Eat cake and read a book at the 100th anniversary of the Prince Rupert Library

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This year is Prince Rupert Public Library’s 100th birthday, and they are celebrating with a party on Saturday, May 28 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Staff will be serving cake and refreshments and handing out pins to commemorate the occasion. There will also be a timeline of the library’s history posted, allowing guests to take a metaphorical walk through the ups and downs of the past 100 years.

The party is just one way the library recognizes its centennial year. There will be different occasions throughout the year marking the milestone, Joe Zelwietro, chief librarian said.

The next time you are issued a new library card, you might notice it has a new look. Ts’msyen artist Alexander Clifton Ridley created the traditional design which features the four Ts’msyen houses.

The card represents the vision for the next 100 years, when people of all crests and all cultures learn, work, and play together to create a safe, helpful community for us all, a library social media post stated.

The updated card also includes a new Ts’msyen name, “Wap Liitsx,” which means “House of Reading” that was given to the library by Ridley, Lou Allison, library assistant told The Northern View.

Another form of celebration for the milestone year is by waiving late fees for adults. While late fees for children and youth had already been waived for this year, now no one will pay overdue fees. Additionally, if you have standing fees from years prior, they will be cleared.

“We want to welcome back patrons whose fines have prevented them from coming in and using their library,” staff said.

Prior to 1922, the city had a private reading room for paying members. The Prince Rupert library was established after a successful campaign for a public library.

Kaitlyn Bailey, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Prince Rupert Northern View

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