This is the ending of Netflix's Wednesday explained

netflix's wednesday ending explained
Netflix's Wednesday ending explainedVLAD CIOPLEA - Netflix

*Contains spoilers*

After seven tense episodes of multiple deaths, family secrets and the occasional high school romance, the mystery of the monster plaguing Nevermore has finally been revealed in the season finale of Netflix's Wednesday.

Wednesday sees a teenage Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) attend Nevermore Academy, where alongside mastering her psychic abilities she attempts to solve the mystery - what monster is terrorising the school and the town of Jericho?

The eight-part series dropped last week and has been a huge hit with fans (us included). Many people have already finished the series and have been shocked and confused over the ending, especially that plot twist.

So if you're still scratching your head over what went down in the Wednesday season finale, then this is the ending explained.

What happened in the final episode of Wednesday?

The season finale picks up after the shocking revelation that Tyler is in fact the hyde.

To recap: at the end of episode seven, Wednesday goes to visit Tyler at the weathervane cafe and the two kiss. The kiss prompts Wednesday to have one of her visions, in which she sees the hyde attack Dr Kinbott before turning back to Tyler.

Episode eight "A Murder of Woes" opens up with Wednesday confronting Tyler about being a hyde, which he denies. He asks Wednesday if she is confronting him alone, to which she says no and a group of Nevermore students, including Ajax and Bianca come out of the shadows.

netflix's wednesday ending explained

Bianca uses her siren call on Tyler and the group take him to Xavier's paint shed, where they chain him up and interrogate him. Unlike the rest of the group, Wednesday wants to use torture methods to extract a confession from him.

The group are pretty uncomfortable about this and leave Wednesday to tell Principal Weems about the plan. Wednesday prepares to torture Tyler but is stopped by the Sheriff and is taken into the police station.

Wednesday avoids any kidnapping charges but is finally expelled from Nevermore by Principal Weems. However, before leaving the police station Tyler confesses to Wednesday the truth. He tells her he is the hyde and he enjoys killing. Tyler also reveals he never had feelings for her, and it was all part of his master's plan, who is yet to be revealed.

netflix's wednesday ending explained

Wednesday is seen leaving Nevermore for good but stops by to see Eugene in the hospital, as he is finally awake from his coma. During their conversation Eugene reveals he saw a person with red boots set alight the hyde's lair. This one key detail confirms to Wednesday who Tyler's true master is - Miss Thornhill.

Wednesday returns to Nevermore with Tyler to find Miss Thornhill looking after her plants. There Wednesday confronts her, and Miss Thornhill reveals herself to be Laurel Gates.

Miss Thornhill explains she coerced Tyler into becoming the hyde by showing him motherly affection, after he lost his own mother. Tyler's mother was also a hyde and had attended Nevermore as a teenager.

netflix's wednesday ending explained

She commands Tyler to attack Wednesday, however he doesn't as it's revealed he is actually Principal Weems who has shape-shifted into Tyler. Before Weems can do anything about Miss Thornhill's confession, Miss Thornhill injects Weems with nightshade poison, killing her instantly.

Miss Thornhill knocks Wednesday unconscious and takes her to Joseph Crackstone's crypt. There she reveals her master plan - she is a descendant of Crackstone and wants to bring him back in order to destroy all outcasts and exact revenge for her family.

Using Goody Addams' book of shadows, the body pieces of Tyler's victims, and the blood of Wednesday, as Goody's descendant, Miss Thornhill brings Joseph Crackstone back to life.

netflix's wednesday ending explained

Upon seeing Wednesday, Crackstone stabs her in the stomach and he and Miss Thornhill leave her there to die. However, Wednesday is visited by the spirit of Goody, who tells her she can save her by entering her body. Goody also reveals the way to kill Crackstone for good - stab him in his black heart.

Goody saves Wednesday's life and Wednesday races to find Crackstone. However, Tyler finds her first and begins to attack her, but is stopped by Enid who has finally transformed into a werewolf and is therefore able to attack him.

Enid is attacked by Tyler, but he is eventually stopped by his father the Sheriff, who shoots his son, after finally accepting what he has become.

netflix's wednesday ending explained

Back at Nevermore Wednesday confronts Crackstone with a sword, but is unable to match him because of his powers. Xavier attempts to save Wednesday by shooting an arrow at Crackstone, which he deflects and sends back to Xavier. However, Wednesday takes the arrow instead.

Wednesday's battle with Crackstone continues and she is nearly killed by him again after her sword breaks. However, Bianca manages to stab Crackstone in the back which gives Wednesday enough time to grab the piece of broken sword and stab him in the heart.

Crackstone is finally vanquished, however there's still Miss Thornhill to deal with. She approaches Wednesday with a gun, but Wednesday is saved by her friends once again, as Eugene sets his swarm of bees on Miss Thornhill.

The next day it is revealed school is over for the semester and Wednesday says goodbye to Enid and Xavier. Xavier gives her a mobile phone and says he already put his number in the phone. On her way home Wednesday receives an anonymous text warning her she's being watched.

The episode ends there, but leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Did Miss Thornhill actually die? Who slashed the police tyres? Who will be the new principal of Nevermore? And what will happen to Tyler?

It sounds like we're definitely going to need a second season to tie up all these loose ends.

Wednesday is available on Netflix now.

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