Eagles coach finds 'premature explosion' question hilarious

There’s plenty of reasons to be excited about Carson Wentz, but let’s just say one reporter got a little too passionate about the second-year Philadelphia Eagles quarterback’s intoxicating performance.

During Eagles coach Doug Pederson’s press conference on Monday, a Philadelphia Daily News columnist was wondering why Wentz has been so dynamic in his sophomore campaign when it usually takes quarterbacks three or four seasons to fully blossom, only the question came out like this:

“Have we seen maybe a premature explosion or is there still an explosion?”

“Premature explosion” questions aren’t always a laughing matter, but Pederson made an exception:

Doug Pederson finds your “premature explosion” questions quite funny. (Screen shot)

This is an important journalism lesson. It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment, especially when everybody’s watching, but it’s important to maintain composure and get the job done right.

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