Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day Is Back — Here's When You Can Get a Scoop

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

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Ben & Jerry’s wants to once again give you a free scoop of ice cream. No strings attached. In fact, it’s imploring fans to come out for a scoop so it can beat its own record.

On Wednesday, the famed ice cream brand announced the return of Free Cone Day, which it’s celebrated for more than 40 years (only taking a four-year hiatus during the pandemic). This year, Free Cone Day will happen on April 16 at its shops across the world. And it’s hoping plenty of people take them up on the offer, so they can surpass their goal of giving away 1 million free scoops in a single day.

"It was nothing short of amazing to see our fans back in our shops in their full Free Cone Day glory," Dave Stever, Ben & Jerry's CEO, shared about the return of Free Cone Day in 2023.
"We gave out over 970,000 scoops across the globe, but we know together with our fans we can break 1 million scoops." Stever added in the statement, "We're asking our fans to really bring it this year: invite their friends, family, neighbors, and help us beat our goal of 1 million scoops on Free Cone Day 2024."

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As the brand explained in a press release, the Free Cone Day tradition began in 1979 as a way for its two founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, to honor surviving their first winter as an independent business and to celebrate its growing community.

In 2024, fans can celebrate in the same way they did all those years ago — by simply going to their local shop and asking for a scoop between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. Customers can get a favorite or try the new Scoop Shop exclusive Mango flavor, which the company shared is “made of mango ice cream swirled with sweet cream ice cream.” Other recent additions include Non-Dairy Strawberry Cheezecake, Impretzively Fudged, and PB S'more. Want multiple scoops? Totally OK. You just need to get back in line for seconds … or thirds … Find the shop closest to you at 

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