EastEnders' Denise Fox makes a huge decision after Jack discovery

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders' Denise Fox is set to make a huge decision after a shocking discovery about her husband Jack Branning.

In scenes airing later this month, Jack wakes up at home full of regret, and lashes out at his children Amy and Ricky.

The kids then bump into Denise in the Square, and she decides to go to No. 20 and plan to fight for her marriage.

jack branning, denise fox, eastenders

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After Raymond interrupts her conversation with Jack, Denise reluctantly heads back to No.27 in another attempt to talk things out.

However, Denise soon makes a troubling discovery and goes back to Kim's, who urges her to divorce Jack as their marriage is over.

Meanwhile, Jack tells Stacey that Nish and Ravi have both been arrested on suspicion of Eve's murder – a development which horrifies her.

Later, having decided her marriage is effectively over, Denise packs a bag to leave – but she's stopped by an upset Amy, who flees from the house.

denise fox, eastenders

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Jack and Denise are then left frantically searching for Amy, and eventually find her crying in the playground.

Jack blames Denise for Amy's current mental state, and puts a stop to Denise leaving the family home.

When Jack tries to make amends with Denise, she makes it clear that she can't forgive him for trying to use Amy's mental health to blackmail her.

Things get worse for Jack when Stacey tries to interfere in his marriage troubles.

Denise and Jack's relationship problems come ahead of the soap's major Christmas whodunnit mystery.

denise fox, jack branning, eastenders

Back in October, EastEnders boss Chris Clenshaw confirmed that there was major trouble ahead for Jack and Denise.

He teased: "Denise and Jack have had a really rocky year because of what happened between her and Ravi at the hotel – and because of what happened with Amy, and what's been going on with Ricky Jr.

"Everything seems to have settled down for them at the moment, but as we move through the autumn, things in their marriage aren't as healed as one would like, or would hope, and it does lead to one of them doing something they'll regret.

"I'm excited about that one."

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