Jonny Bairstow hits another stunning ton but India fight back to take control on day three

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Jonny Bairstow played superbly once again - GETTY IMAGES
Jonny Bairstow played superbly once again - GETTY IMAGES

England will see their run chase as an opportunity to reiterate their belief they have “reshaped” Test cricket but to win they will have to go beyond anything achieved so far.

After easing to three targets between 277 and 299 against New Zealand they see nothing as off limits but they are in a different scrap this time.

India are 125 for three, 257 ahead with Rishabh Pant 30 from 48 balls and holding back for an onslaught on Monday morning to push the target beyond 400. England will go for it, no question, and if they fail will shrug it off and remain committed to their new methods.

But no team has chased more than 283 at Edgbaston and only twice in 30 years has a side batting fourth made higher than 157 to win. There is uneven bounce and India’s pace attack led by Jasprit Bumrah is highly skilled and unrelenting.

Jonny Bairstow turns everything he touches to gold and his fifth Test hundred of 2022, 106 off 140 balls, was the best of the lot given it combined defence and attack but he cannot ride solo like he did in the first innings.

It was a headlong dash in the morning while England batted but a slow Sunday evening meander as Cheteshwar Pujara took root, steadying India with 50 off 139 after two early losses.

Pant even left seven balls in a row as India slowed the game to a standstill. Fifteen overs were left unbowled, the positive approach not extending to actually getting on with the game.

There was a brutalism about Bairstow in Nottingham and Leeds but this was a well-crafted century built on traditional Yorkshire bread-and-butter of a solid defence and application.

He played a superb defensive innings on Saturday evening as Mohammed Shami made the ball talk, and kept his attacking instincts in check as India started superbly with Bumrah and Shami.

Bairstow played and missed five times in eight balls to Shami, Stokes charged Bumrah’s second ball and there was needle when Virat Kohli chirped Bairstow. This was bare-knuckle Test cricket, two bowlers squaring up to two batsmen with neither willing to step back.

The first hour was a page-turner, England scoring 65 in 10.5 overs, Stokes dropped twice and Bairstow finding his range. For Kohli, what he said was relatively tame but Bairstow felt the need to get in a fight as he struggled with Shami. Normally his motivation is proving pundits wrong but he has had nothing but praise recently so needed to look elsewhere and settled on Kohli instead.

Bairstow was 16 off 64 when he bit at Kohli and it could have backfired, he tried to smash the next ball into the pavilion but missed.

From then on, the ball pinged off the middle, Bairstow hitting 30 off 10 balls with four fours in a row, all hit to different parts of the ground. Mohammed Siraj and Shardul Thakur were belted for sixes, an LBW overturned on 89 and Bairstow was on 91 when rain brought an early lunch.

He clipped the first ball of the afternoon for four, Bumrah came back on to make life difficult in the 90s but Bairstow reached a hundred off 119 balls when Ravi Jadeja fumbled on the boundary.

It was Bairstow’s 11th Test century, first against India and fifth of the year. Only three batsmen have scored six for England in a year and Bairstow still has six Tests to go in 2022.

Jonny Bairstow made yet another brilliant ton - GETTY IMAGES
Jonny Bairstow made yet another brilliant ton - GETTY IMAGES

Stokes has given Bairstow the licence to attack, and unshackled a player of immense shot-making talent, but he just needs to channel a little bit of Bairstow into his own batting.

Stokes is better than this. True, he is trying to stamp his way on the team but he is so respected by his players that he can do it more subtly than being reckless.

There comes a point when a batsman is in the ascendancy and can rely on controlled aggression to push home the advantage. Stokes had seen off Bumrah and Shami but continued to aim for 20 rows into the stand. A skier was dropped by Thakur at cover when he had 18 off 16 balls and another missed at mid off by Bumrah on 25. Next ball Stokes repeated the shot, but Bumrah dived to his left and held on.

Stokes is batting at a strike rate of 80, higher than any other home summer, and is adamant he will not change but at 149 for six his side were still 267 behind, and he was the last recognised batsman. Bairstow needed him.

Shami deserved his wicket when he returned at the City End, Bairstow edging his first ball to slip, Kohli blowing a kiss as he celebrated the catch.

Siraj was too hot for the tail to handle finishing with four for 66. Sam Billings was befuddled by Bumrah whose three for 68 could have been so much better. Jadeja bowled just two overs, his time in the match with the ball is still to come.

England needed an early breakthrough. James Anderson found Shubman Gill’s edge with the third ball but Pujara and Hanuma Vihari crabbily hung in until tea.

Vihari nicked Broad to second slip and Kohli walked to the crease to a smattering of boos. This is almost certainly the last Anderson-Kohli duel and it was muted too. Kohli used his feet to minimise the movement and was much more controlled in the channel outside off stump.

Matthew Potts bowled beautifully without luck and Kohli survived Anderson before Stokes produced a snorter that reared off a length and took the glove. Billings flapped at the chance, but Root stuck out a hand and grabbed the rebound.

Ben Stokes was delighted to see the back of Virat Kohli - ACTION IMAGES VIA REUTERS
Ben Stokes was delighted to see the back of Virat Kohli - ACTION IMAGES VIA REUTERS

Pujara was infuriating, fiddling with his gloves, complaining about movement in the crowd and can hear a crisp packet being opened in the Hollies Stand. He must be immensely frustrating to bowl at but did his job, playing an old-fashioned but effective way.

England vs India, fifth Test day three - as it happened

07:08 PM

CLOSE: India 125/3, leading England by 257 runs

That's India's day, I would say. England resumed on 84/5 and added 200 for their last five wickets, thanks to another brilliant century from Jonny Bairstow. England have kept themselves in the match, for sure, but India calmly added another 125.  There were some signs of uneven bounce and I fancy India to set England (Even new Baz England) and ungettable target, and then bowl them out on days four and five. Over rate today was dismal and we have lost a lot of cricket. Match report coming up, and I will see you tomorrow.

07:00 PM

OVER 45: IND 125/3 (Pujara 50* Pant 30*)

It's one minute to close. So I guess that means we have time for one more over. It will be bowled by Root. Pujara uses his feet to get a single that brings up a valuable and well-made half century. Pant is happy enough to leave two wide of off.  The last ball of the day shoots through but Pant gets enough on it. And that's the end of the day.

06:55 PM

OVER 44: IND 123/3 (Pujara 49* Pant 29*)         

Jimmy Anderson with an over of short stuff against Pujara, bowling from around the wicket. Pujara wears one on the bicep. Ducks a couple.

Pujara is given an official warning for running down the centre of the pitch.

At the end of the over, he's got the trainer on, for some treatment of that finger injury he got earlier.

Another lengthy delay. Play finishes at 7pm. We are going to have about 15 or 16 overs unbowled.

06:52 PM

OVER 43: IND 123/3 (Pujara 49* Pant 29*)         

Root continues his sucker-punch-in-waiting approach to Pant, very wide outside off. Pant shows good judgement. When Root gets too straight and too short, he pulls the ball to the midwicket fence.

06:51 PM

OVER 42: IND 118/3 (Pujara 49* Pant 25*)       

Pujara taking few, if any, liberties against Anderson.

He is, however, taking some liberties in regard to running down the pitch...

06:45 PM

OVER 41: IND 116/3 (Pujara 47* Pant 25*)       

Root comes on. He bowls an over of wide tempters outside Pant's off-stump. But Pant is monk-like in his self-denial and this is a maiden.

06:40 PM

OVER 40: IND 116/3 (Pujara 47* Pant 25*)     

James Anderson comes on for a spell. Tries a couple around the wicket to Pant. Pulled for a couple, and the man in the deep (Potts) loses track of the ball. It was along the ground. Couple.

Anderson gets his inswinger working to Pujara. Clangs him on the pad outside the line of off stump. Umpire chooses to view Pujara playing at that with his bat tucked behind the pad as playing a shot.

06:35 PM

OVER 39: IND 113/3 (Pujara 47* Pant 22*)     

Pant comes down the track at Broad and smashes him to the boundary. Broad and his colleagues request that the ball is changed yet again. The umpires acquiesce. Broad with the re-re-re-replacement ball now, all getting a bit ridiculous this, in my view.

Broad likes this ball better: Broad beats Pant with one that climbs and jags, Pant lucky to miss it.

06:31 PM

OVER 38: IND 108/3 (Pujara 47* Pant 17*)   

Stokes to Pujara, nicely played, up on the toes and cracked away for four.

06:24 PM

OVER 37: IND 103/3 (Pujara 43* Pant 16*)   

We can play until 7pm. Long old day this. Yet another delay in play, not sure what has happened there. Movement behind bowler?

Broad beats Pujara with a nice delivery that holds its line. India hanging tough, not taking any risks. Still six sessions to go remember, and the lead is nearly 240, so it's they who hold the cards...

06:23 PM

Neck and crop

06:21 PM

OVER 36: IND 102/3 (Pujara 43* Pant 15*) 

After a period of tight, low-scoring cricket, India get the scoreboard turning in this Stokes over. Pant helps himself to 4, 2 and 1 off the leg side. The ball has suddenly stopped swinging.  There are 11 runs off the over.

06:16 PM

OVER 35: IND 91/3 (Pujara 39* Pant 10*) 

England continue to ask questions. Paul asking one here.

06:10 PM

OVER 34: IND 90/3 (Pujara 39* Pant 9*)

Two off the Stokes over. He also is getting some action out of the ball.

06:05 PM

OVER 33: IND 88/3 (Pujara 38* Pant 8*)

This latest ball seems to be doing plenty. Broad's got it swinging big. Lights are on at Edgbaston.

06:01 PM

OVER 32: IND 86/3 (Pujara 37* Pant 7*)

Stokes to Pujara, who offers no shot to the inswinger. Given not out. Stokes reviews. It is coming back in and it would have clipped the top of leg on an "umpire's call". So the decision stands, and England retain their review.

05:53 PM

OVER 31: IND 84/3 (Pujara 36* Pant 6*)

Stuart Broad comes back for a new spell. The third ball of it, he jams Pujara's finger against the bat handle. Chet needs treatment for that, so we take drinks.

The fifth ball of the over keeps low. Scuttles through, takes the toe of Pujara's boot and dribbles to slip. Root gathers, fires at the stumps, misses and hands Pujara three overthrows. Pant completes the over with a delightful whip, fetching the ball and sending it to the legside fence.

05:47 PM

OVER 30: IND 76/3 (Pujara 33* Pant 1*)       

That prized wicket brings the busy, bustling Pant to the crease. He's off the mark right away.

05:40 PM

WICKET! Kohli c Root b Stokes 20

Stokes delivers a huge inswinger but is hopping afterwards, not sure if he has jarred something in that foothold?

But no better tonic for pain than the wicket of the oppo kingpin! Stokes delivers a beauty, it climbs and takes the shoulder of Virat's bat. Billings fails to gather the catch and is lucky and relieved that he palms it to Root, who saves the day with a grab at first slip. FOW 75/3

Kohli pulls a "what can you do?" face as he comes off.

05:38 PM

OVER 29: IND 75/2 (Pujara 33* Kohli 20*)       

Good from Jimmy there, drawing Pujara forward into an ill-advised nibble that he's lucky to miss.

05:35 PM

OVER 28: IND 75/2 (Pujara 33* Kohli 20*)     

England not exactly rattling through their overs. 34 overs still to bowl today. Stokes with a no ball in this over.

05:30 PM

OVER 27: IND 73/2 (Pujara 32* Kohli 16*)     

Anderson also seems unhappy with the landing area, while Broad is kvetching about the ball. It has gone of shape. The ball is changed.

Anderson overpitches, Kohli laces it away for four. Ooh ya.

05:28 PM

OVER 26: IND 69/2 (Pujara 32* Kohli 16*)   

Stokes brings himself on. He is grizzling about the footholds. Committed but not especially threatening.

05:20 PM

OVER 25: IND 68/2 (Pujara 32* Kohli 15*)   

Anderson with a couple of bouncers to Pujara. In between those, the batsmen trade singles.

05:15 PM

OVER 24: IND 66/2 (Pujara 31* Kohli 14*) 

Potts completes the eighth over of a spell and goes off for a wash and brush up afterwards.

Good quality cricket on show but I suppose the nature of the match situation means it is not the most intense period of the match. The lead is nearly 200 so really England need to take these eight wickets pronto.

05:09 PM

OVER 23: IND 63/2 (Pujara 29* Kohli 13*) 

The battle royale between Jimmy and Virat continues. Maiden.

05:07 PM

OVER 22: IND 63/2 (Pujara 29* Kohli 13*)

Potts with another LBW shout vs Pujara. No, too high.

05:01 PM

OVER 21: IND 61/2 (Pujara 27* Kohli 13*)

One of the highest quality and most hotly contested duels in recent Test match years resumes. Anderson. Kohli.

Virat coming a long way out of his crease.

04:57 PM

OVER 20: IND 61/2 (Pujara 27* Kohli 13*)

England  get the ball changed.

An LBW review. Potts, right arm over. Pujara play forward, bat tucked behind the pad. England like it. It was given not out on the field, and I think that will prove to be the case. He's playing forward, and has got a reasonable stride in, and is hit on the knee roll. Going over the top. And he didn't edge it, so the each-way bet of a review leading to a caught-behind is also denied.

England lose a review.

Pujara edges. Lands just short of the space between slip and keeper and goes for four.

04:50 PM

OVER 19: IND 57/2 (Pujara 23* Kohli 13*)               

Oooh that is gorgeous from Virat. Even more pleasing on the eye than his previous cover drive. Four all the way off Broad.

04:49 PM

OVER 18: IND 53/2 (Pujara 23* Kohli 9*)             

Potts with a good length ball that holds its line and encourages Kohli to play, pointing the bat as he does at extra cover.  He clips his pad with his bat: Root and Potts are certain that's an edge, but Billing's disagrees and it is he who prevails.

VK the ball through the cordon for four.

04:43 PM

OVER 17: IND 47/2 (Pujara 22* Kohli 4*)             

That brings Kohli into the arena, and the crowd give him a matey boo.

Gets off the mark with a gorgeous, classical cover drive. Four.

04:40 PM

WICKET! Vihari c Bairstow b Broad 11

That's the stuff! Broad full, inviting the drive, Vihari obliges - and Bairstow does the rest at third slip. FOW 43/2

Good captaincy from Stokes to keep that third slip in. England attacking, they know that they need to bowl India out cheaply, not sit around waiting for a declaration.

04:34 PM

OVER 16: IND 43/1 (Pujara 22* Vihari 11*)           

Pujara guides the ball away through gully, soft hands and nice judgement. Four runs.

04:31 PM

OVER 15: IND 39/1 (Pujara 18* Vihari 11*)           

Broad not looking especially threatening. Single to each man.

04:30 PM

OVER 14: IND 37/1 (Pujara 17* Vihari 10*)         

Some classy bowling from Potts, and matched by some resolute, well-judged leaving from  Chet Pujara.

04:23 PM

We resume after tea.

Here is Potts. He has three slips. Pujara is on strike.

04:07 PM

TEA: India 37/1 (Pujara 17* Vihari 10*) lead by 169

Good tight stuff from both sides in that hour. 13 overs England bowled, tidy from all the seamers. India not taking any risks, and nor do they need to. They are building a formidable lead. Seven sessions left in the match and they are in control of the game.

England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - Getty
England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - Getty

04:04 PM

OVER 13: IND 37/1 (Pujara 17* Vihari 10*)         

Jack Leach comes on for a quick dart before tea. Some spin, albeit short and wide, first ball. Vihari twice works the ball to leg for a brace of twos.

04:03 PM

OVER 12: IND 32/1 (Pujara 16* Vihari 6*)       

Another good over from Potts. He is well on his way to establishing himself in this wide.

04:02 PM

OVER 11: IND 31/1 (Pujara 15* Vihari 6*)       

A blunder from Anderson  - wide, cut for four by Vihari. Second poor ball in the last few minutes, not like JMA.

04:00 PM

OVER 10: IND 27/1 (Pujara 15* Vihari 2*)     

Potts comes on. Impressive start. Whole-hearted, accurate, putting his back into it.

03:55 PM

OVER 9: IND 27/1 (Pujara 15* Vihari 2*)     

Vihari gets a single. Now Anderson resumes his duel with Pujara. Quality cricket. Jimmy nibbles one past the edge.

03:46 PM

OVER 8: IND 25/1 (Pujara 14* Vihari 1*)   

Broad with a maiden. Takes a while, because there is some movement behind the bowler's arm. Pujara not taking any risks.

03:40 PM

OVER 7: IND 25/1 (Pujara 14* Vihari 1*)   

Vihari getting a serious examination from Anderson.

Now a rare dud from Jim, legside, helped on its way to the fence off a pad. 4 lb.

03:37 PM

OVER 6: IND 20/1 (Pujara 13* Vihari 1*) 

Broad using the crease, coming wide, trying to hoop the ball back in. Pujara watchful. Given the hurryup by one ball here.

03:32 PM

OVER 5: IND 19/1 (Pujara 12* Vihari 1*) 

Anderson to Vihari. Bit of swing, accurate, probing. And well played, seems to be lining Jimmy up well enough so far in this maiden.

03:29 PM

OVER 4: IND 19/1 (Pujara 12* Vihari 1*)

Bit wide from Broad, who has to endure the sight of Pujara's solid thump through the covers going for four.

03:23 PM

OVER 3: IND 13/1 (Pujara 7* Vihari 0*)

Pujara, showing Gill how it is done, rides an outswinger and plays that with soft hands. Guides it past the slips for four. Classy over from Anderson.

Vihari edges to the slips. Clearly this bounces but England have a brief appeal - sarcasm because of the Iyer Shreyas wicket just now?

03:17 PM

OVER 2: IND 6/1 (Pujara 2* Vihari 0*)

Broad shares the new ball. Pujara gets off the mark with a clip off the pads. Now Broad jags one back and hits him in the midriff.

03:14 PM

OVER 1: IND 4/1 (Pujara 0* Vihari 0*

Vihari the new man. Anderson snakes a dangerous delivery past his outside edge.

03:12 PM

WICKET! Shubman Gill c Crawley b Anderson 4

Jimmy Anderson does it again! Second ball, Shubman Gill drives attractively down the ground for four. Next ball, it shapes in and swings away. Too good for Gill.

03:05 PM

The England players are out

in the field. Anderson and Broad chat.


03:00 PM

England 284 all out

in reply to India's 416. That gives India  a lead of 132. Bairstow brilliant once again but nobody else did much, and even while acknowledging that this is a very good recovery from 83/5, England have got a lot to do in this match.

England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - PA
England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - PA

02:56 PM

WICKET! Potts c Shreyas b Siraj 19

Siraj. Bumper to Potts that he swings at, and top edges past the keeper for four. Next ball, mullered into the midwicket stand by Potts. He's a big strong boy and he gave that a right thump. Now he edges the ball to second slip. Smart low catch, given out. Potts isn't walking. They check for the catch. Arguably he had his fingers under it, arguably it bounced. Marais Erasmus takes his time, and elects to stay with the onfield decision. FOW 284/10

Shreyas Iyer catch  - Sky Sports Cricket
Shreyas Iyer catch - Sky Sports Cricket

02:53 PM

OVER 61: ENG 274/9 (Potts 9* Anderson 6*)             

Either Mohammed Shami or Mohammed Siraj is going to get another wicket pretty soon I fancy. It is Shami to bowl this over. Jimmy trying to have a swing but cannot connect.

02:47 PM

OVER 60: ENG 273/9 (Potts 8* Anderson 6*)           

Siraj to Anderson. That's a caught behind, no? I thought I heard a sound. Kohli, at slip, tells the bowler not to bother with an appeal. Now Jimmy shuffles across his stumps and tickles fine. A sort of duck hop now across the stumps. Jimmy really looking like a candidate for the quick yorker here.

02:42 PM

WICKET! Billings b Mohammed Siraj 36

That's the end of Billings. He tries to run the ball down to third man but Siraz has shaped this back in. Played on. FOW 267/9

02:40 PM

OVER 59: ENG 267/8 (Billings 36* Potts 8*)           

Billings tries to attack through the covers but does not get hold of the shot. Potts clips the ball through midwicket, that's an attractive shot. Be nice to see a contribution from him with the bat. Because, Bairstow brilliance aside, England are still miles behind in this game....

02:36 PM

OVER 58: ENG 260/8 (Billings 33* Potts 4*)         

Billings is looking to get on with it. Clever scoop shot.

02:32 PM


England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - GETTY IMAGES
England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - GETTY IMAGES

02:30 PM

OVER 57: ENG 255/8 (Billings 28* Potts 4*)         

Potts gloves the ball to fine leg for four. Now Potts edges Shami, the ball falls short of the slips.

02:25 PM

OVER 56: ENG 250/8 (Billings 28* Potts 0*)       

That's a horrible bumper from Siraj to Billings, it follows him and hits him hard on the arm.

England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - AFP via Getty
England vs India live: Score and latest updates from day 3 of the fifth Test - AFP via Getty

02:23 PM

WICKET! Broad c Pant b Siraj 1

Potts won't have long to wait... Broad goes for a big slog off his fifth ball, slices it up in the air, and Pant does the rest. FOW 248/8

02:19 PM

OVER 55: ENG 247/7 (Billings 25* Broad 1*)       

Shame to see Jonny go but what a knock. Here is Scyld Berry's tribute.

Jonny Bairstow has eclipsed Kevin Pietersen as England's best attacking right-hander

Stuart Broad comes in (Potts was ahead of him on the card). Shami greets him with two boucners.

02:13 PM

WICKET! Bairstow c Kohli b Shami 106

First ball of the new spell, a wide full delivery. Bairstow goes hard and Kohli does well with a smart catch. FOW 241/7

02:09 PM

OVER 54: ENG 239/6 (Bairstow 106* Billings 24*)     

England looking to work Jadeja around.

Shami is coming on for a bowl.

02:08 PM

OVER 53: ENG 239/6 (Bairstow 105* Billings 23*)     

I reckon if you get runs against Bumrah you can be seriously proud. Proper bowler. Jags one back here that cuts YJB in half. Then finds the outside edge, but is unlucky that the ball squirts away safely.

Now he hits Bairstow full on the pad. This is going down leg. The bowler, who is also the skipper, demands the review! Never looked out to me, and sure enough, that's missing leg stump. India lose a review.

02:01 PM

OVER 52: ENG 237/6 (Bairstow 103* Billings 23*)   

Change of bowling. Ravi Jadeja is coming on for a bowl. Will Bairstow go for him as he did the Kiwi spinner Bracewell? Hit on the pad sweeping, but outside the line. Bairstow now comes down the pitch looking to give it a thump but Sir Jadeja sees him coming.  Just one off the over.

01:57 PM

OVER 51: ENG 236/6 (Bairstow 102* Billings 23*)   

Thank you Jake. So then, I'm Alan Tyers, here is Jasprit Bumrah. Good accurate stuff to start this over, defended and left with the respect it deserves by YJB. A legbye, but they don't bother appealing because it's clearly going down the leg. Super yorker from Jasprit to end the over and Billings just, only just, gets a toe on it. Nearly cleaned him up there.

01:53 PM

OVER 50: ENG 235/6 (Bairstow 102* Billings 23*) 

Bairstow takes a single from the first ball of Thakur's over. And it is another no-ball too. Billings gets a leading edge that just balloons over Bumrah's head at mid-on. That was very close! A quick single follows.

There is another no-ball from Thakur. And yet another! Thakur cannot get it right. Bairstow cuts him away for a single.

Thakur has gone for 48 from seven overs with a load of no-balls. Time for a bowling change... and a change here too as I now hand you back to Alan Tyers who will take you through the session.

01:46 PM

OVER 49: ENG 227/6 (Bairstow 100* Billings 20*) 

Bumrah continues at the other end. He beats Billings twice with balls that nip away. An edge short of slip follows. A rare maiden, well bowled.

01:42 PM


He punches the ball through the offside and the fielder slips, letting the ball through to the boundary! The form continues. What summer he is having! This Hundred took 119 balls.

01:41 PM

OVER 48: ENG 223/6 (Bairstow 96* Billings 20*) 

Thakur will continue. I'm surprised Bumrah has not brought on Shami at the other end to himself after the break.

Billings clips two runs from the opening ball of the over. The follow-on has been avoided!

Thakur strays down leg but Billings does not cash in. A quick single follows. A bumper to Bairstow goes down leg for four byes - it is also a no-ball.

01:36 PM

OVER 47: ENG 215/6 (Bairstow 96* Billings 17*) 

Bumrah strays well down the leg side and Billings helps himself to four easy runs. He then takes a single. Bairstow is within one shot of a ton.

Bairstow takes a quick single. Billings looks to drive, edging the ball away for his second boundary of the over. He takes another single, pinching the strike.

11 from the over!

01:32 PM

OVER 46: ENG 204/6 (Bairstow 95* Billings 7*) 

Thakur has five balls remaining in his over which was interrupted by rain. Bairstow clips the first ball of the session for four. Thakur responds well with a ball that nips away while bouncing sharply. Well bowled.

01:26 PM

The players are back out on the pitch

Play will resume shortly.

01:10 PM

Play to restart at 1.30pm!

Not too long to wait, as long as the rain stays away.

01:01 PM

The covers are still on at Edgbaston

It is unclear when play will restart. Bairstow will be desperate to get back out there with just nine more runs needed for yet another Test century.

12:51 PM

Bairstow has taken on the pull shot this year

12:28 PM

Bairstow making batting look very, very easy once again

12:22 PM

Early lunch confirmed: ENG 200/6 (Bairstow 91* Billings 7*)

England have scored very quickly this morning for the fall of one wicket. India still lead by 216 runs, however, and England do not have much batting left in the hutch.

12:17 PM

Early lunch anyone?

We were just 14 minutes from lunch anyway, so an early lunch will be taken I'm sure.

12:16 PM

OVER 46: ENG 200/6 (Bairstow 91* Billings 7*) 

Bairstow works the ball into the offside for a well ran two. 200 up for England! And now we are going off for rain! The weather has unexpectedly come in with Bairstow nine runs short of a hundred.

12:14 PM


Bairstow attempts a shot over the leg side off Thakur but misses it. It looks like it is missing the stumps but he is given out! Bairstow reviews straight away. Was there some bat involved... yes! NOT OUT!

12:12 PM

There was some niggle this morning between Bairstow and Kohli... it has not gone well for India since then

12:11 PM

OVER 45: ENG 198/6 (Bairstow 89* Billings 7*) 

Bumrah has seen enough. He brings himself into the attack. Jadeja yet to bowl this innings.

Billings flicks a single. Bumrah bowls accurately to Bairstow, throwing in a slower ball that Bairstow picks at the last second.

A full toss from the final ball of the over is pushed for one by Bairstow.

12:06 PM

OVER 44: ENG 196/6 (Bairstow 88* Billings 6*) 

The ball just holds in the pitch from Thakur and Bairstow chips it just short of Pujara at mid wicket. That was close.

Bairstow has changed his bat... the first was working rather well. Thakur delivers the third no-ball of his spell before Bairstow whips the ball away for a one bounce four. His timing is ridiculous at the moment.

Oh my word. Bairstow has just hit a length delivery 15 rows back over mid wicket. Nothing wrong with that ball. Turns out the new bat is quite good too.

Thakur appeals for lbw but the ball is going well down leg.

12:00 PM

OVER 43: ENG 185/6 (Bairstow 78* Billings 6*) 

Siraj continues, into his eighth over of the innings. Bairstow tries to pull him off the front foot but misses it completely. Too high for lbw, however.

Bairstow repeats the shot from a genuine short ball, this time sending into the stands! Six to the total. A leg bye means Bairstow will keep the strike.

11:56 AM

OVER 42: ENG 178/6 (Bairstow 72* Billings 6*) 

Thakur goes short to Bairstow and he skilfully lofts the ball over the slips and away for four. Amazing shot. Bairstow then punches the ball off the back foot for back-to-back boundaries. He drops and runs to get off strike. Good running from this pair so far, puting Indian fielders under pressure.

The ball is being changed after it fails to fit through those pesky metal hoops. The last ball of the over beats Billings all ends up.

11:48 AM

OVER 41: ENG 169/6 (Bairstow 63* Billings 6*) 

Bairstow whips Siraj over mid-wicket for four. He then takes on a short ball but it the ball lands safely after flying off the top edge.

Siraj draws a play and miss from Billings, the ball just nipping away from him. Billings gets off strike from the next ball with a dab into the gully region. Bairstow takes on another pull shot, picking up a couple.

11:44 AM

OVER 40: ENG 160/6 (Bairstow 56* Billings 4*)   

Thakur over-steps. His second no-ball in two overs. He digs in a surprise short ball that Billings sways out of the way of. No runs off the bat from that over.

11:39 AM

Here is the Stokes dismissal - some catch!

11:38 AM

OVER 39: ENG 159/6 (Bairstow 56* Billings 4*)   

Siraj continues at the other end. Bairstow pushes him into the offside for a quick single. Siraj is bowling briskly, but he strays too straight and Billings flicks him away for one out to the boundary rider.

Bairstow lofts a drive over mid-off's head for four! Looks so easy for him at the moment.

11:34 AM

Textbook Bazball

11:33 AM

OVER 38: ENG 153/6 (Bairstow 50* Billings 4*)   

Billings is at the crease. It is a big opportunity for him to prove he can be part of the new regime and apply some pressure to the injured Ben Foakes. He starts wonderfully, clipping Thakur through the leg side for four from his first ball. Crisp timing. 150 up!

11:30 AM

WICKET! Stokes c Bumrah b Thakur 25

Wow! Stokes comes down the track again but this time Bumrah leaps to his left to take a stunning catch! Stokes nailed it again and the India captain takes a much harder catch than the one he dropped a ball before.

FOW: 149/6

11:29 AM

OVER 38: ENG 149/5 (Bairstow 50* Stokes 25*)   

Morning all. Thakur is into the attack for the first time in the innings. Stokes comes down the track from the third ball of the over, nailing the ball straight at Bumrah who shells a tough catch. Will that be costly?

11:26 AM

OVER 37: ENG 148/5 (Bairstow 50* Stokes 25*)   

Siraj digs the ball in, Stokes obviously going to take it on. Crunchy pull for three. England going along at a fair old clip once again. Bairstow gets a couple of singles and moves to 50, his 24th half-century in Tests. England have had an excellent 55 minutes or so, taking the fight to India. 48 off the last five overs!

Jake Goodwill will take the blog for a bit while I watch and write about Andrew Flintoff's new show about getting kids into cricket. I'm quite enjoying it so far. See you in a bit.

11:18 AM

OVER 36: ENG 141/5 (Bairstow 48* Stokes 20*) 

Oooh, luckless Mohammed Shami. He should have had a wicket. Stokes comes down the track and slogs, poor shot, head in the wrong place. Thakur steadies himself under the steepler. And he has dropped it! Not good at this level. not good at all. The Edgbaston crowd rightly give him pelters. Shocker.

Bairstow rubs it in  by flicking the ball to leg for four, then slots another down the ground.

Delay in this over as Shami needs to change his boot, which has split.

11:13 AM

OVER 35: ENG 130/5 (Bairstow 39* Stokes 18*) 

Mohammed Siraj comes on for a bowl. Bairstow crunches a couple of fours. England said they would come hard at India and they are being true to their word.

11:06 AM

OVER 34: ENG 121/5 (Bairstow 31* Stokes 17*)

Excellent morning of cricket so far. Two in-form attacking batsmen, two quality seamers, bit of needle. Stokes cuts Shami for four, and Bairstow hits another boundary through mid off. Shami nearly has the last laught when he beats Stokes last ball of the over with a ball outside off.

11:00 AM

OVER 33: ENG 110/5 (Bairstow 25* Stokes 12*)

Bairstow and Kohli have made up at the end of the over and seem pally enough again.

Bumrah continues, Bairstow lofts the ball over the mid off region for an attractive four. Some good running in this over and England take ten off it.

10:53 AM

OVER 32: ENG 100/5 (Bairstow 16* Stokes 11*)

Shami has a silly mid on in, and is going to bowl straight at Bairstow. Angles the ball in and is very close to bowling him through the gate. India like that - and Kohli has said something to Bairstow. Bairstow says something back to Virat, and the umpires have to step in! Outswinger next ball, Bairstow with a swing and a miss - and Virat is at it again. Bairstow looks angry. Will that compromise his judgement? Slices a three over gully. If I was Stokes, I'd try to take the strike for a bit. YJB is on tilt.

10:51 AM

OVER 31: ENG 97/5 (Bairstow 13* Stokes 11*) 

Stokes inside edges Bumrah and is struck in the unmentionables. Now an absolute peach of a delivery to YJB, seaming away and beating him.

10:46 AM

OVER 30: ENG 95/5 (Bairstow 12* Stokes 10*)

Stokes comes down the track and wallops Shami down the ground. Shami now beats Bairstow with a super delivery. Shaping up to be an entertaining morning...

10:41 AM

OVER 29: ENG 90/5 (Bairstow 12* Stokes 5*)

Stokes comes down the pitch to Bumrah and is beaten. Nice shot shortly after when Jasprit over-pitches and Stokes drives solidly.

10:34 AM

OVER 28: ENG 84/5 (Bairstow 12* Stokes 0*)

Bairstow has a bit of a woolly woof at a wide outswinger and is lucky to miss. Decent bit of keeping from Pant there, who is struggling with the wobble. But having said that, he drops the next one and has hurt his fingers. Three slips and a gully. A maiden, but partly because some of it was too wide to hit.

10:30 AM

Nice day in Brum

Good conditions, should be a decent day for a bat.

Mohammed Shami will bowl to Jonny Bairstow.

10:29 AM

One England man who didn't do it yesterday

was Zak Crawley. Here is MP Vaughan on that.

Zak Crawley is testing England's loyalty to the limit by making the same old mistakes

10:25 AM

Here's how it all went down yesterday

Nick Hoult with the report: England top order blown away by brilliant Bumrah to put India in control of Edgbaston Test

Bit of fun on Sky Sports as the mob Mark Butcher for his interview with Jasprit yesterday when he put it to Bumrah about whether he could captain and be a fast bowler.

10:22 AM

England resume 84/5 off 27 overs

Bairstow is 12* and Stokes 0*.

10:17 AM

Another great escape for England?

England begin day three of the Test match on 84-5 at Edgbaston, 332 runs behind India's 416. A year or two ago, you’d have said this was a hopeless position but the last three Tests against New Zealand have given England genuine confidence that they can turn this around.

James Anderson said yesterday that "I've got a fair feeling our best line of defence will be attack. Our batters are naturally aggressive. We want to score and move the game forward."

That’s certainly been the case in the Ben Stokes and Brendon McCullum era so far, but it is an approach that has risk baked in and there are going to be days when England come a cropper with their new attack, attack, attack philosophy. Whether this is one such day remains to be seen, and England’s fate in this game at least probably rests in the hands of the two men at the crease, Stokes himself and Jonny Bairstow. Bairstow seems to be loving his cricket at the moment and if he and the skipper can get going again, they could knock off some or all of that deficit in a warm order.

We will resume play at 1030 this morning. Anderson told the BBC: “We've got to try to work our way back in and put some pressure back on them. We're up against it, but we've been in this position before this summer.”

They certainly have, and if they can somehow get out of this latest pickle then it could go down as one of England’s great escapes.

What a summer of cricket this is turning out to be. But in their way stands the formidable Indian bowling attack, the superb Jasprit Bumrah is already in the wickets and if England think they can take any liberties with his bowling, they are in for a shock.

Weather looks decent at the ground right now, so let's get to it.

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