Emmerdale's Rhona infuriates Gus in baby storyline

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Rhona Goskirk faces an angry reaction from her ex-husband Gus Malcolms next week as her attempts to get closer to their baby daughter Ivy backfire.

Rhona is facing emotional turmoil following the revelation that Gus used one of their frozen embryos to secretly have a child with his wife Lucy, who has since died.

Next week, Rhona continues to pay furtive visits to the hospital in the hope of getting some time alone with Ivy.

New spoiler pictures show Rhona watching from her car as Gus leaves the hospital, waiting for her moment to go inside.

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Rhona's husband Marlon Dingle and mum Mary Goskirk quickly grow suspicious over her secretive behaviour.

Mary is first to realise what's happening and she joins Rhona for one of her visits. Gus is alarmed to spot Rhona and Mary at the hospital.

Back in the village, Marlon questions Rhona over why she's behaving so strangely.

Under the pressure of Mary's gaze, Rhona admits that she has been covertly seeing Ivy.


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Later in the week, Rhona and Mary visit Gus after Ivy is allowed home for the first time.

Gus is visibly exhausted as he struggles with his grief for Lucy and the pressure of looking after a newborn baby on his own.

In desperate need of some support, Gus reluctantly allows Rhona and Mary inside, taking the opportunity to get some sleep.

rhona goskirk, mary goskirk, emmerdale

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Seizing her chance to hold her daughter, Rhona cradles a sleeping Ivy, leaving Mary concerned that Gus won't be happy.

Gus suddenly wakes up and is furious at the sight of Rhona holding Ivy. As he tells Rhona and Mary to leave, has a new rift developed that will prove difficult to repair?

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