EastEnders star sparks exit fears after landing new role

EastEnders star Shiv Jalota sparks exit fears after landing new role credit:Bang Showbiz
EastEnders star Shiv Jalota sparks exit fears after landing new role credit:Bang Showbiz

'EastEnders' star Shiv Jalota has sparked fears he could be set to exit the soap after landing a new role.

The 30-year-old actor has portrayed Vinny Panesar in the BBC One show since 2019, but revealed he has gone back to his "theatre roots" for a new project, which sees him reunite with ex-'EastEnders' co-star Milly Zero.

He wrote on Instagram: "Back to the theatre roots and training that creative muscle with the most talented ensemble @milly_zero #ThePword #VeraVera (sic)"

It comes after Shiv revealed in 2021 that he suffers from imposter syndrome, but he encouraged others to "dream big" and "take ownership" of their lives in an inspirational post.

He wrote on Instagram: "I fall into a category of imposter syndrome as many actors do. An anxiety of wanting to be “good,” a fear of failure. It’s taken me a long time to start trusting that curiosity of mine that playfulness and energy to embrace “me.”

Nothing is wrong or right but choices you’ve made by listening. Sounds easy on paper but requires commitment and discipline a willingness to keep exploring. Train that instrument of yours. Be bold. Fail unapologetically. Cry Laugh Love and be s*** Nervous (Shows you care) Be proud and find moments of joy. Make that other person look good (so important) Be polite, respect the team, the crew, you are a unit a ensemble with one driven goal. Seek life experiences-you will continue to work off these! Money will come and go all about sustaining yourself. You may not feel emotional connected on a day-that’s okay use that gut wrenching feeling you have in in that present moment-Work off that. Remind yourself it’s the long journey ahead(“Marathon not a... yup it’s true!) Get rid of ego! Give yourself “time.” Have a journal, note things down, my memory so s***-Learn your lines and prep and if someone throws a new script scene by all means (cry) Then go for it with full commitment. Inspire that imagination. Dream BIG. Make it happen. Take ownership.

It won’t happen all at once and you will f*** up along the way, that’s okay, actually push yourself to be s***- you will make discoveries. May the force be with yaaaaall [love heart emoji] (sic)"

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