Easily Bulk Up Instant Korean Ramen With Canned Tuna

tuna fish and instant noods
tuna fish and instant noods - Static Media/Shutterstock

Ever feel your instant ramen is missing some bulk or protein? Are the carbs alone not satiating you? Well, you're not alone, and luckily for you, we've got the perfect food hack to bulk up your instant ramen instantly. Plus, you may already have the secret ingredient in your pantry -- it's none other than that humble can of tuna fish waiting for its moment to shine.

This food hack is simple. You can take the easier route and add canned tuna directly to cooked instant ramen or you can elevate the canned tuna and make it tastier by incorporating Korean flavors. This second method involves a bit of stir-frying.

First, you will stir-fry canned tuna along with Korean staples like chopped kimchi, gochugaru (Korean chili powder or chili flakes), or gochujang (Korean chili pepper paste) until aromatic and lightly browned. You can add other seasonings and aromatics, like garlic, onions, or ginger if you'd like. Then, add water or broth to the mix and bring everything to a rolling boil. Add the instant ramen seasoning packets and cook the ramen in this delicious, tangy, semi-spicy, and umami-rich broth, complete with protein-heavy stir-fried canned tuna infused with classic Korean flavors.

The tuna is no longer bland or fishy. Instead, its packed with all the flavors it absorbed from the stir-frying and the instant ramen's seasoning packets.

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Elevate Your Kimchi Ramen Bowl With Canned Tuna Infused With Korean-Inspired Flavors

Kimchi ramen bowl
Kimchi ramen bowl - Miriam Hahn/Tasting Table

We've got a recipe for you to incorporate this instant ramen canned tuna hack seamlessly: the kimchi ramen bowl by Tasting Table's recipe developer Miriam Hahn. Prepare the kimchi ramen bowl according to Hanh's instructions. Then season and stir fry the canned tuna as aforementioned -- cooked with kimchi, gochugaru, or gochujang, and your choice of aromatics. Once the tuna is richly seasoned and fragrant, integrate it directly into the ramen bowl's broth.

Alternatively, you can use the elevated, stir-fried canned tuna as a delicious and visually appealing ramen topping. Not only does the canned tuna add bulk, but it also adds layered flavors and introduces textural contrast to the soft, tender ramen noodles. As a nod to Korean culture, you can even set the cooked canned tuna aside and eat it as you would enjoy banchan or Korean side dishes.

Incorporating delicious canned tuna inspired by Korean flavors into this kimchi ramen bowl or any instant ramen promises a satisfying, bulked-up meal. In a pinch and for the added protein, however, you could always just add canned tuna directly to your instant ramen. We won't judge you.

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