'Emmerdale' spoilers: Charity tells Tracy the truth about Vanessa’s cancer

When Charity Dingle [EMMA ATKINS] walks in on Tracy Metcalfe's [AMY WALSH] surprise party for Vanessa, she panics knowing it's not what she needs at the moment (her diagnosis still a secret). She drags Tracy outside but Tracy refuses to abandon the party. (ITV Plc)

Tracy Metcalfe is set for a devastating blow in Emmerdale next week when Charity Dingle drops a huge bombshell on her.

Tracy – who’s played by Amy Walsh in the ITV soap -  is excited for her half-sister,  Vanessa Woodfield’s, birthday and is planning a surprise party for her.

Her heart is in the right place as she’s desperate to cheer Vanessa up after her recent ordeal at the hands of evil Pierce Harris.

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But Tracy doesn’t know that Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick) has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and is struggling to come to terms with the shocking news.

Vanessa Woodfield [MICHELLE HARDWICK] walks into her surprise party. (ITV Plc)

Meanwhile Charity – Vanessa’s fiancée – is left feeling useless as Vanessa struggles with the pain.

And when she walks in on the surprise party organised by Tracy, she panics knowing it’s the last thing Vanessa needs at the moment.

A worried Charity (Emma Atkins) drags Tracy outside and pleads with her to abandon the party, but Tracy refuses. Charity then crumbles as she blurts out Vanessa’s secret – she has cancer – leaving Tracy utterly floored.

Stunned, Tracy tries to get everyone out but it’s too late and a cry of ‘surprise’ can be heard inside.

Vanessa tries to put on a brave face and embrace the party but her façade soon fades when she finds out that Charity has told Tracy about her diagnosis.

Charity Dingle [EMMA ATKINS] is short with Tracy Metcalfe [AMY WALSH] and things reach boiling point with the pair. Can Vanessa Woodfield [MICHELLE HARDWICK] help build bridges? (ITV Plc)

Furious, Vanessa storms off with Tracy hot on her heels, while a concerned Charity hangs back.

Finally, an upset Vanessa opens up to her sister, leaving Charity feeling side-lined. Thinking the sisters are shutting her out, Charity ends up being rude to Tracy and soon things reach boiling point between them.

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Can Vanessa help them to build bridges? 

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV.