there is immeasurable value in knowing how to push through adversity: "When I had cancer, I felt hopeless at the beginning. I then came to realize that you have to have the attitude that you are going to beat the disease. I like to say that when you are confronted with testicular cancer, you can either run or fight. I chose to fight and I feel that this helped me conquer the disease."

About Jeff Ber

Jeff Ber is a prominent business professional with over ten years of experience in management positions. As a self-driven individual, Ber brings a high degree of enthusiasm and expertise to every one of his roles. After beating a testicular cancer diagnosis, Ber founded the organization OneBall, an initiative that helps provide meaningful assistance to individuals currently battling cancer while eliminating the stigmas surrounding men's health.

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