Emerging artists showcased in artsPlace Momentum exhibition

The exhibition may be drawing to a close, but Momentum continues to build at artsPlace.

The Momentum exhibition, which began Jan. 5, is showcasing and supporting five local emerging artists and their diverse bodies of work.

“It’s quite a wide demographic of artists,” said Shanon Fitzgerald, artsPlace programs associate. “We have an artist who has their own business, another artist who has dabbled in art all their life and just recently been brought back to their practice in a mysterious way, plus another artist who was passing through the Bow Valley in earlier years and just come back – it’s really quite diverse.”

Artists Alice (ACE) Conniff, Jennifer Danvers, Anil Yadav, Kathryn Wright and Láyla Messner, each with their own unique style, are displaying original works including bright landscapes, bold abstracts, ink illustrations and charcoal drawings.

“There’s a variety of 2D media, but there is also quite a variety of acrylic paints,” said Fitzgerald. “There’s drawings and there’s mixed media as well.”

The exhibition includes a mentorship component as well on how to hang your artwork, how to choose which pieces to display together and where to display them.

Each artist was able to install their own artwork and speak about their work at the event opening as well.

The name of the show, Momentum, is inspired by artsPlace’s goal to support emerging artists and springboard them into the next step of their art journey, whatever that may be.

“We wanted to sort of build momentum, not just at artsPlace, supporting emerging artists, but also emerging artists in their own careers, having the opportunity to develop their art and talk about their work and just sort of really bring them forward in the direction they’re hoping to go,” said Fitzgerald.

The show will run until Feb. 5 and is free to attend.

Jessica Lee, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Rocky Mountain Outlook