E. Jean Carroll Mulls Suing Trump Again After CNN Town Hall Comments: Report

06-e-jean-carroll-RS-1800 - Credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images
06-e-jean-carroll-RS-1800 - Credit: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Donald Trump may have been found liable for sexual battery and defamation against author E. Jean Carroll, but that doesn’t mean he’s learned a lesson. During a CNN town hall on Wednesday, the former president responded to questions about this week’s $5 million ruling that he sexually assaulted and defamed Carroll by mocking, belittling, and accusing her of fabricating her claims.

According to a report from The New York Times, Carroll has been made aware of the comments and is considering suing Trump yet again.

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I’ve been “insulted by better people,” Carroll told the Times. “It’s just stupid, it’s just disgusting, vile, foul, it wounds people.”

“Everything’s on the table, obviously, and we have to give serious consideration to it,” added Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s attorney, regarding a potential lawsuit. “We have to weigh the various pros and cons, and we’ll come to a decision in the next day or so, probably.”

Trump told CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins that he swears on his “children” that he had no idea who Carroll was. He called the author a “whack job” with “a fake story,” and mocked her claim that he had raped her in the dressing room of a department store during a chance encounter decades ago.

“I was very famous then, and I owned the Plaza Hotel right next door and I owned the buildings around it — I’m not going into a dressing room of a crowded department store,” Trump said.

Carroll came forward with her allegations against Trump in 2019 and sued the former president for defamation that same year. With the help of New York’s Adult Survivors Act, Carroll was able to file her sexual battery allegation against Trump in civil court last year, and include a charge of defamation. The original 2019 lawsuit remains pending in New York.

If she decided to move forward with another lawsuit stemming from his comments on CNN, it would be the third lawsuit filed by Carroll against the former president.

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