Entrepreneur Devin Yadav Gives a Sneak Peek into His Variety of Businesses, Speaks About Investing in Startups!

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In the last few years, entrepreneurs have proved their prowess as people with diversified talents. We have witnessed a trend where people at the onset of their careers have shown why they are best in the business. Devin Yadav is one such entrepreneur who has his business in various sectors. The 24-year old has his liquor business in Odisha which is running successfully for quite a long time.

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While his father earlier had a successful run in politics, Devin always wanted to make a name in the entrepreneurial world. Having his businesses spread in many fields, Devin Yadav runs a real estate company, has a chain of eight hospitals across Odisha and is soon planning to venture into e-commerce. However, the liquor business remains one of the most lucrative professions that has made him a prolific name in the industry.

He furthermore has his aim to establish a whiskey production manufacturing unit in Khordha and Bhubaneshwar. Being the former youth president in Odisha, Devin Yadav has been a part of many social welfare activities and has been associated with different causes. Despite having the best in life, his willingness to help poor and underprivileged people is what sets him apart from others.

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The young and visionary entrepreneur has the vision to build a startup ecosystem in Odisha. Speaking about the same, he said, “One thing I have learnt as an entrepreneur is the fact that you don’t become rich by having the savings in your bank account. You become affluent with your smart investment choices. And for me, investing in startups is one important thing I always wanted to do.”

Tech and pharmaceutical products are always in demand, and the young lad has the vision to uplift both sectors in the coming time. Apart from his professional work, Devin Yadav is fond of bikes and supercars. Rifle shooting has been one unique sport that has always fascinated him. Striking a perfect balance between personal and professional life, Devin Yadav is truly an example for all budding business minds.

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