E-Sun LTD. Becomes a Member of the DeWi and Officially Approved by the Helium

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Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - September 28, 2021) - E-Sun Electronics Limited, a company manufacturing Panther X Hotspots, has been successfully selected as a member of the Decentralized Wireless Alliance. At the same time, Panther X series Hotspot has officially passed the official review of the Helium network committee. As a result, the first product, Panther X1, has formally obtained the authority of being one of the official hotspots of the Helium network.

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E-Sun LTD. has been committed to developing and producing professional communication systems and smart device solutions for a long time. Combining E-Sun LTD. accumulated experience for many years and finding a development path that fits their track advantages in the industry wave is the key to conforming to E-Sun LTD.'s layout in the blockchain field.

From the technical analysis of Helium and the technical research and development of Panther X1 Hotspot to today, E-Sun LTD. is fortunate to be a member of the Decentralized Wireless Alliance (DeWi) and obtain the official authorization of the Helium network.

As the first product launched by Panther X, Panther X1 is an ultra-low-power, ultra-long-distance IoT hotspot gateway suitable for different IoT networks, with more extensive storage, full-duplex independent channel, and multiple hotspot management. Exclusive advantages such as configuration, speed synchronization, and advanced customization have significantly increased the rewards output of users in the Helium (HNT) network. Using Panther X1 Hotspot, users can easily participate in the Helium network at home and the office and receive HNT rewards.

The success of Panther X1 relies not only on their R&D strength and rich industry experience but also on the strong alliance between E-Sun LTD. and their partners. On the one hand, the core members of E-Sun LTD. team are from leading technology, R&D, manufacturing and blockchain industry companies, such as global computing machine manufacturers Canaan Inc., Bitmain and others. On the other hand, E-Sun LTD. has also reached a strategic partnership with BROWAN Communications, the world's largest independent wireless broadband network product manufacturer. The two parties will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation on the research and development, production and market layout of Helium (HNT) network hotspots.

Of course, Panther X1 is just the first step to participate in Helium global network construction. As a member of DeWi, E-Sun LTD. will actively participate in the supervision and management of the Helium network community, guide the public to understand the vision and advantages of peer-to-peer, distributed wireless networks. Furthermore, E-Sun LTD. will promote radio hardware, sensors and manufacturing, blockchain and peer-to-peer systems research, development and innovation in intersecting fields.

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