How Enthusiastic are Indian K-Pop Fans on Twitter?

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As K-Pop becomes a global sensation with third-generation groups like BTS, BlackPink and EXO paving the way for international reach, the ‘daebak’ bug has bit India too. K-pop, which continues to dominate the conversation on Twitter globally even during pandemic times has found a unique way of bringing international fans together. Twitter has made it easy for fans of music in different parts of the world to connect with their favourite K-pop artists and the Kpop-Twitter community around the world remotely. The rise of Kpop-Twitter continues to reflect in conversation volumes, and over the past one year, a Twitter survey found that between July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021, there were 7.5 billion Tweets about K-pop, setting yet another record for the most number of Tweets annually related to K-pop.

From Asia Pacific to South America, the global K-pop fanbase continues to grow on Twitter. In India, Kpop fans continue to make strides with the 10th spot as the country with the most number of people Tweeting about K-pop. India also stands at number 10 among the countries Tweeting the most about Kpop. BTS, NCT and BlackPink are the most talked-about artists on the microblogging platform.

YeonJeong Kim, Head of Global K-pop Partnerships at Twitter, said, “Whether they are global powerhouses or emerging stars, K-pop fans are talking about and engaging with their favourite artists regularly on #KpopTwitter. Culturally, we have seen the phenomenal rise of K-pop across the world, but this trend is not new on Twitter as we have experienced the growth in conversation first-hand. We will continue to work with artists and their labels to bring more content for the K-pop community.”

Recently, BTS taken over the internet with their ‘Permission to Dance’ challenge. Released on July 9, the peppy song has been viewed more than 190 million times and made it to YouTube’s All-Time Top 24 Hour Music Debuts. The music video of the song shows BTS dancing with people in an open deserted space. People joining from different places, messages of ‘Welcome Back’ and people removing their masks give away that the song attempts to cheer up a pandemic-ridden world and tries to remind us to remain hopeful for what lies ahead. On July 19, YouTube and BTS announced a ‘Permission to Dance’ challenge inviting people all over the world to dance along with them. They also released a YouTube Short, in which they could be seen dancing while the background keeps changing to photos and videos from all over the world. After getting BTS’s permission to dance, people all over the world are dancing to their lively track. From people fusing the music with Indian dance to dancers mimicking them, the craze has not left even cats and puppets untouched.

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