The ending of Netflix's Sky High: The Series explained

sky high the series ending explained
The ending of Sky High: The Series explainedNetflix

Sky High: The Series is the gripping new Netflix crime drama which has everybody talking.

The Spanish series follows Sole, played by Asia Ortega, a recently widowed single mother who decides to enter into her late husband’s life of crime to avenge his death and take care of their son.

The show is filled with action, drama and tonnes of plot twists which might need explaining, so here is everything you need to know about the ending of Netflix’s Sky High: The Series.

Warning, spoilers below!

sky high the series ending explained

What is Sky High: The Series about?

The series follows on from the 2020 film Sky High, which stars Miguel Herrán from Money Heist, and starts with Sole learning that her husband, Ángel, is dead.

But, she has their son and Ángel’s businesses to look after so she decides to delve deep into her late husband’s life of gangs, violence and crime.

Sole’s father, Rogelio, is also a gang leader and, therefore, her new rival so she has to be one step ahead of him, the police and many other enemies to get what she wants.

What happens at the end of Sky High: The Series?

Sole is able to earn the trust of her late husband’s criminal colleagues and is evading the police, until she learns that Fernan – a new, loyal member of her gang who we think is Ángel’s friend – is actually a policeman himself.

He plots to get close to her father, Rogelio, through Sole and they even end up in a relationship. But at the end of the series, she finds out the truth about him – as well as her friend and colleague, Mercedes, who is also plotting against her!

sky high the series ending explained

Sole then plans for Fernan and Mercedes to be taken out by the Colombian mafia while they're all on a trip to Lagos, Nigeria. But despite being betrayed by them, she has a change of heart and saves them with the series ending with all of them on a flight from Lagos back to Madrid, Spain.

We also learn that Estrella, Ángel's ex, was killed by a top policeman called Ferran who was given instructions by Rogelio. Estrella's sister, Rosa, finds this out and goes to report it to the police but sees Ferran at the station.

Ferran finds this out and tries to kill Rosa but she shoots him and is then whisked away by Marta, who is Mercedes' daughter and the secret child of Rogelio – making her Sole's sister, explaining the change of heart about killing Mercedes.

So much drama!

Sky High: The Series is streaming on Netflix now.

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