'Emmerdale' spoilers 23 -27 March: Chas and Paddy are at loggerheads

The title card for ITV soap Emmerdale. (ITV)

There’s trouble for Chas and Paddy in Emmerdale next week while Victoria takes a big step in her relationship.

Here’s what to expect in the Dales from 23 March.

Tensions are high between Chas and Paddy

At the Woolpack, Chas Dingle [LUCY PARGETTER] despairs when Social Services turn up and she has to cover for PaddyÕs whereabouts. When he fails to turn up, Chas fumes (ITV Plc)

Aaron spots that there is tension between Chas and Paddy and the whole village is stunned when the landlady publicly berates Paddy for leaving baby Eve alone in the car. Paddy is left feeling useless and leaves. But Chas is distraught when she finds his note and tries to call him.

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Meanwhile, Paddy arrives at Marlon’s who tells him to stop punishing himself and to make things right with Chas. Chas is left despairing when Social Services arrive at the pub and she has to cover for Paddy’s whereabouts. Later, she fumes at Paddy for letting Eve down. Will the couple be able to move on?

Things heat up between Victoria and Luke

Victoria Sugden [ISABEL HODGINS] and Luke Posner [MAX PARKER] return to Keepers and grow closer. Victoria asks Luke if he fancies an Ôearly nightÕ. (ITV Plc)

It’s the day of the joint christening, but it all becomes too much for Wendy and she breaks down over the son she’s lost. Bob and Luke attempt to comfort her, but it’s Victoria who manages to make her feel better by going over and wordlessly giving her a silent but heartfelt hug. Later, Luke and Victoria go back to Keepers’ Cottage and Victoria asks if he fancies an early night. Luke’s on Could 9 the following morning, but there’s a flicker of awkwardness from Victoria. Is it too much too soon?

Jamie has double trouble

On a call out from the vets, an angry Belle Dingle [EDEN TAYLOR-DRAPER] confronts Jamie Tate [ALEXANDER LINCOLN about him getting back together with Andrea and says they can no longer be friends. However, when Jamie admits to Belle that he is only with Andrea out of guilt, the sexual tension between them proves too much and they kiss. (ITV Plc)

A heartbroken Belle confronts Jamie about getting back together with Andrea and tells him they can no longer be friends. She’s stunned when Jamie tells her that he’s only back with Andrea because of guilt. Before long the pair are kissing and one thing leads to another. Later, Jamie checks his phone and is alarmed when he sees lots of missed calls from Andrea. When he heads home, he finds her waiting seductively on the sofa. Unable to resist, Jamie kisses her and the pair fall down onto the sofa.

Leanna gives Liam a choice

Liam Cavanagh [JONNY McPHERSON] and Leyla Harding [ROXY HARDING] try to explain their relationship to an upset Gabby Thomas [ROSIE BENTHAM] and dismissive Leanna Cavanagh [MIMI SLINGER], but when Leanna insists Liam choose between her and Leyla...what will Liam do? (ITV Plc)

Leanna is horrified when she learns that Leyla and Liam are still seeing each other. The couple sit down with Gabby and Leanna and attempt to explain their relationship. But Liam is left reeling when Leanna insists that her dad must choose between her and Leyla.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on ITV