Emmerdale's Kim considers Lydia confession in Craig death plot

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Kim Tate considers confessing her guilty secret to Lydia Dingle next week.

Kim struggles with her conscience when she sees how much Lydia is still struggling following recent events.

In upcoming scenes, Lydia confides in Kim about the many unanswered questions she has over Craig Reed's death.

Lydia is anguished by the thought that she may never get the answers she needs to fully obtain closure.

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Although it's now common knowledge in the village that Craig was killed by Kim's horse, few people know that Kim and Cain Dingle united and left the villain to die at the scene.

Sensing that the full story could help Lydia to move on, will Kim take this opportunity to tell her everything?

Emmerdale bosses have already confirmed that Lydia will learn the truth in upcoming episodes, but viewers will have to tune in to find out whether this is the moment in question.

lydia dingle, kim tate, emmerdale

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Show producer Laura Shaw recently told Digital Spy and other media: "Lydia is still struggling after her horrific ordeal at the hands of Craig and we'll see that continue.

"Her and Sam will find out what happened that night that we saw in the big Dingles' week with Kim – that will all come out. How will they cope with that news?

"It's going to test Lydia and Kim's friendship, which we all love. We'll see in the new year if they can get their friendship back on track. Similarly for Sam and Lydia – are they ever going to get through this?

"Hopefully the new year's going to bring some new hope for them."

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