EastEnders star Bobby Brazier shares more on Freddie's emotional story

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders star Bobby Brazier has revealed more on Freddie Slater's emotional story.

In upcoming scenes, Freddie finds himself on two dates at the same time, and, after witnessing her Grandson's hapless attempts to date both women, Freddie's Nanny Jean remarks on his intelligence.

Freddie takes Jean's hurtful words to heart revealing that his old teacher Mr Hawthorne used to humiliate him at school.

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Speaking to Inside Soap about the story Bobby, who has played Little Mo's son Freddie Slater on the soap since last year, said: "It's not been on screen yet, but it was my first ever crying scene. It was a great experience."

According to the young star, the scenes he filmed with his on-screen Nan were so emotional that the actors had to take a minute to recover once the cameras stopped rolling.

"I was filming with Freddie's Nanny Jean and we were sat on the sofa afterwards, and it took us a minute to shake off the tears and sadness," Bobby admitted. "It's interesting as I've mainly been doing comedy, but soon we're going to see some emotion from Freddie."

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Talking more about the storyline, Bobby said that Freddie will confront his old teacher for bullying him in an attempt to gain closure.

"Freddie used to get called 'thick' at school and made to feel stupid all the time, so what Jean says really hurts him," said Bobby. "It forces him to confront things from his past and give the teacher who was horrible to him a bit of a talking to."

While Freddie faces his fears and stands up to Mr Hawthorne, Bobby teased more to come from the events saying: "Freddie feels good for doing it, initially, but this is just the beginning of the story."

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