Emmerdale's Hayley Tamaddon hospitalised after suffering 'horrendous' pain

Hayley Tamaddon was rushed to hospital after she suffered 'horrendous' head and neck pain credit:Bang Showbiz
Hayley Tamaddon was rushed to hospital after she suffered 'horrendous' head and neck pain credit:Bang Showbiz

Hayley Tamaddon was rushed to the hospital after she suffered "horrendous" head and neck pain.

The 47-year-old TV star - who is known for playing Del Dingle in 'Emmerdale' and Andrea Beckett in 'Coronation Street' - was taken to A and E after she vomited twice and began feeling like her head was going to "explode".

Taking to Instagram, the actress – who has four-year-old Jasper with her ex-fiancé Adrian wrote: "Today. Woke up. Thought my head was gonna explode.

"Puked up twice. Took Jasper to nursery. Got ready for a photoshoot.

"Got there and realised I really should see a doctor.

"Ended up in hospital on a drip for medication. It didn't work. Head and neck pain still horrendous."

Hayley then revealed she had been diagnosed with arthritis – a condition that causes swelling and inflammation in joints – before being sent home.

She continued: "Had a scan. Got told I have arthritis. Came home.

"Picked Jasper up. Made tea. Put Jasper to bed."

The actress admitted the ordeal had taken a toll on her, and added she would be returning to the hospital for a check-up on Thursday (13.06.24).

She penned: "Took some tablets. Had a cry.

"Going back to the hospital tomorrow. Life of a single working mum."

This isn’t Hayley's first health shock, as the soap star revealed in 2022 she had been diagnosed with meningitis, an infection that inflames the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal chord.

She wrote on Instagram: "Last weekend did not go as planned…and I ended up in hospital with meningitis. I got poorly very quickly. And my temperature wasn't coming down it was going up. The light hurt my eyes and my head felt like it might explode. My neck was stiff and my body ached.

"I rang a family friend Anthony Kearns who is a doctor at Blackpool Hospital A and E department and told him my symptoms and he told me to get to hospital asap.

"I was taken into a cubicle and straightaway the amazing doctor, Dr Karun, said I think this is meningitis, but at that stage they weren’t sure if it was bacterial or viral.

"So I was given strong antibiotics through a drip. Then a brain scan and a lumbar puncture confirmed it was viral. And a few days later I was sent home."