Eastern Kentucky flood victims were trapped inside home as it washed away, family says

Provided by family

A family member of two Eastern Kentucky flood victims says rescue workers nearly managed to get to the married couple before their home washed away.

Judy and Victor “Bones” Slone of Leburn were among those who died in the Kentucky floods, Judy’s niece Julia Everidge said Sunday.

“All I know is that they (were) in their vehicle (truck) and it started moving and I think they got scared and went back into the house,” Everidge said.

“I was told that the rescue squad got there and was on their way to get them and the house came off the foundation and washed away while they (were) still trapped inside,” said Everidge. “The person that was rescuing them said he was at arms reach but it was too late.”

“Me, my brother, dad and husband went to their house to search for Judy and Victor but they found her soon as we got there. She wasn’t far from her house. She was in a pile a debris,” said Everidge.

Judy Slone loved the beach, Everidge said. She also showed a lot of support to her family. She was a hard working woman, said Everidge.

Judy Slone was a loving woman with a great heart who loved to cook, Everidge said. If someone needed help, she would help anyway she knew how. She made chess bars for a bake sale to help Everidge with donations because Everidge had cancer.

Victor Slone loved to sit outside and drink his coffee, Everidge said. He also enjoyed taking pictures and posting on Facebook, trucks, rocking chairs and making wooden chairs. He also liked listening to music, Everidge said.

He also loved company, Everidge said.

“When my dad went over there to their house Victor would run inside and grab my dad some coffee,” said Everidge.

“He made things for people and gave it to them. He made stuff for people because it made him happy,” said Everidge.

At least 39 people are dead from the Eastern Kentucky flooding, according to Gov. Andy Beshear. Two victims remain missing in Breathitt County.