Elon Musk runs over traffic cone as he shows off Tesla Cybertruck after dinner in Malibu

Bonnie Christian
Elon Musk has been spotted driving over a traffic cone as he showed off the electric Cybertruck: AP

Elon Musk was caught on camera ploughing a traffic cone as he showed off the new Tesla Cybertruck outside a high-end restaurant in Malibu.

The Tesla billionaire was seen driving out of the car park of Nobu, where he had been having dinner with friends, crushing the cone as he sped onto a busy road.

Celebrity news site TMZ reported a crowd had gathered to see the armoured electric truck on one of its first sightings in public since it was unveiled last month.

One of the admirers was said to be Hollywood star Edward Norton, who came out of the restaurant to catch a glimpse of Tesla's latest model, which will not be available to buy until 2021 or 2022.

After Musk drove over the bollard with the truck's rear wheel, he appeared to drive off without stopping.

The incident came as Musk won a defamation case against a British cave explorer who was involved in rescuing a football team from a cave in Thailand.

It also follows an embarrassing incident during a live-streamed demonstration when the truck was unveiled in November.

Two of the truck's windows were smashed with a steel ball at the launch event in a failed attempt to show the toughness of the truck's glass.

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