'Empire' fans react to Prince tribute

On Empire, Hakeem wanted to throw his one-year-old daughter Bella an extravagant Prince-themed birthday bash. With his brother Jamal, the two rocked out a cover of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" and the birthday crowd went wild.

The episode was directed by Sanaa Hamri, one of the directors and executive producers of Empire. But she has also directed several Prince music videos and wanted to make this Prince tribute special. Showrunner Ilene Chaiken tweeted that the director arranged for Prince's actual band to be a part of the show and in the scene Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson played herself. Cookie asked Tyka, "Prince don't celebrate no birthdays. Ain't that right, Tyka?"


@EmpireWriters tweeted that they got permission from Prince's family to put this tribute together although they clearly didn't get permission from his fans with a few people tweeting gifs of what Prince's reaction from heaven might have looked like and one fan saying "His sister might have been there, but I feel like Prince would have hated this."




On the other hand, plenty of other fans were pretty stoked about the "Let's Go Crazy" cover and Empire's spare no expense tribute.

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