England top order blown away by brilliant Bumrah to put India in control of Edgbaston Test

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Jasprit Bumrah celebrates the wicket of Ollie Pope - AP
Jasprit Bumrah celebrates the wicket of Ollie Pope - AP

The new era looked very much like the old as Jasprit Bumrah swatted 35 off Stuart Broad to set a record for the most expensive over in Test history before resuming where he left off last year in exposing England’s top three.

He dismissed Alex Lees, Zak Crawley and Ollie Pope inside 11 overs, and Mohammed Siraj removed England’s bulwark, Joe Root, for 31. England fell apart in the hardest conditions against the best bowlers they have faced this summer, Bumrah and the outstanding Mohammed Shami.

With a tail lengthened by leaving out Jamie Overton, it all rests on Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes again. England resume 84 for five, 332 behind and a series-levelling win a speck on the horizon.

Just 38 overs were bowled on a bitty, wet day but with India scoring 416 at 4.9 runs an over they have bought themselves plenty of time.

Ravindra Jadeja’s 104 added to Rishabh Pant’s first-day hundred gave England an idea of what 'Bazball' feels like from the other end, while a short-ball barrage at the tail cost 78 runs and revived memories of England’s implosion at Lord’s last year.

Rest easy India supporters, for one thing is certain – the captaincy is not affecting Bumrah’s batting. With just 134 runs from 29 Tests before this record-breaking swatting, he was lucky to bat 11 in most teams.

But here he was plundering 35 off Broad, an England great, whose 550 Test wickets have been bettered by only two other seamers in history.

Jasprit Bumrah hits a six off Stuart Broad - GETTY IMAGES
Jasprit Bumrah hits a six off Stuart Broad - GETTY IMAGES

If the innings slipped away from England in the final hour on Friday it galloped down the Pershore Road yesterday morning as their dunderhead alpha-male short-ball tactic was punished.

Broad paid the price, surprisingly for an old hand who is a master of looking after his figures. James Anderson mopped up the tail for his 35th five-wicket haul in Test cricket, but his old partner was hammered, surpassing the previous record of conceding 28 in an over that Anderson had equalled in the 2013/14 Ashes.

England trained the guns at Shami and Bumrah last year, going short and practically losing the Test in the process because they were incensed by a short-ball barrage to Anderson. They lost their cool that day, which is almost more forgivable than a premeditated attack in conditions glorious for pitch-it-up seam and swing.

Jadeja emerged from batting in the shadow of Pant to convert his overnight 83 to his third Test hundred, but it was streaky as the ball moved in the damp conditions. He motored through the nineties before celebrating with his sword-twirling celebration, but it was Bumrah who would disembowel England’s attack.

Shami was caught at fly slip off a Broad short ball and Anderson bowled Jadeja having a hoick at the new ball. Now the carnage started.

The first three deliveries from Broad’s 18th over were all short, despite the newness of the ball. The first was hooked for four, the second flew down the leg side for five wides, the sixth was top edged for six and was a no-ball so counted for seven. After only one legal ball he had conceded 16.

A full toss was almost a no-ball on height but spanked for four anyway by Bumrah. The best ball of Broad’s over went to the boundary too, off the inside edge.

Ball seven was hooked for six and with a delivery to go Bumrah had already set the record for the most expensive over. A quick single off the eighth ball fittingly ended with Broad flat on his face having attempted a run out.

Stuart Broad despairingly attempts a run-out - PA
Stuart Broad despairingly attempts a run-out - PA

Bumrah was always going to take the momentum into his bowling and Lees found himself facing a new test. He failed. A massive gap between bat and pad was breached by Bumrah.

Crawley was in all sorts of trouble, beaten on the inside and outside edges as he plonked his front foot forward and hoped for the best.

The end was predictable, a ball in the channel edged to slip. He walked off, head bowed with the air of a batsman for whom being dropped might be a blessing.

Zak Crawley trudges back to the pavilion - AFP
Zak Crawley trudges back to the pavilion - AFP

Stokes said on the eve of the match that Crawley would stay in the side “regardless” of what happened here. With some captains you would take that as just an attempt to gee up a faltering player. But Stokes’s loyalty is renowned, so Crawley is likely to be given further chances.

Kent play three championship matches before the squad for the first Test against South Africa on August 17 is picked so he has time to work on his problems but his record in county cricket is so thin that there is little confidence in him doing so.

Crawley thought he had turned a corner in Antigua where he made a good hundred batting with Root, who talked him through the periods where his concentration lapses and he starts having a dart at wide balls. Unfortunately this summer he is long gone before Root can come in and calm him down.

“Who is helping him understand his game?” asked Mark Ramprakash on Test Match Special, a valid question of the coaching staff as his dismissals are so predictable.

Pope has been good this summer when the ball has done nothing but alarmingly loose when it has moved laterally. He became the third batsman in the Test dismissed off an extra delivery due to a no-ball, when he drove hard to slip.

The third rain stoppage lasted two hours and it affected Root who was unusually frantic flashing at balls outside off stump. He survived Bumrah but edged Siraj behind, the ball fizzing off the surface nastily and too close to cut. Bairstow was far more measured, unbeaten for 12 off 47.

Jack Leach emerging to face 25 minutes as nightwatchman ahead of Stokes was not the uber-positive cricket we expect from this side. It did not work either. Leach struggled to farm the strike and nicked off to Shami, leaving Stokes to survive five balls of the penultimate over.

England vs India, day two: as it happened

07:04 PM


England are on 84-5, chasing India's 416.

India are comfortably in front. Siraj took the prized wicket of in-form Root, and Shami took Leach, both in the final half hour.

It's been a tough one for England on this frustrating day of cricket where we've barely got four hours in given the rain delays. It could all change yet, but you'd fancy India at this stage.

07:01 PM

Over 27: ENG 84-5 (Bairstow 12 Stokes 0)

Bumrah with what will be the final over. Bairstow facing. Bumrah trying to tempt him into the attack, but he's having none of it.

A single to allow Stokes to face the final ball of the day. And it's left. Passes by harmlessly. That's the end of the day's play.

06:58 PM

Over 26: ENG 83-5 (Bairstow 11 Stokes 0)

Ben Stokes into the crease now, replacing Leach to finish the over.

06:54 PM

WICKET Over 26: ENG 83-5 (Bairstow 11, Leach is out for a duck)

Shami bowling now, facing Leach. The Englishman clips it, but it's into the ground.

And on the next delivery, Leach, the night watchman, is out for a duck! He clips it and it's an easy catch.

Mohammed Shami celebrates taking the wicket of Jack Leach -  PA
Mohammed Shami celebrates taking the wicket of Jack Leach - PA

06:51 PM

Joe Root's wicket

06:51 PM

Over 25: ENG 83-4 (Bairstow 11 Leach 0)   

Siraj now, facing Bairstow. It's a maiden. Some brilliant judgement calls from Bairstow in that over.

06:47 PM

Over 24: ENG 83-4 (Bairstow 11 Leach 0) 

Shami bowling this one, firstly at Bairstow.  Jack Leach now his batting partner. Bairstow's got wacked on the knuckles and he's getting some treatment. A six minute stop in play, mid over.

A terrific delivery by Shami, shaving off stump and Bairstow correctly leaves. Spot on with his judgement.

He runs a single off the next,  allowing Leach to face Shami for the first time.

It tickles the face of Leach's bat and it's a slip catch opportunity... but it's missed.

06:37 PM

WICKET Over 23: ENG 78-4 (Bairstow 10 Root out for 31) 

Siraj enters the picture for the 23rd over. Root facing. It's a relentless siege, and Siraj gets Root out!

The ball comes in from Siraj, Root just edges the ball while it looks like he's trying to wriggle out of the way, and he's caught.

06:31 PM

Over 22: ENG 78-3 (Bairstow 10 Root 31) 

Shami back now, facing Root. Shami goes just an inch or two off the stumps with his first ball. Lethal stuff. Another one goes just off the inside edge. India on the next ask for an lbw video review... and it's lost. Root was advancing a good few feet down the crease. Root gets a single on the fourth delivery. Bairstow to face Shami now.

Root lucky to survive there, that was a terrific over from Shami.

Mohammed Shami reacts after nearly dismissing Joe Root  -  PA
Mohammed Shami reacts after nearly dismissing Joe Root - PA

06:26 PM

Over 21: ENG 77-3 (Bairstow 10 Root 31)

Bumrah back on the bowl, facing Bairstow. Another maiden in the end. Bairstow wasn't really given the chance to attack at all that over.

06:21 PM

Over 20: ENG 77-3 (Bairstow 10 Root 31)

Shami bowling. An lbw shout on the third, but it would've bounced far over the stumps.

A maiden in the end. As we were.

06:18 PM

Over 19: ENG 77-3 (Bairstow 10 Root 31)

Bumrah bowling now. Root tucks it down his right, forcing a rapid run from Bairstow. Bumrah tries a yorker, but it's well defended by Bairstow.

06:15 PM

Over 18: ENG 76-3 (Bairstow 10 Root 30)

Shami bowling at Root. It's a rapid carry from the Indian bowler: 90+ mph on his first bowl.

Root places beautifully on the fourth, the ball running slower because of the rain, but he still gets three.

A flip into the legside by Bairstow,  an interesting shot, but he gets two. He's a confident man - and with shots like that it's showing.

06:09 PM

Over 17: ENG 71-3 (Bairstow 8 Root 27)

It's a pretty orthodox field: three slips and a gully. Bumrah bowls at Bairstow. It's a no ball from Bumrah.

The crowd are in full voice at Edgbaston. Bumrah with an lbw shout, it's straight at Bairstow's crotch, and he decides not to go for the appeal.

Bairstow squeezes one off the thick inside edge - two runs to finish the over.

06:04 PM

Over 16: ENG 68 -3 (Bairstow 6 Root 27)

A big drive, swing first ball by Root. Dangerous bowl from Shami. Root drives again and he's flayed it down beyond third man. That's a boundary. Root's drive is in control and he ends with a boundary.

05:59 PM

A few minutes to go now

England trail by 356, and we'll resume at the 16th over.

05:47 PM

The players are emerging

Two hours on and we're going to get back under way shortly.

05:43 PM

And here we go: a restart for 6pm

We'll have an hour of play, wrapping up at 7pm.

Clearing the water off the field - PA
Clearing the water off the field - PA

05:38 PM

No more news on the restart

Sky Sports are replaying the studio discussions from earlier.

The fans are making the most of the day despite only a couple of hours of cricket.

Fans in fancy dress during day two - PA
Fans in fancy dress during day two - PA

05:28 PM

England are looking for 416

This is how India's innings ended this morning:

05:11 PM

Further delays

It's drying out and brightening up, but the umpires are still not satisfied with certain areas of  the field.

A new inspection at 5:25pm.

05:08 PM

Well worth a watch... in case you missed it earlier

05:03 PM

We're getting closer to the restart...

Brighter skies and the satisfying image of water being cleared by ground staff. Hopefully we'll have word on a restart time very soon.

Water is cleared off the pitch - Alex Davidson/Getty Images
Water is cleared off the pitch - Alex Davidson/Getty Images

04:49 PM

Inspection at 5pm

The rain has cleared and the grounds staff are busy clearing the standing water off the sheets.

The good news is that the forecast for the remainder of the day is clear, so hopefully we will have an uninterrupted session until end of play at 7pm.

04:44 PM

Tea is being taken and no more news on the inspection

It's a frustrating day of cricket in Birmingham. Disappointing for the the sellout crowd at Edgbaston. We'll get two hours of cricket more at most. We'll keep you updated on any restart news.

Sheltering from the rain -  PA
Sheltering from the rain - PA
Under the umbrellas - PA
Under the umbrellas - PA
Sheltering from the rain at Edgbaston -  PA
Sheltering from the rain at Edgbaston - PA

04:16 PM

If it's still raining at 4:30pm, they will take tea

We probably won't be restarting until 5pm.

04:13 PM

It's still raining at Edgbaston... no word yet on any inspection

Rain stops play for a third time -  PA
Rain stops play for a third time - PA

04:01 PM

Another rain stoppage...

Eight overs later and the covers come back out. A frustrating day of cricket at Edgbaston.

India will be fairly satisfied with that spell. England scored just 30 in that time, losing a wicket (Pope) in the process.

03:55 PM

Pope's dismissal

03:54 PM

Over 15: ENG 60-3 (Bairstow 6 Root 19)

Siraj enters the attack now. Root with a single on the second to bring Bairstow back in. Bairstow is quick onto it and picks up on its length immediately, putting in a short arm jab to reach the boundary.

03:50 PM

Over 14: ENG 55-3 (Bairstow 2 Root 18)

Bairstow gets off his mark with a two, a bouncer which the Englishman has full control of, pushing to his left.

Shami looking like he's trying to catch the top of the off stump with his bowling. Bairstow dealing well with the strategy so far. Soft hands by Bairstow on the final ball brings the ball down for the bounce.

Jonny Bairstow in action - Action Images via Reuters
Jonny Bairstow in action - Action Images via Reuters

03:45 PM

Over 13: ENG 53-3 (Bairstow 0 Root 18) 

Bumrah bowling for the 13th over. Root with a nicely-timed drive, he's bagged a couple there.

Root pulls it back and almost hits another boundary, but he''ll have to settle for a couple of runs instead. And he follows with a four on the leading edge, almost coming off the back of the bat.

03:42 PM

Over 12: ENG 45-3 (Bairstow 0 Root 10)

Bairstow makes his way to the crease. Root scores a single, bringing the man of the moment into the fold. He leaves the first couple of balls. Two sighters, inside off stump. He drives the final ball of the over, but still searches for his opener.

03:36 PM

WICKET Over 11: ENG 43-3 (Pope out for 10 Root 9)

Bumrah bowling for Pope after a quick single run from Root on the third. Some sharp movement by Pope as the ball gathers pace on the pitch. Another no ball by Bumrah.

An extra ball after the no ball and Pope edges it, partaking in the drive and is caught. He couldn't resist it.

England's Ollie Pope walks - Action Images via Reuters
England's Ollie Pope walks - Action Images via Reuters

03:31 PM

Over 10: ENG 42-2 (Pope 10 Root 8)

Shami to Root. Shami with an lbw shout on the second, but it's too high as the length is a tad short on the bounce.

03:25 PM

Over 9: ENG 41-2 (Pope 10 Root 7)

Back to Bumrah for this over. Root facing. A no-ball from Bumrah on the second. Root drives and picks out Siraj, his judgement on length is sound.

03:21 PM

Over 8: ENG 39-2 (Pope 10 Root 6)

Shami's over now, Pope facing. Shami with a poor bowl on the fourth, which bounces up and allows Pope to cut a boundary on his right.

03:17 PM

Resuming Over 7: ENG 35-2 (Pope 6 Root 6)

We have three balls of Bumrah's over to play. Root gets us going with a boundary four. Solid start.

03:14 PM

England are trailing by 385

They're on 31-2, and we'll go through to 7pm this evening.

03:09 PM

Restart at 3:15pm

Fans in the stands at Edgbaston - Action Images via Reuters
Fans in the stands at Edgbaston - Action Images via Reuters

02:58 PM

Inspection at 3pm

If all goes well, we can expect play to resume at 3:15pm.

02:55 PM

Pant and Jadeja etched into Edgbaston history

02:50 PM

Inspection pushed back to 3pm

A reminder that England are on 31-2, trailing by 385.

02:35 PM

...And if you missed this earlier

Read Ben Bloom's ball-by-ball analysis of  Stuart Broad's most expensive over in Test history.

While three bowlers, including Anderson, previously topped the list having conceded 28 in one over, Broad shipped an enormous 35 runs in an eight-ball over against India’s No10 batsman Jasprit Bumrah.

Not only did Bumrah’s personal tally of 29 break the old record by itself, but Broad conceded a further six runs in extras, extending his shame by making him bowl two extra balls.

Broad's numbers up in lights on the scoreboard  - Stu Forster/Getty Images)
Broad's numbers up in lights on the scoreboard - Stu Forster/Getty Images)

02:27 PM

Inspection slated for 2:45pm

So a chance of play restarting in half an hour.

02:23 PM

Drizzly but consistent rain at Edgbaston

It's just enough to stop play, without being particularly hard.

02:19 PM

While we're waiting...

You can read our match report from Day One of the final test of the series. How did this become the longest series?

The story of how English cricket reached this point involves a London book launch, shopping trips to Selfridges, private jets to Abu Dhabi, a breastfeeding mother, a Foo Fighters gig, panicky through-the-night video calls from London to Mumbai and even rumours of a plastic turd.

Read Nick Hoult's story.

02:12 PM

Raining quite hard again in Birmingham

We're going to have to wait a while longer.

Rain delays play on Day Two - Action Images via Reuters
Rain delays play on Day Two - Action Images via Reuters

02:03 PM

Still no news on the restart...

Umbrellas are out - Action Images via Reuters
Umbrellas are out - Action Images via Reuters

01:52 PM

The revised timings ahead of this rain delay were as follows

  • 2nd Session: 13:15-15:55

  • 3rd Session: 1615-1830

Play can be extended by 30 minutes, which we expect it will be given this second stoppage due to rain.

rain covers come out - Action Images via Reuters
rain covers come out - Action Images via Reuters

01:39 PM

We're expecting around 30 minutes of rain

The covers are on - including on the bowlers' run-up areas. We'll keep you posted.

01:35 PM

Crawley walks

Zak Crawley reacts as he walks back to the pavilion after losing his wicket for 9 runs -  AFP
Zak Crawley reacts as he walks back to the pavilion after losing his wicket for 9 runs - AFP

01:33 PM

Over 7: Rain delays play after one ball

Five slips now, India working hard to get Root out... but after Bumrah's first ball, the umpire calls another rain delay.

01:29 PM

Over 6: ENG 30-2 (Pope 5 Root 2)

Solid bowling from Shami to keep it to only one run in the over.

01:24 PM

WICKET Over 5: ENG 29-2 (Pope 4 Crawley is out for 9 Root 2)

Bumrah on the bowl now. The first bowl is edged by Zak Crawley and he goes for 9 off the first ball. Bumrah is on a hat-trick now. Joe Root is in for Crawley.

Root with a leading edge and he gets himself off his mark with a 2. Some good carrying and rhythm from Bumrah.

01:19 PM

Over 4: ENG 27-1 (Pope 4 Crawley 9)

Crawley on strike, Shami with a new ball from the pavilion end. Three slips, gap, a fourth slip.

Shami with perfect seam bowling, with a lot of swing. A smattering of single runs are scored.

Pope pulls for four off a bouncer. And he's off his mark.

01:13 PM

Right, looks like we're going to be back under way in a few minutes

The teams are back out.

12:58 PM

The Vaughany and Tuffers Cricket Club

Michael Vaughen,  Phil Tufnell and The Telegraph’s Ben Wright have recently launched a new podcast - worth a listen while we wait for play to restart at 1:15pm.

12:54 PM

News in on the restart

If there is no more rain, play will restart at 1:15pm.

12:49 PM

The covers are still on the sheets and umbrellas are still up out there

Which is not encouraging news. We'll have to wait longer for the restart.

Rain delays play at Edgbaston - Action Images via Reuters
Rain delays play at Edgbaston - Action Images via Reuters

12:42 PM

England will be on 16-1 when play resumes; here is Alex Lee's wicket

12:19 PM

Stuart Broad concedes worst over in Test cricket

It was an over that will likely haunt Stuart Broad for the rest of his career and beyond. Minutes after taking his 550th Test wicket (only James Anderson and Glenn McGrath have taken more among seam bowlers), Broad earned himself the ignominy of bowling officially the worst over in Test match history.

Ben Bloom gives a rundown of the over.

Broad's over misery was compounded when he clattered the stumps attempting a run out on the final ball - PA
Broad's over misery was compounded when he clattered the stumps attempting a run out on the final ball - PA

12:12 PM

While we're waiting, here's that record-breaking over...

12:09 PM

Early lunch taken

It's been pulled forward from 12:30pm.

Rain stops play -  PA
Rain stops play - PA

12:01 PM


It's a last-minute decision, with Shami already winding up for his first bowl of the fourth over.

If this last for twenty-or-so minutes, we might be in for an early lunch. Pope will be in for Lees for the next over.

We'll keep you updated.

11:55 AM

Over 3: ENG 16-1 (Lees out for 6 Crawley 7) WICKET

Bumrah bowling. Crawley opens his account. He's got on top of it, with his wrists, perhaps took a little bit of his leg. Nicely timed and gets a four.

Soft hands from Crawley, just nicks it. A little dangerous, but he's ok and gets two.

Alex Lees is bowled out on the last ball of the over! Not the kind of start England wanted.

Alex Lees of England is bowled by Jasprit Bumrah - Getty Images Europe
Alex Lees of England is bowled by Jasprit Bumrah - Getty Images Europe

11:49 AM

Over 2: ENG 7-0 (Lees 6 Crawley 0)

Crawley facing Shami now. Leg by and now Lees to face Shami.

Lees picks up four,  just nicking it. I don't think he knew much about that one at all, but he'll take it.

11:45 AM

Over 1: ENG 2-0 (Lees 2 Crawley 0)

Lees with two - England are off their mark.

Lights are on at Edgbaston now with heavy cloud cover. 45 minutes until lunch.

11:43 AM

England's innings begins - they chase 416

Alex Lees and Zak Crawley facing Bumrah for the first over.

11:36 AM

The stats on that Stuart Broad over: damaging for England

11:33 AM

Over 85 : IND ALL OUT FOR 416

A toe ender. Anderson with the bowl, caught by Broad. INDIA ALL OUT.

India will be very pleased with this morning's effort, and that 83rd over was remarkable.

11:28 AM

Over 84 : IND 411-9 (Bumrah 30  Siraj 1)

Bumrah swings over all the way to the deep. Crawley does his best to try to keep it out. Four.  Bumrah flings over behind for another four. No ball and six. Ball short and he swings at it.

Broad flings his next ball without a bounce. Next ball is inside edge. Leg up and flicked away for six on the next ball, this is phenomenal. And still one more ball to go.

Bumrah tries to get a single on the final, Siraj diving, and it looks like this over is ending with 35 runs conceded.

That is officially the worst over in Test Match history!  Carnage in this Stuart Broad over.

Stuart Broad reacts after the world-record breaking over - PA
Stuart Broad reacts after the world-record breaking over - PA

11:19 AM

Over 83: IND 377-9 (Bumrah 0 Jadeja out for 104 Siraj 1)

Siraj into the crease to replace Jadeja. England are just one wicket away from having a knock themselves.

Anderson is bowling- he got Jadeja out on the first delivery. Siraj gets off his mark with a single.

A leg by called  by the umpire for an additional run.

11:16 AM

WICKET - Jadeja is out for 104

Jadeja is out! On the first ball of the 83rd. Bowled by Anderson.

New ball, pitched up, and hits the top of the stumps. Can India reach 400 now?

11:14 AM

Over 82: IND 375-8 (Bumrah 0 Jadeja 104)

Broad back on the bowl. Jadeja takes the first four bowls, Bumrah the final two. Solid from Bumrah.

11:10 AM

Over 81: IND 374-8 (Bumrah 0 Jadeja 103)

Bumrah comes into the crease. Just the one scored in the over.

11:07 AM

Over 80: IND 373-8 (Shami out for 16 Jadeja 102)   

On the final ball, fine leg, Crawley, tries to catch. He can't, but he may have averted a six. Turns out he's done it.

That was the 550th Test wicket for Stuart Broad. He's the sixth bowler to reach the milestone.

11:03 AM


Broad enters the fray now. And Shami is out! Shami steers it into the hands of Jack Leach, caught second slip on the 80th over. He's out for 16, having faced 31 balls.

10:59 AM

Over 79: IND 371-7 (Shami 16 Jadeja 100) 

Potts back on the bowl, facing Jadeja who is just eight off his century now.

Jadeja cuts away, the top edge flying through or over second slip and Jadeja moves to 96. The fielders dived across one another there. Joe Root might have got a finger on it, but his view would've been obscured.

Jadeja smashes away with the the final ball of the over and he scores his first test match century outside of India. The second left-hander to get a hundred in this innings.

India's Ravindra Jadeja (left) celebrates after reaching a century  -  AP
India's Ravindra Jadeja (left) celebrates after reaching a century - AP

10:54 AM

Over 78: IND 361-7 (Shami 15 Jadeja 92) 

Stokes with the over. Jadeja with a four, swinging behind.

Shami enjoys the short-ball ploy from England and gets himself another boundary. Decent over for India here. Shami with a single on the last ball.

10:50 AM

Over 77: IND 351-7 (Shami 9 Jadeja 87)

A single on the first ball of the over to put Shami facing Potts. Shami thumps in front of square to get a boundary. A cross-seam bouncer, short.

And then Shami goes the other side, chopping behind square as Potts puts in another short ball. A short leg on the fifth delivery for a single. 10 from the over for India and Shami is off his mark.

10:46 AM

Over 76: IND 341-7 (Shami 0 Jadeja 85)

Stokes with a great delivery on the fourth. Jadeja just tries to push it around the side, but pulls back.

One run on the fifth delivery as Jadeja clips to his right. End of over. Just three runs in the opening three overs here at Edgbaston.

10:42 AM

Over 75: IND 340-7 (Shami 0 Jadeja 85)

Potts on the bowl for the second over for Saturday. Jadeja with one run on the fourth from a scoop behind.

10:37 AM

Over 74: IND 339-7 (Shami 0 Jadeja 84)

Stokes will bowl the first over of the day. It is left alone. He then over-pitches and Jadeja clips it for one. Shami looks tentative, but keeps Stokes out. One from ever.

10:30 AM

Blue for Bob

Today, Edgbaston remembers Bob Willis. Play starts shortly.

10:18 AM

Nicely poised after day 1

After all the waiting, the rearranged fifth Test between England and India finally got underway yesterday at Edgbaston and what a first day it was.

Ben Stokes' England carried over their form from their victorious New Zealand series to reduce the tourists to 98-5, with James Anderson and Matthew Potts particularly superb either side of a two-hour break for rain across the lunchtime period.

But then it turned into the Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja show as the duo put on a 222 runs together - an India record for the sixth wicket in Tests against England - to pull their team back into the day.

Wicketkeeper Pant crashed 19 fours and four sixes, taking 89 balls to reach his hundred before eventually falling for 146 after slicing Joe Root's off-spin to slip. But Jadeja remains unbeaten on 83 as India closed on 338-7 with the opportunity of more runs this morning.

England assistant coach Paul Collingwood, however, insisted his team would not be intimidated by chasing runs if another fourth-innings total demands it.

England chased fourth-innings totals in excess of 250 on three occasions in their 3-0 series win over New Zealand.

"We're not scared of what we need to chase in the fourth innings," said Collingwood. "The way that we played in the three games against New Zealand showed we're not overawed by what the opposition are going to get in the first innings.

"We're not playing conventional Test cricket. We're trying to be as attacking as possible.We want to be on the more aggressive side of the line. If we feel we can take early wickets with some moisture in the pitch, you might get ahead of the game."

India are chasing their first Test series win in England since 2007 after the finat Test last September was postponed due to Covid-19 cases among the tourists' backroom staff. India currently lead 2-1.

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