England vs New Zealand LIVE: Cricket score updates as Matthew Potts and Jack Leach strike

Jamie Overton fell agonisingly short of a century in his first Test innings, but Jonny Bairstow’s 162 helped England establish a slender lead over New Zealand on day three at Headingley.

Newcomer Overton was caught behind for 97, within a single stroke of the unlikeliest of hundreds from No 8, as England were bowled out 31 runs ahead on 360.

Just three more off Overton’s bat would have completed a remarkable introduction to international cricket for the Surrey seamer, who has just one first-class ton in his career and was selected for his 90mph pace rather than his abilities as a lower-order hitter.

But he still had the satisfaction of knowing that a 241-run partnership with Bairstow changed the entire tenor of the game, lifting England from a dire 55-6 New Zealand’s openers erased 13 from the deficit in five overs before lunch, with Bairstow installed at wicketkeeper due to Ben Foakes’ stiff back.

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England vs New Zealand - Third Test, day three at Headingley

  • Latest score: New Zealand 329 and 161-5 from 49 overs; England 360

  • WICKET! Leach takes Nicholls (7) caught and bowled, 161-5

  • WICKET! Potts draws edge from Williamson (48), 153-4

  • WICKET! Pope takes superb catch to remove Conway, 152-3

  • WICKET! Latham (76) edges behind first ball after tea, New Zealand 125-2

  • DROPPED! Root drops Latham (72) off the bowling of Broad, New Zealand 116-1

  • WICKET! Potts draws edge from Young (8), New Zealand 28-1

  • England all out for 360 – a lead of 31 – after Broad’s explosive cameo

Wicket! Nicholls 7, c&b Leach, New Zealand 161-5

17:48 , Lawrence Ostlere

Henry Nicholls is caught and bowled by Jack Leach! What a game Leach is having. This is a crucial period of the match right now...

New Zealand 159-4 (Nicholls 7*, Mitchell 0*) Lead by 128

17:38 , Lawrence Ostlere

How England would love a couple more wickets before stumps this evening. Broad tries to trap Nicholls but it’s beautifully swept away by the batter off his pads, and he earns a FOUR for his reactions. Nicholls sees off the rest of the over including a final ball which almost nicks the outside edge.

New Zealand 155-4 (Nicholls 3*, Mitchell 0*) Lead by 124

17:33 , Lawrence Ostlere

Potts back into the attack with another excellent over, first testing Nicholls who is relieved to get off strike with a wafted inside edge down to deep square leg, then trying to find the front pad of Daryl Mitchell who reacts excellently to get bat on ball.

New Zealand 154-4 (Nicholls 2*, Mitchell 0*) Lead by 123

17:29 , Lawrence Ostlere

Nicholls blocks out Broad, then tries a swipe through the off-side which brings a half-hearted appeal – it didn’t quite touch his bat however.

The crowd are suddenly right into this match after those two wickets and Stokes is revving them up with his arms, with Bairstow and Root joining in. A single from Nicholls, and Mitchell withstands the pressure, blocking back down the wicket before leaving the final ball. A fantastic atmosphere at Headingley.

Wicket! Williamson 48, c Bairstow b Potts. 153-4 New Zealand

17:22 , Lawrence Ostlere

Potts delivers! Fantastic bowling once more as he has done all match, hitting the corridor of uncertainty time and again, and eventually Williamson is suckered in to a back-foot jab which edges finely to Bairstow’s gloves. A great decision by Stokes to bring Potts back into the attack rather than stick with Root.

New Zealand 153-3 (Williamson 48*, Nicholls 1*) Lead by 122

17:18 , Lawrence Ostlere

Broad is back into the attack at the other end, replacing Leach, as the light returns and the umpires allow pace bowling to resume. He sticks to a wide line offering Williamson the expansive option through the off-side, but the Kiwi captain declines. Potts will take over at the other end after that crucial Joe Root over.

Wicket! Conway 11, c Pope b Root. New Zealand 152-2

17:11 , Lawrence Ostlere

First ball back after the rain delay, and Ollie Pope takes a fantastic low catch at short leg off the bowling of Joe Root! Devon Conway is gone.

Rain stops play

16:57 , Lawrence Ostlere

This doesn’t look like it will be a long rain delay, with a blustery wind that should blow away these grey clouds over Headingley soon enough. The floodlights are on, and it could be interesting conditions in these final overs – almost a like a day-night Test.

New Zealand 152-2 (Williamson 48*, Conway 11*) Lead by 121

16:50 , Lawrence Ostlere

Root slings one wide of leg stump and that runs all the way down to the boundary. And with that, the players are off and the rain covers are on.

New Zealand 147-2 (Williamson 47*, Conway 11*) Lead by 116

16:48 , Lawrence Ostlere

A third maiden in a row, as Jack Leach keeps a tentative Devon Conway in check. There’s some discussion amongst the umpires about the weather – it’s dark, windy and a little bit of drizzle too. It looks like they have decided it’s too dark for seam, which is why Joe Root is coming into the attack as a second spinner.

New Zealand 147-2 (Williamson 47*, Conway 11*) Lead by 116

16:44 , Lawrence Ostlere

Another maiden, this time from Overton against a cautious WIlliamson. England are stemming the runs but lacking much threat of a wicket, and it looks like Ben Stokes is going to turn to Jack Leach once more to try and make something happen.

New Zealand 147-2 (Williamson 47*, Conway 11*) Lead by 116

16:39 , Lawrence Ostlere

Broad invites Conway to drive with some full deliveries wide of off-stump, the first of which Conway one-bounces to point, raising a roar from a deceived crowd who thought that was a clean catch. Conway follows it with some more reserved tactics, and it’s a maiden.

New Zealand 147-2 (Williamson 47*, Conway 11*) Lead by 116

16:34 , Lawrence Ostlere

CLOSE! Stokes dives to his right from his position at point and almost gets hold of a spectacular catch to take the wicket of Conway, but it whistles past his fingertips.

Overton follows it with a no ball, but then a sniff of something once more as the ball glances off Williamson’s hip and through to Bairstow, who appeals heartily thinking there might have been some bat involved. The umpire says no and Stokes decides not to burn a review.

New Zealand 141-2 (Williamson 43*, Conway 10*) Lead by 110

16:28 , Lawrence Ostlere

Broad and Williamson go head to head once more. The Kiwi captain thinks better of playing one wide outside off-stump, then finds the boundary down at third man with the next ball. He sees off the rest of the over comfortably, and he’s starting to close in on a much-welcome half-century.

VIDEO: Latham removed first ball after tea

16:24 , Luke Baker

Here’s how England took their second wicket, with the first ball straight after tea.

New Zealand 137-2 (Williamson 39*, Conway 10*) Lead by 106

16:23 , Luke Baker

Overton roaring in again. A brilliant over of pace bowling just after tea and he’ll try to build on that.

Round the wicket again and it’s Williamson on strike, who is rushed into a stroke with the first ball. The Black Caps skipper then forced to duck out of the way of a bouncer but he gets one with a flick off the hips.

Conway gets FOUR off the final ball of the over as a short ball is up around his eyes but he steers it to the third man boundary. Overton smirks but a good shot in the end

New Zealand 132-2 (Williamson 38*, Conway 6*) Lead by 101

16:18 , Luke Baker

Stuart Broad back on at the Kirkstall Lane End. I wonder if he’s forgiven Joe Root over tea for that drop? Or now that Latham is out...

Anyway, his first ball is a little wide and a comfortable leave for Williamson. Better line after that and he beats the edge with one delivery.

Just a single from the over, which ends with Conway looking uncomfortable defending a ball bounces up off the pitch.

New Zealand 131-2 (Williamson 37*, Conway 6*) Lead by 100

16:13 , Luke Baker

Devon Conway up, he’s ok and we can continue with the first over post-tea. Short again, Conway is cramped and it hits him in the midriff. Good bowling by Overton.

The next ball goes for FOUR but it’s more good signs for England as Conway fences a tentative bat outside the off stump and edges the ball to the boundary through the gully region. He then gets two off the final ball of the over but a great start to this session for England.

New Zealand 125-2 (Williamson 37*, Conway 0*) Lead by 94

16:06 , Luke Baker

Jamie Overton is on one here! Devon Conway the new batter and he bangs one in short that hits him in the helmet. Aggressive pace bowling.

Overton checks Conway is ok - he looks fine, if a little shaken. He’ll be checked by doctors now for concussion and given a new helmet.

WICKET! Latham 76, c Bairstow b Overton. New Zealand 125-2. Lead by 94

16:04 , Luke Baker

First ball after tea and England strike! Jamie Overton around the wicket, perfect line and length just outside off, Tom Latham has a nibble and he’s OUT! Safely pouched by Jonny Bairstow behind the stumps.

Perfect start for England

VIDEO: Root drops Latham off Broad

15:54 , Luke Baker

England had a glorious chance to remove Tom Latham just before tea but Joe Root dropped a fairly regulation slip catch. Fair to say Stuart Broad wasn’t happy...

VIDEO: Tom Latham brings up his half-century

15:47 , Luke Baker

Watch Tom Latham bring up his 50. He’s put England to the sword this afternoon

England vs New Zealand

15:42 , Luke Baker

And that’s TEA! A good session for New Zealand - they lost Will Young to a Matty Potts-induce edge to slip but Tom Latham and Kane Williamson have surged on and built the lead to 94 runs with nine wickets in hand.

England could do with some wickets after tea.

New Zealand 125-1 (Latham 76*, Williamson 37*) Lead by 94

15:40 , Luke Baker

Broad and Root pointedly not looking at each other after that drop in the slips by the former England skipper...

More bad news for Broad as a half-tracker is pulled in front of square by Williamson for FOUR! This pair are within shouting distance of a century stand now, just three runs short and they’ve been rattling along at more than five an over for the last ten overs.

Williamson defends the rest of the over comfortably enough.

New Zealand 121-1 (Latham 76*, Williamson 33*) Lead by 90

15:36 , Luke Baker

There’s a bit of drizzle in the air but not enough to take the players off yet.

Joe Root on to bowl, no doubt looking to make amends for that poor drop in the previous over.

Oooh! He turns one past Latham’s edge, great ball. The next delivery not so good though - drifts well outside leg and Latham flicks it down to fine leg for a simple FOUR!

DROPPED! New Zealand 116-1 (Latham 72*, Williamson 32*) Lead by 83

15:34 , Luke Baker

Unsurprisingly, Stokes takes himself off and brings Broad back into the attack but it’s the same result from the first ball.

Too full and straight from Broad, Latham punches it through wide mid-on for FOUR! That’s been a frutiful scoring area for the opener today.

The next ball is flicked to square leg for two but Broad adjusts his line and Latham leaves one before edging the next delivery but it’s DROPPED by Joe Root at first slip. A fairly regulation catch at knee height, going to his right but Root spills it - a rare mistake from a world-class slip fielder there. Broad turns away in disgust.

New Zealand 110-1 (Latham 66*, Williamson 32*) Lead by 79

15:30 , Luke Baker

Another maiden from Leach to Williamson - he’s largely tied up an end in this innings. The Black Caps skipper looking unruffled but showing no interest in any expansive strokes against the spinner.

New Zealand 110-1 (Latham 66*, Williamson 32*) Lead by 79

15:24 , Luke Baker

Too full again from Stokes, perhaps too straight as well, and Latham carves it wide of mid-on for FOUR! Bread and butter for an international opening batter.

Stokes is struggling to get in a rhythm here. He tightens up after that opening boundary but he’s still conceded 30 runs from his four overs so far.

New Zealand 106-1 (Latham 62*, Williamson 32*) Lead by 75

15:21 , Luke Baker

Good response from Leach, who bowls a maiden. He beats Williamson’s bat with the spin on one occasion as he tried to steer the ball to third man

New Zealand 106-1 (Latham 62*, Williamson 32*) Lead by 75

15:19 , Luke Baker

Stokes struggling to find his line and length here.

Goes too full and Latham clips him away for FOUR off his pads, wide of mid-on and that’s 100 UP for New Zealand. Next ball is on the pads again and it’s FOUR more, this time through midwicket.

Stokes does then beat the bat outside off, Latham’s push at a ball in the corridor of uncertainty not making contact. Better from the England skipper

Azeem Rafiq attends third day of Headingley Test as guest of Yorkshire

15:17 , Luke Baker

Interesting news from Headingley today as Azeem Rafiq watched play from the Pavilion End, attending as Yorkshire’s guest - the first time he’s been back to the ground since he went public with claims of institutional racism at the club.

Here’s the full story:

Azeem Rafiq attends third day of Headingley Test as guest of Yorkshire

New Zealand 98-1 (Latham 54*, Williamson 32*) Lead by 67

15:14 , Luke Baker

Leach keeps it tight for the first half of the over and the batters then take a quick single to Ben Stokes. He hits the stumps at the striker’s end, Latham is safe but the ball cannons away into the outfield for an overthrow.

Then off the final ball, Williamson rocks back and cuts Leach for FOUR! Slightly short of a length and punished - classy stuff from the Black Caps skipper.

New Zealand 92-1 (Latham 54*, Williamson 26*) Lead by 61

15:11 , Luke Baker

Right, can Stokes bounce back from that slightly shoddy first over of his spell?

A better line and length, forcing Williamson to play but it’s mainly defensive strokes. Final ball allows him to punch it down the ground but another sub fielder, Harry Duke, gives chase and dives full length to prevent the boundary. Just three runs rather than four - good fielding.

New Zealand 89-1 (Latham 54*, Williamson 23*) Lead by 58

15:05 , Luke Baker

Latham starting to go through the gears now. Leach leaves it short, a big stride from Latham and he sweeps it to the leg-side boundary for FOUR!

Good ball to finish the over from Leach and there’s an appeal as Joe Root catches it at slip but it spun past the bat from outside off and came off the pads

New Zealand 85-1 (Latham 50*, Williamson 23*) Lead by 54

15:03 , Luke Baker

A change of bowling at the Kirkstall Lane End and the skipper calls his own number. Ben Stokes on to bowl.

First ball - captain to captain - full, outside off and Williamson leans on it, through the covers for FOUR! Pure timing. That’s the 50 partnership up.

A straighter ball then nudged to leg and 12th man James Wharton - fielding because Ben Foakes is off the field with a stiff back - slides but can’t prevent the boundary. FOUR more.

A no-ball from Stokes for over-stepping before a single and then Latham punches a ball that is short of a length through the covers for another FOUR!

Finally, a single from the final ball and THA’T’S 50 UP for Tom Latham. He’s looked impressive so far. Poor over from Stokes though.

New Zealand 70-1 (Latham 45*, Williamson 14*) Lead by 39

14:56 , Luke Baker

Lathams sweeps well off the first ball of Leach’s over but it’s well fielded at deep backward square leg to prevent the boundary. Just two runs.

A single follows and Latham is within striking distance of his half-century at 45. Williamson then steps back and steers the ball beyond backward point for FOUR! The skipper is a great player of spin at his best.

He then pushes a single beyond the diving Matty Potts.

New Zealand 62-1 (Latham 42*, Williamson 9*) Lead by 31

14:53 , Luke Baker

Overton stays in the attack with Williamson on strike. Generally slightly short of a length although there is a fuller ball mixed in there.

Williamson then sways under a short one that is called a wide before defending the final delivery. That wide is the only scoring from the over

New Zealand 61-1 (Latham 42*, Williamson 9*) Lead by 30

14:48 , Luke Baker

Leach hits a foot-mark outside Latham’s off stump and gets it to turn towards leg. An exaggerated attempted sweep is then missed and he gets hit on the body.

Ultimately another maiden for Leach, building the pressure.

VIDEO: Will Young edges to slip

14:43 , Luke Baker

Here’s the only wicket England have taken so far - Matty Potts inducing a Will Young edge that was pouched at slip.

New Zealand 61-1 (Latham 42*, Williamson 9*) Lead by 30

14:41 , Luke Baker

Overton gets one to rear up at Latham but he fends it into the leg-side. Later in the over, the New Zealand opener flicks a ball off his hips for a single. That’s the only run

New Zealand 60-1 (Latham 41*, Williamson 9*) Lead by 29

14:37 , Luke Baker

Will Latham be a bit more aggressive against Leach than Williamson was? He gets down the pitch to the first ball before flicking the second to square leg for a single.

Williamson then drives Leach past wide mid-off for two.

New Zealand 57-1 (Latham 40*, Williamson 7*) Lead by 26

14:34 , Luke Baker

Overton starts with a bouncer that Latham safely ducks under before he goes well outside off stump with an outswinger, enticing Latham whose open-faced drive goes for FOUR down to the third-man boundary. A bit loose from the New Zealander, especially with a couple of slips, but he then takes a single.

Williamson sees out the remaining couple of deliveries.

New Zealand 52-1 (Latham 35*, Williamson 7*) Lead by 21

14:30 , Luke Baker

Time for some spin from Jack Leach, who bowled a couple of overs before lunch.

Williamson defends all six balls with a variety of back-foot and front-foot defences for a maiden. That will definitely help the over-rate, which is lagging slightly despite the fireworks in this match so far.

New Zealand 52-1 (Latham 35*, Williamson 7*) Lead by 21

14:27 , Luke Baker

Oooh! Latham nibbles at one outside the off stump with the scrambled seam from Overton. Agonisingly close to nicking it and he looks angry at himself for fishing there.

Single off the next ball before Williamson gets a leg-stump half-volley and even when not in the best form, he’ll eat that alive - whipped away for FOUR through midwicket.

After another single, Latham gets in on the boundary act as he receives a full ball on the off stump and punches it through the covers for FOUR! An over that started well for Overton but got away from him.

New Zealand 42-1 (Latham 30*, Williamson 2*) Lead by 11

14:22 , Luke Baker

CLOSE! Potts gets one to nip back in with the scrambled seam, between Latham’s bat and pad, over the stumps and beyond a diving Bairstow. Brilliant ball but ultimately a bye for New Zealand.

Williamson then plays out the rest of the over. Some promise for Potts in these post-lunch overs.

New Zealand 41-1 (Latham 30*, Williamson 2*) Lead by 10

14:17 , Luke Baker

Jamie Overton on to bowl for the first time in this innings to provide some pace. How will agonisingly missing out on the century affect him?

Decent line and length but Williamson looks unruffled. Overton then tries a bouncer, which Williamson ducks under, before trying to entice a nick down the leg-side.

A maiden to open up for Overton

New Zealand 41-1 (Latham 30*, Williamson 2*) Lead by 10

14:14 , Luke Baker

Potts steaming in to Williamson again, who is forced up on his toes from consecutive deliveries to fend the ball off. Potts then pushes the New Zealand skipper back on to his stumps with some aggressive line bowling.

Pope goes from third slip to leg slip for the final ball but Williamson is still able to comfortably flick it into the leg-side for a single. A fascinating battle between these two and you sense Potts is relishing it. Can he catch the big fish?

New Zealand 40-1 (Latham 30*, Williamson 1*) Lead by 9

14:08 , Luke Baker

Williamson gets on the front foot and nudges the ball down the ground to get off the mark.

Nothing to report from the rest of Broad’s over as Latham watchfully sees it out, including defending a final-ball yorker well.

New Zealand 39-1 (Latham 30*, Williamson 0*) Lead by 8

14:04 , Luke Baker

A stifled half-appeal for lbw off the first ball of Potts’ over but a clear inside edge on to the pads by Latham.

Potts is impressively consistent with his line and length but when he strays too full, Latham punches it down the ground, back past the bowler for FOUR. Almost a full toss from Potts.

Latham has 30 of the Black Caps’ 39 runs in this innings.

New Zealand 35-1 (Latham 26*, Williamson 0*). Lead by 4

14:00 , Luke Baker

Kane Williamson in at No 3 to join Latham.

Beautiful shot through the leg-side by Latham off the first ball of Broad’s over as he steps forward and clips it off his toes to the midwicket boundary for FOUR!

Three more singles follow and that’s a good response to the first wicket falling by New Zealand as they take seven off the over.

Wicket! Young 8, c Pope b Potts. New Zealand 28-1. Trail by 3

13:56 , Lawrence Ostlere

A really testing over from Potts finds the breakthrough! His second delivery gets a thick edge from Latham which runs away through gully, but Young is not so lucky as his edges into the slip cordon. He never really settled, there.

New Zealand 21-0 (Latham 17*, Young 4*). Trail by 10

13:50 , Lawrence Ostlere

Latham punches Broad through cover off the back foot, though it slows in the outfield and doesn’t quite reach the rope. Broad then tests Young outside off stump with a fuller delivery which zips off the surface and just past the outside edge of the opener’s bat. Close. Young fires the final ball of the over through backward point for four, and he’s off the mark.

New Zealand 14-0 (Latham 14*, Young 0*). Trail by 17

13:46 , Lawrence Ostlere

Latham nudges a single off Potts before Will Young thinks better of playing at a tempting outswinger – just one from the over.

New Zealand 13-0 (Latham 13*, Young 0*). Trail by 18

13:42 , Lawrence Ostlere

We’re back on at Headingley – Matty Potts has been given the ball for the first over after lunch.

Jonny Bairstow’s moment in the Headingley sun

13:36 , Lawrence Ostlere

A few images of the man of the moment after an extraordinary innings came to an end:

New Zealand’s Kane Williamson (left) shakes England’s Jonny Bairstow after he was bowled out (PA)
New Zealand’s Kane Williamson (left) shakes England’s Jonny Bairstow after he was bowled out (PA)
Crowd applauds England's Jonny Bairstow as he leaves the pitch (PA)
Crowd applauds England's Jonny Bairstow as he leaves the pitch (PA)
England batsman Jonny Bairstow acknowledges the applause (Getty Images)
England batsman Jonny Bairstow acknowledges the applause (Getty Images)

Day three so far

13:23 , Lawrence Ostlere

England’s Jonny Bairstow smashed a magnificent 162 while debutant Jamie Overton fell three runs short of a century as the hosts were dismissed for 360 in their first innings at Headingley on Saturday for a 31-run lead over New Zealand.

The tourists survived the five overs leading into lunch on day three, as they went into the break on 13 for no loss to trail by 18 runs with Tom Latham and Will Young at the wicket.

Resuming on their overnight total of 264-6, Bairstow and Overton continued to play positively early in the morning session before the latter edged paceman Trent Boult to Daryl Mitchell at first slip to miss out on his landmark.

Bairstow and Overton came together with England at 55-6 and their brilliant rescue act resulted in a 241-run partnership for the seventh wicket to keep the hosts afloat.

Overton struck 13 fours and two sixes in his 136-ball knock.

His dismissal brought Stuart Broad to the wicket and he struck a 36-ball 42, targeting fellow pace bowler Boult in the 60th over by smashing him for two fours and a massive six and punishing Neil Wagner in the next over.

Broad was bowled by Tim Southee before Bairstow, who hit 136 in 92 balls at Trent Bridge in the second test to win the match for England, fell looking to raise the scoring rate as Michael Bracewell had him caught at long-off by Boult.

England have a 2-0 lead and are aiming to win every match of a home series with at least three tests for the first time since their 4-0 rout of India in 2011.

England vs New Zealand

13:06 , Luke Baker

It was Jonny Bairstow’s morning at Headingley as he passed 150 and helped England to a first-innings lead of 31, ably assisted by an explosive Stuart Broad cameo.

England are now bowling again looking to take control of the match and complete a series sweep. New Zealand have made it to lunch unscathed though


LUNCH! New Zealand 13-0 (Latham 13*, Young 0*). Trail by 18

13:01 , Luke Baker

Lovely shot by Latham as he strokes the first FOUR of the innings through the mid-off region. A half-volley from Broad that got what it deserved.

A good response from the England man as he comes a little straighter and gets a leading edge. It finds a gap for two to Latham though. Single off the final ball and that’s LUNCH!

New Zealand survive the five overs as they move to 13-0.

New Zealand 6-0 (Latham 6*, Young 0*). Trail by 25

12:57 , Luke Baker

Another tickled single from Latham off Leach, while Young is still yet to get off the mark.

Bairstow looking comfortable behind the stumps so far - he does wicketkeeping training every day, so it’s certainly not alien to him, even since Foakes overtook him as first-choice gloveman for England

New Zealand 5-0 (Latham 5*, Young 0*). Trail by 26

12:54 , Luke Baker

Some early swing for Broad as he bowls to an out-of-form Latham. Well defended by the Black Caps opener, who then nicks a single from the penultimate delivery.

New Zealand will just be looking to get to lunch without losing any wickets. So far, so good.

New Zealand 4-0 (Latham 4*, Young 0*). Trail by 27

12:50 , Luke Baker

England opening with spin from the other end. Jack Leach - fresh off his first test five-for in England in the first innings - will send down his tweakers on a dry pitch. Looks like there might be some foot marks for him to pitch into as well.

A bit of variable bounce for Leach as one rears up to hit the shoulder of Will Young’s bat and another stays low, going under his defence. Something to monitor there but no damage done

New Zealand 3-0 (Latham 3*, Young 0*). Trail by 28

12:47 , Luke Baker

As New Zealand come out to bat, some news from the England camp. Ben Foakes has a stiff back so isn’t out there fielding, meaning Jonny Bairstow goes behind the stumps. He does it all that boy!

Stuart Broad opening the bowling for England, coming around the wicket. Tom Latham watches a couple before working one to leg for three.

England vs New Zealand

12:42 , Luke Baker

An exciting morning’s play at Headingley - a sellout crowd treated to some hugely entertaining Test cricket.

 (AFP via Getty Images)
(AFP via Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

England vs New Zealand

12:40 , Luke Baker

From the complete turmoil that England found themselves in at 55-6, to get out with a lead of 31 is remarkable going.

Another brilliant innings from Jonny Bairstow, spectacular from Jamie Overton and Stuart Broad chipped in with a vital cameo.

This match is in the balance now - a handy lead for England but you don’t want to be chasing anything substantial on a deteriorating pitch.

WICKET! England 360 all out (Potts 1*, Leach 8). Lead by 31

12:33 , Luke Baker

Potts plays out four balls before taking a single off the penultimate delivery. One for Leach to face.

And he’s OUT! Trapped LBW by Southee. Looks pretty plumb but England review anyway. And yep, decision stands - Leach departs.

A 31-run lead for England and this game is in the balance, with the hosts maybe having the slight edge. New Zealand will have about 20 minutes of batting before lunch.

England 359-9 (Potts 0*, Leach 8*). Lead by 30

12:29 , Luke Baker

Matty Potts and Jack Leach the final-wicket partnership. It won’t be conventional and it probably won’t last long but it will likely be entertaining.

First ball to Leach from fellow off-spinner Bracewell and it’s FOUR! A really nice cut shot past second slip to the boundary.

And then another FOUR! Two in two for Leach as he’s goes down the track, hits it in the air just beyond the outstretched arm of the mid-off fielder and it races away. Great stuff!

WICKET! England 351-9 (Bairstow 162, Potts 0*). Lead by 22

12:25 , Luke Baker

OUT! And finally Jonny Bairstow departs! First ball of the following Bracewell over, Bairstow tries to go big but skies one and Trent Boult in the deep makes the tumbling catch.

What an innings by Bairstow. A majestic 162 and he’s given his side a chance in this third Test.

WICKET! England 351-8 (Bairstow 162*, Broad 42). Lead by 22

12:23 , Luke Baker

Stuart Broad is finally OUT! The final ball of Southee’s over and it cleans up Broad’s stumps. A brilliant cameo from Broad - entertaining and has put England into the lead

England 351-7 (Bairstow 162*, Broad 42*). Lead by 22

12:22 , Luke Baker

Broad goes aerial off Southee as he lifts the ball over mid-off for FOUR!

And then it’s FOUR more! This time leg byes as Broad can’t get his bat down, the ball squirts past the stumps, past the wicketkeeper and to the fine-leg boundary.

Then another, more conventional, FOUR! This one crunched away through extra cover by Broad.

England 339-7 (Bairstow 162*, Broad 34*). Lead by 10

12:17 , Luke Baker

Off-spinner Michael Bracewell on to bowl. Big appeal for LBW off the first ball but umpire Richard Kettleborough unmoved.

Broad then edges one trying to play into the off-side but it’s between keeper and first slip and races away for FOUR! Bracewell looks slightly miffed but he got some turn there - Jack Leach will be watching with interest.

Broad tries to hit one down the ground and the potential caught & bowled is DROPPED by Bracewell. It came at him fast but he got his hands up and the ball bursts through. A couple of chances in that over for the Black Caps but England (Broad) survive.

England 332-7 (Bairstow 161*, Broad 28*). Lead by 3

12:13 , Luke Baker

First over post-drinks is relatively quiet - just a single for Broad and Bairstow is then watchful for the rest of the over.

England 331-7 (Bairstow 161*, Broad 27*). Lead by 2

12:04 , Luke Baker

A much more sedate over, which Boult will be thankful for. Broad looks in the mood but doesn’t get anything to hit.

Just the two singles from England and that’s DRINKS.

They’re at 331-7 and lead New Zealand by two. Stuart Broad’s cameo has taken them beyond the Black Caps as Bairstow settles into something of a supporting role for the time being.

England 329-7 (Bairstow 160*, Broad 26*). Scores level

11:59 , Luke Baker

Broad takes his front leg out of the way and thumps another one down the ground for FOUR! Wagner getting the same treatment Boult did.

Even bigger from the third delivery as Wagner goes short and Broad hooks him for SIX to the leg-side boundary. Great shot from Broad.

A single off the penultimate ball before Bairstow pushes on to off for a final-ball single that brings the SCORES LEVEL. A great effort from England given the predicament they were in at one point

England 317-7 (Bairstow 159*, Broad 15*). Trail by 12

11:54 , Luke Baker

As if on cue, Broad lifts one up and over extra cover for FOUR and then crunches the next ball over the top of mid-off for another FOUR.

He won’t hold back and Boult puts another one in the slot that this time is crunched for SIX straight down the ground. It’s taken a while to find the ball but Kane Williamson digs it out. Still two balls to go in this over and unsurprisingly there’s a field change as a slip come out to midwicket.

Broad tries another swing but completely misses before guiding the final delivery into the off-side for a single. He’ll keep the strike and England took a mammoth 16 off that last over!

England 301-7 (Bairstow 158*, Broad 0*). Trail by 28

11:48 , Luke Baker

Beautiful stuff from Bairstow as he’s given too much width by Wagner and square drives the ball for FOUR. A diving fielder can’t quite stop it and it’s 300 UP for England. That seemed impossible at 55-6 but Bairstow and Overton have done brilliantly.

Broad will play positively and Bairstow hasn’t shown any sign of retreating into his shell, so this might be a lot of fun. England within 30 of New Zealand’s total now as well.

England 296-7 (Bairstow 152*, Broad 0*). Trail by 33

11:44 , Luke Baker

Stuart Broad the next man in. The ‘Is Stuart Broad batting?’ Twitter account undoubtedly firing up as we speak.

Sleveless jumper on over his shirt despite pretty nice weather and Boult gets one to go past his outside edge from the final ball of the over

WICKET! Overton out for 97. England 296-7 (Bairstow 152*, Overton 97). Trail by 33

11:42 , Luke Baker

Boult opts to come round the wicker to switch it up and again has Overton fishing unsuccessfully outside off stump.

And then the inevitable happens. Overton edges one to first slip, it’s pouched by Daryl Mitchell and he’s OUT for 97!

Standing ovation for Overton, who deserves it after bringing England back into the game but agonisingly short of a century on debut. Have to feel sorry for him

England 295-6 (Bairstow 152*, Overton 97*). Trail by 34

11:38 , Luke Baker

Singles off each of the next three balls before Wagner responds to tie up Overton off the final two deliveries. He’s three short of a remarkable debut ton.

150 FOR BAIRSTOW! England 292-6 (Bairstow 150*, Overton 96*). Trail by 37

11:36 , Luke Baker

Neil Wagner comes into the attack - he bowled well yesterday for 2-53.

First ball and IT’S 150 UP for Bairstow as he takes two to the off-side. Second-fastest 150 by an Englishman in Test cricket - taking 143 balls, behind only Ben Stokes.

Bairstow takes the applause of the crowd, raising his bat on his home ground. A smile on his face. Take a bow Jonny Bairstow!

England 290-6 (Bairstow 148*, Overton 96*). Trail by 39

11:33 , Luke Baker

Overton still doesn’t look particularly comfortable this morning as he plays and misses at another Boult delivery just outside off stump before an even uglier attempted hoick to leg similarly misses everything.

After that, he goes down the pitch for a chat with Bairstow - not a bad idea to settle himself. A nice drive follows that but straight to the field at cover point.

But from the final ball of the over he gets it through the off-side field! The ball zips away for FOUR with his square drive and he moves to 96.

England vs New Zealand

11:30 , Luke Baker

There’s been multiple dives for Jamie Overton this morning to ensure he’s safe!

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England 286-6 (Bairstow 148*, Overton 92*). Trail by 43

11:29 , Luke Baker

A second dive of the morning for Overton running to the non-striker’s end but he would have well safe from the single regardless.

Then it’s a gorgeous punch through midwicket from Bairstow that goes wide of mid-on and races away to the boundary for FOUR. Followed up with two into the off-side and 150 is in sight for the Yorkshireman

England 278-6 (Bairstow 141*, Overton 91*). Trail by 51

11:22 , Luke Baker

Boult vs Bairstow could be fun! And it’s first blood Bairstow as he crunches a FOUR through the off-side - first boundary of day three.

Followed up by a flick down to fine leg that brings England two. He’s suddenly into the 140s.

Another single from the penultimate ball of the over before an ugly flail from Overton at a ball outside the line. He’s looking more like Jamie Overton batting this morning as opposed to the passable impression he was doing of, say, Kumar Sangakkara yesterday.

England 270-6 (Bairstow 134*, Overton 91*). Trail by 59

11:19 , Luke Baker

England dealing in singles this morning - a bit of a change from yesterday. Another from Bairstow to open Southee’s second over.

Overton hasn’t got his rhythm back just yet, a wild swing at a ball outside off draws oohs from the Headingley crowd as it thuds into the keeper’s gloves. But solid defence after that and it’s 270-6

England 269-6 (Bairstow 133*, Overton 91*). Trail by 60

11:15 , Luke Baker

Trent Boult on, so just the one over for Michael Bracewell so Kane Williamson can get his seamers on at their preferred ends.

An edge short of the slips off the first ball and a play-and-miss from the second, Boult looking like he means business.

Overton safely sees out the rest of the over though and a rare maiden for NZ.

England 269-6 (Bairstow 133*, Overton 91*). Trail by 60

11:09 , Luke Baker

A bit of movement from Tim Southee on his opening ball of the morning as Overton plays and misses outside off.

Later in the over, Overton guides one down to fine leg to move to 91and the English pair then take a quick two which results in Overton diving to make his ground at the non-striker’s end. He probably would have been ok anyway but better safe than sorry.

Then a brave leave by Bairstow as the inswinging ball barely goes by off stump!

England 266-6 (Bairstow 131*, Overton 90*). Trail by 63

11:04 , Luke Baker

No drama in the opening over. Bairstow gets forward to defend a couple before tickling one to the leg-side.

A quick single to leg for Overton then moves him into the 90s on debut.

England 264-6 (Bairstow 130*, Overton 89*)

11:01 , Luke Baker

Underway at Headingley. Can England close the 65-run deficit? Can Jamie Overton make a debut century? Time to find out.

Michael Bracewell bowling the first over of the day - the spinner only got four overs yesterday but seam wasn’t working for the Black Caps, so they’re switching it up at the start of day three.

Jonny Bairstow out in the middle and in the stands...

10:59 , Luke Baker

Jonny Bairstow masks aplenty in the crowd at Headingley today, saluting the local boy after his batting heroics yesterday. More fireworks upcoming this morning?

Play is about to get underway


Daryl Mitchell breaks record with another century against England

10:53 , Luke Baker

New Zealand’s Daryl Mitchell continued to be a thorn in England’s side on day two of the Headingley Test, reaching his third century in as many games and breaking a 73-year-old record along the way.

Mitchell followed knocks of 108 at Lord’s and 190 at Trent Bridge with 109 in the third LV= Insurance Test, before Jack Leach had him caught on the stroke of lunch.

On his way to three figures Mitchell broke Martin Donnelly’s New Zealand record of 492 runs in a series in England, set back in 1949.

Daryl Mitchell breaks record with another century against England

Is England vs New Zealand on TV today? Start time, channel and how to watch third Test

10:48 , Luke Baker

England face New Zealand in the final Test of their three-match series having already sewn up victory with two wins from the opening two.

The hosts entertain at Headingley having earned an insurmountable 2-0 lead at Lord’s and Trent Bridge.

However, the third Test in Yorkshire is in the balance after New Zealand racked up 329 runs in their first innings, thanks in no small part to a Daryl Mitchell century.

The terrific swing bowling of Trent Boult tore through England’s top order in reply but Jonny Bairstow and Jamie Overton counter-attacked to bring the hosts right back into the contest, just 65 runs behind with four wickets in hand heading into day three.

Here is everything you need to know.

Is England vs New Zealand on TV? Start time, channel and how to watch third Test

Jonny Bairstow and England looking to ‘take the game forward’

10:44 , Luke Baker

Jonny Bairstow suggested England were prepared to reinvent the Test cricket textbook after his fearless century capped another memorable day in his side’s series against New Zealand.

Head coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes both vowed to unlock a fresh, bold style in a side that had long since lost its fun factor under the previous regime and the early results have delivered non-stop entertainment.

After finding the sweet spot between risk and reward in victories at Lord’s and Trent Bridge, England looked to have hit the skids on day two at Headingley.

Responding to the Kiwis’ 329 all out, their top order keeled over to 55 for six inside just 12 overs. But Bairstow followed a match-winning knock of 136 last week with another outstanding century.

Refusing to let the difficult match situation cramp his style, Bairstow finished 130 not out as he and debutant Jamie Overton piled on a 209-run stand at a rampant rate. The latter reached stumps unbeaten on 89, a quite remarkable contribution from number eight in his first Test innings, with England finishing heads high on 264-6.

And Bairstow said the freedom to discount established cricketing orthodoxy was a powerful motivating factor.

Jonny Bairstow and England looking to ‘take the game forward’

Jonny Bairstow century leads thrilling England fightback at Headingley

10:39 , Luke Baker

Jonny Bairstow was England’s century-scoring hero once again as he led debutant Jamie Overton in a thrilling partnership that turned the Headingley Test against New Zealand on its head.

England looked to be imploding when the duo came together at 55-6 on day two, light years away from the tourists’ 329 all out, but they were rescued by Bairstow’s fearless 130 not out and an unbeaten 89 from Overton in his first international innings.

The pair plundered 209 runs from just 223 balls to close on 264-6 – a lightning-fast rate in any circumstances, let alone having seen their team’s top six dismissed in the space of 12 calamitous overs.

Bairstow’s blistering 136 in last week’s victory at Trent Bridge was the innings of a lifetime but the Yorkshireman somehow produced a knock worthy of its predecessor at his beloved home ground.

With the series already won, England captain Ben Stokes promised his team’s first priority was to deliver entertainment and it is Bairstow who took top billing in their variety act, flogging a high-class Kiwi attack to the boundary on 21 occasions.

Jonny Bairstow century leads thrilling England fightback at Headingley

England vs New Zealand

10:36 , Luke Baker

Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of day three of the third Test between England and New Zealand at Headingley.

New Zealand looked in complete control of the Test match after posting 329 and then reducing the hosts to 55-6 with a devastating demonstration of swing bowling. But they hadn’t accounted for Jonny Bairstow and Jamie Overton.

The duo counter-attacked in spectacular fashion on the afternoon of day two to bring the hosts right back into the contest - an unbeaten seventh-wicket partnership of 209 runs from just 223 balls moving England within 65 of the Black Caps’s total.

It was a second consecutive century from Bairstow after his Trent Bridge heroics as he ended on 130, while Overton will be eyeing a debut ton as he resumes on Saturday morning on 89.

A fascinating day three is in prospect, so stick with us and we’ll take you through all the action.