Emmerdale confirms engagement for Mackenzie and Chloe

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd proposes to Chloe Harris next week after learning that she might be pregnant again.

Mack becomes determined to prove his commitment to Chloe when it seems that their new family set-up will be expanding further.

The storyline begins early next week, as Chloe confides in her sister Amy Wyatt about how she thinks she's pregnant.

Mack then returns home and catches Chloe ordering a pregnancy test on her phone.

chloe, mack boyd, emmerdale

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Although Mack is taken by surprise, it's clear that he's delighted as he goes on to pop the question. Chloe is elated and accepts the proposal.

As the week continues, Mack and Chloe share their news with more of their closest family and friends.

Mack's sister Moira Dingle expresses concerns that he has rushed into an engagement with Chloe, but he dismisses this.

Nate Robinson also privately has his say, speculating that Mack is more excited about having another child than being with Chloe for the rest of his life.

mack boyd, chloe, emmerdale

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Later, Chloe reveals to Amy that she isn't pregnant after all as her period has arrived. She prepares to break the news to Mack, but can't do it when he talks lovingly about their unborn child.

Chloe then tells Amy that she suspects Mack won't want her if she's not pregnant, so she continues to delay telling him the truth.

The following day, Chloe is finally honest with Mack, but how will he react to the news?

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