Eagle Atlas Inc.: Building Businesses in the Golden Age of Tech

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ARLINGTON, VA / ACCESSWIRE / January 28, 2022 / Technology is rapidly evolving. Recent technological advancements have reshaped many industries; for example, the trend towards remote communications and online operations has brought about new ways of building businesses. The rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have made it incredibly easy to network with others, build a brand, and market your products or services directly to your intended audience. With a close eye on the state of tech, Eagle Atlas Inc. is preparing to make the most of this era of feverish progress.

Eagle Atlas is Building Better Businesses

Eagle Atlas is a consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia. They advise individual clients on goal setting and career changes. They also offer guidance to companies of various sizes and stages on social media strategy, sales and marketing, business development, crowdfunding, and more. Eagle Atlas' goal is to provide a comprehensive range of services designed to maximize a company's potential. They offer both paid consultations and a complimentary review of their Blueprint to Success tool, available for free on their website.

The team is currently working to get in on the NFT action by partnering with companies to create exclusive NFT launches. They provide consulting to One Roq Vodka, with whom they are currently in talks to partner with Firestarter for an exclusive launch of one-of-a-kind NFTs.

The Blueprint to Success

The blueprint to success is a tool available by Eagle Atlas to help individuals and companies of all sizes identify and achieve their goals. They claim that the Blueprint can help in a number of ways along the journey to success. First, the simple act of writing down your goals can make you 42% more likely to achieve them. The Blueprint ensures results by having users "reverse engineer" each goal to identify the daily and weekly tasks they'll need to take to reach it.

It can also help to take a "single viewpoint" look at your goals: seeing them all side by side can provide a more realistic perspective of what it will take to succeed. This also builds focus and makes it easier to plan and identify the necessary action steps. The Blueprint also helps users stay on target and stay driven. The team recommends hanging your Blueprint on a wall, where you can check it every day to ensure that you're making progress and that your goals are never far from your mind.

How Eagle Atlas is Giving Back

As they rise to success, Eagle Atlas is looking to partner with various non-profits to support a wide variety of causes, from giraffe conservation to military veterans and clean oceans. The Eagle Atlas team is passionate about social responsibility and creating positive change. They're also looking to implement a reward system using crypto incentives to encourage reading. They believe that "Knowledge is the key to life," and this campaign would help them to promote this message.

As both of the company's founders are veterans of the US Army, the treatment and welfare of America's veterans is an important issue that the company would love to help tackle. They intend to do so in two ways: first, they want to partner with the Army's recruitment leadership to spearhead recruitment for Gen Alpha and Gen Z, a group which they believe will be particularly hard to reach.

They'd also like to partner with the military to help veterans transition back to civilian life. This is something that both founders have intimate personal experience with. They have outlined a plan for a certification program that teaches basic skills for success in the modern world. They can also host events for veterans and military members, offering mentorship and other outreach services to help those leaving the service to find their way back home.

The Future of Eagle Atlas

The team will continue to work with companies on raising equity crowdfunding rounds on wefunder.com and other equity portals as they become the go-to solution for brands looking to create equity offers. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to create a simple pitch deck or other things associated with a cap raise; the team hopes to play a role in changing this. They want to guide the next generation of startups, enterprises, and entrepreneurs to success.

Meet the Founders

Dusty Walker and Joseph Lizyness are the co-founders of Eagle Atlas. Both veterans of the United States Army, they share a passion for socially responsible entrepreneurship. Throughout their careers, they have led several teams and businesses across a variety of industries to success.

Reach out to Eagle Atlas at Joseph@eagleatlas.com.

You can find Eagle Atlas on their website or on Facebook. Follow Eagle Atlas founders Joseph Lizyness (@JosephLizyness) and Dusty Walker (@bombstobusiness) on Twitter.

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