Emily Ratajkowski Just Revealed That She “Recently Became a Swiftie”

“Style” must be hitting extra hard these days.

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Emily Ratajkowksi is opening up about her decision to defend Taylor Swift by commenting on that viral The Ellen DeGeneres Show clip earlier this year — and apparently, it had everything to do with her newfound identity as a Swiftie.

When talking to Elle for its 2023 Women of Impact issue, the model opened up about the comment in question (“This is so f–ked up. She’s literally begging her to stop”) that she left on a resurfaced 2012 segment where Swift became visibly uncomfortable when asked to ring a bell each time a photo of a man she dated appeared on the screen.

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“I recently became a Swiftie. I loved her last album and I’ve seen her documentary, but I wasn’t following her career in the same way the last 10-plus years,” Ratajkowski shared. “Watching that [interview], I was so struck by how clear she’s being about what is making her uncomfortable.”

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The model added, “I think the lens that I would’ve viewed that interview from 10 years ago versus now has evolved so much, which is why it struck me. I was in bed falling asleep and commented on it, not because I thought it was going to make headlines at all.”

EmRata then touched on how Swift’s relationship with media and the internet has closely resembled her own in many ways: “She’s another example of a woman who has been faced with such blatant misogyny and sexism, and yet we don’t want to admit that, because she’s powerful and successful, and also she’s white,” she said.

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The multi-hyphenate continued, “There’s a bunch of reasons, which I think are fair and important to also bring up in the conversation, but that clip in particular was just so striking to me because she was communicating very clearly about why she didn’t feel comfortable with what was happening. And it was making everyone laugh. It actually upset me. And I think that just even that speaks to a larger thing I’ve noticed, where people don’t listen to femme-presenting people.”

Ratajkowski’s supportive comments come shortly after she was spotted getting cozy with Swift’s ex, Harry Styles, during in outing in Tokyo — but there’s no need to worry about any “Bad Blood.” Styles and Swift have remained friendly since their 2013 breakup, reuniting as recently as during the 2023 Grammys.

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