Eagle Mountain-Saginaw student allegedly uses electric shock ring on classmate at lunch

Police with the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District are investigating an incident where a student used an electric shock ring on another student during lunch Wednesday, officials said.

Two male students at Boswell High School were “reportedly joking around” when one of them used a small Conducted Energy Device on another student, according to a letter from school officials to parents. A third student who wasn’t involved in the incident had brought the device, like a small taser, to campus.

“Regardless of what was reported, we do not see this as a joking matter,” Boswell Principal Nika Davis said in the letter. “Campus administration and EMS ISD police are now handling this situation, and all students involved will be addressed in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and the law.”

The incident took place in the school courtyard during lunch, according to Davis. The device used is small enough to fit in the user’s palm and sold as a legal self-defense tool.

Matthew Leblanc, a spokesperson for the district, told the Star-Telegram that the device used is legal but forbidden on school grounds.

“We certainly take this situation very seriously, and in addition to the EMS ISD Police investigation, campus leaders will continue to follow up with all families involved,” Leblanc said.

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A spokesperson for the Saginaw Police Department said emergency medical personnel responded to check on the affected student, but the student wasn’t transported to a hospital. School officials haven’t publicly commented on the student’s condition.

Capt. John Grady with the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Police Department referred questions about the incident to the district, but said the department is “aware of it and investigating.”

Davis asked parents to remind their young people not to bring items to school they don’t need for class.

“By bringing a prohibited item to school, they face disciplinary and possibly legal consequences that could negatively impact their lives beyond just their time at our school,” Davis said in the letter.

Boswell High School is located in Fort Worth but is part of the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD.