Eagles fan caught after stealing Super Bowl stadium seat, pays for repairs

Philadelphia Eagles fans who dropped thousands of dollars to attend Super Bowl LII probably took home a souvenir or two.

Some probably bought a T-shirt, or a program. And one of them uprooted his U.S. Bank Stadium seat and tried to fly home with it.

One Eagles fan got a little too crazy (and that’s saying something for an Eagles fan) after his team beat the New England Patriots. The fan was so fired up he apparently pulled up his seat — no tools were used, the stadium authority said — and took it home. That’s some serious adrenaline at work.

Thanks to a viral Facebook video and a social media picture of the man with the stadium seat strapped to his carry-on baggage at the airport — yes, this all really happened — they were able to find the man, who apologized and paid for the damages according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. It ended up costing about $125 to replace the seat.

“The fan was exuberant and excited and he pulled the chair out,” Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokeswoman Jennifer Hathaway told the Star-Tribune. “This is someone forcibly removing an item that isn’t supposed to be removed.”

Apparently nobody thought to grease up the seats with Crisco in case the Eagles won.

The stadium manager told the Star-Tribune no further action will be taken against the fan.

Philadelphia Eagles fans, who presumably didn’t steal their seats out of U.S. Bank Stadium, cheer during Super Bowl LII. (AP)

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