'Feds' Exclusive Clip

Octavia Spencer executive produces true-crime series examining the FBI.

Video Transcript


- MS13 is the most violent street gang I've ever investigated.

- Rapes, murders, and violence. MS13 has left a trail of victims throughout greater Boston.

- Their moniker stands for control, rape, murder. They wanted to take over the drug business here in Boston.


- Three teenagers murdered and an innocent mother killed in MS13 crossfire.

- They're recruiting kids as young as 10 and 11 years old.

- MS13, they are like animals because they make young kids into psychos.

- He's bleeding everywhere.

- They were trafficking in violence. And that violence is everything to them.

- They stepped in 38 times.

- MS13 turned a hardworking blue-collar community into their own hunting ground for murders.

- And so my job is to protect those kids. I do it because I want our communities to be safer. I want to protect our country. My name is Special Agent Jeff Wood.