Eli Manning has no desire to coach in the NFL following his retirement

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Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning isn’t sure what he’ll do in retirement, but he’s ruled at least one thing out. Manning has no desire to become an NFL coach, according to ESPN.

Manning, 39, made that revelation on a USO video conference call Thursday. While Manning is considering getting into coaching, he doesn’t want to coach in the NFL.

Why? Because that requires way too much work.

"I know one thing: I don't want to be an NFL coach. I've seen what our coaches do and the hours they put in, and I enjoy being with my family and enjoy coaching some of their sports teams."

As for his post-playing career, Manning said he would take a year off to hang out with his family before making any decisions. He believes he’ll want to do something related to football eventually, which could include broadcasting or coaching a youth team.

Manning also expects to re-connect with the Giants at some point. Manning spent all 16 seasons with the team, leading the Giants to two Super Bowl wins.

With Manning gone, the Giants will fully commit to Daniel Jones. Jones started 12 games for the team last season, throwing 24 touchdowns against 12 interceptions.

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