Dynasties are cool but it's time for a new Stanley Cup story

On the latest episode of Zone Time, Julian explains why he doesn't want too see one last run for the Penguins, Sam says she doesn't have the stomach for a Tampa three-peat, and Omar makes the case against defensive Dallas.

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: A team you really don't want to see win the Cup. I know for my pick, I know this team doesn't have as much of a chance as other teams. I know their goaltending does not look as good. They let me down last year when I was high on them last year. Justin might know who I'm talking about.

The Pittsburgh Penguins. Now that's a team that is going through a last-dance situation. But they've already won Cups.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: You don't want to see Sid win another one?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: His legacy's secured. I don't need to see him win again. This is an opportunity for us to see Colorado or Florida or Minnesota or some other team that we aren't normally-- even if Tampa Bay wins. Like a three-peat. That's really cool.

But Pittsburgh again? I don't need to see Pittsburgh win again. I don't need to see them show everyone that hey, you know what? They're rugged and playoff ready. And you've got to believe. And it doesn't matter if you're a low seed, anything is possible. I've seen that before. Let somebody else do well.

And it's not as if the Penguins go out in the first round and they have to figure out what the hell they're doing with their core, it's not like we're going to look at them very differently. It's not like we're going to be like oh, Sidney Crosby's a bum. Evgeni Malkin is a bum. Kris Letang's a bum. We're not going to do that. So I don't need to see Pittsburgh do well.

I don't need to see them mess up everyone's bracket, and then be like, oh wow they beat up on the Rangers, who that would be fun to see do well. What if they end up in a playoff series against another metro team like Carolina or something, and they mess them up?

No, I want to see more of the newer teams do well. I don't want to see some old magic one last time thing where Pittsburgh ends up in the Stanley Cup Final. Watch them make the frickin' Stanley Cup Final this year after I said that they were going to do all this crap last year. That's what's going to really upset me. So Pittsburgh's my answer.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: I'm down for one last dance. I mean, it's not going to happen again, probably. I mean, this core is breaking up this summer. Could be the last time we see Sidney Crosby play meaningful games. So I'd be down for one last run for the Penguins. But my choice would be probably the Boston Bruins, like I just don't enjoy them, I guess.

I'm not really a-- I was trying to think of this. I don't really care. There's-- I wouldn't really be upset about too many. I guess I don't want to see Boston win, though. I don't really like the Minnesota Wild, either.

And I don't want to see Tampa win again, to be honest. I respect and do like seeing greatness happen in front of us, something that we can remember for the rest of our lives. Like, remember that Tampa team was the best team we've ever seen? That could be what's shaping up to be, but I don't like writing the same story every year as someone who writes stories for a living. And the Leafs exiting the first round and Tampa winning the Cup for the third straight season would mean that I'm just writing the exact same things over and over again, which I'd prefer not to do. So a new story, unless it's Sid winning the Cup again.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I'll say, one thing about Tampa though, even if that would be the same thing, how many times have you seen a Stanley Cup team win Cups three years in a row? That's at least the big thing with the Lightning. That is greatness we have not seen in the salary cap era. That's why I wouldn't be so upset to see the Tampa Bay Lightning win again. Because it would be the first time, at least we can remember, seeing a team win a Cup three years in a row.

And I think only three other teams in NHL history have won 3 Cups in a row. So that's my one thing with Tampa as opposed to thinking my answer for Pittsburgh. So-- I almost knocked over my trusty book that's supposed to take stock of all the different notes I've been taking throughout this episode. Sam, who is your pick? I can't lose that book.

SAM CHANG: My answers are actually the same as Cuth's. I was going to say first, Boston, if we're going to talk about last dance. But that's a core that still has players from 2011, so I will absolutely--


SAM CHANG: --delight in seeing them not win a Cup again, for very obvious reasons. I have suggested--


SAM CHANG: Yeah. I am done with seeing the Bruins win. It's too much. And same thing with Tampa. I don't-- I've seen Alex Killorn's post-Cup celebrations twice already. I don't need a third year of it. It's boring. Give me something different.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: OK. I'm going to put-- just so we try not to repeat as much for some of the answers, I'll put Tampa Bay for yours, Sam. Omar, who do you not want to see win?

- Yeah, if I wanted to see a blue and white team win the Stanley Cup three times in a row, I want it to be my team. But we're not that good.


But we'll see. But I don't know, man. I don't think there's-- there' not a specific team that I don't want to see win. I got to say, man. Dallas hockey, not that fun to watch.



JUSTIN CUTHBERT: If I was worried about that, I might have said Dallas, but I'm not too concerned.

- Yeah, yeah.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: To Omar's point, though. To Omar's point though, wouldn't it be something-- I could see why he says Dallas here, because we're coming off a regular season where it has not been this bountiful of goals in how many years? We have two guys approaching the 60 goal mark. All these guys in the 50 goal bar, and a team that has thrived on being defensive as hell, winning the Stanley Cup would be the worst way to end the season like this. It would be, so I get why you say Dallas.

- The Dallas Stars are the only team in a playoff with a negative goal differential.


- So I see that, and it's I remember. I remember how they played in the bubble. I just, no! I would not--

SAM CHANG: I mean you have to play that way when the dude, because you're captain, and you're paying him $9 and 1/2 million. He has 46 points on the season.

- Yo, listen to me, man.

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: The highest score of the season.

- Remember when Jamie Benn had 86, 85 points and that was-- he got the Art Ross? Was that-- it was like 85 or 86.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Something like that.

- Geez. Those are the days, eh?

JUSTIN CUTHBERT: We've come a long way. Come a long way.



46 points for Jamie Benn. That sure is a down year for him.