Emmerdale's Matty left in turmoil over Chloe and Mackenzie

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Matty Barton struggles with divided loyalties next week as the fallout from Chloe Harris' disappearance continues.

Matty currently feels caught in the middle as Mackenzie Boyd is desperate to track down Chloe and his young son Reuben.

Last week's episodes saw Chloe flee from the village with Reuben, wanting revenge against Mack after he dumped her to reunite with Charity Dingle.

Although heartbroken over Mack's rejection, Chloe took some comfort from the thought that he'd never see their son again.

mackenzie boyd, emmerdale

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Since Chloe's departure, Mack has been pushing himself to breaking point by desperately searching for her, despite having no clues to her current whereabouts.

He has also pressurised Chloe's sister Amy Wyatt for any potential updates on where she might be.

Matty is engaged to Amy, but is torn over the situation as Mack is his uncle.

Next week, Matty is put on the spot when a depressed Mack asks him outright whether Amy knows where Reuben is.

matty barton, mackenzie boyd, emmerdale

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Feeling the strain and unsure of how to respond to his struggling relative, what will Matty say?

Emmerdale bosses recently confirmed that Chloe's departure is only temporary, as she and her mysterious dad will both be taking centre stage in an upcoming Christmas storyline.

Show producer Laura Shaw told Digital Spy and other media: "The Charity/Mackenzie/Chloe love triangle has been bubbling away for 18 months or so now. At Christmas, we'll see that reach a bit more of a crescendo, where Mackenzie pushes Chloe to her absolute limit.

"What we'll see is Chloe reach out to her father for help. Obviously we know from previous stories that Chloe's dad is not someone to be messed about with – he's quite a dark character.

"We know that he was quite controlling with Chloe and that people are afraid of him. So obviously, when she reaches out to him, what we will see is him helping Chloe in his own unique way."

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