Emily in Paris fans have a theory about You season 4 and we're kind of into it

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Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

We're all slap bang in the middle of a full blown obsession with You season 3 right now (pretty appropriate, right?) which means we're spending a lot of time overthinking and over-theorising. Well, apparently it's not just us. Fans of the show recently hatched a pretty convincing theory surrounding a crossover between You and Emily in Paris, thanks to a tweet from Netflix.

In case you need a recap You centres around murderous stalker Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley), while Emily in Paris is all about French-language-murderer Emily (Lily Collins), who moves to Paris from the US for a big marketing job. While season 3 of You recently landed, we're still awaiting season 2 of Emily in Paris.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Taking to Twitter to promote both projects Netflix recently shared a meme featuring the two shows side-by-side, and while on the surface of it it didn't seem like much, it prompted many fans to theorise about (and hope for) a crossover between the two shows. They're pretty convincing, to be honest.

One image in the meme shows Joe in front of the Eiffel Tower along with the caption, "I will find you," while a picture of Emily shows her exclaiming to someone on the phone, "This city is filled with love!"

Quickly fans jumped on the tweet, theorising that a crossover could actually be happening, both in You s4 and in Emily in Paris s2.

I think... I think we might be really into this.

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