Dylan Mulvaney on the "craziest" thing about her Facial Feminisation Surgery

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Dylan reveals "craziest" thing about face surgeryGetty Images

After debuting the results of her Facial Feminisation Surgery (FFS) last week in an epic "face reveal" video, TikToker Dylan Mulvaney has opened up to fans about exactly what procedures she's had done and how she's coping with the intense healing process she's still going through.

Speaking to her 10.6 million followers, Mulvaney first explained why some transgender women undergo FFS – a surgery which encompasses a broad range of procedures to change the shape of the face to look more feminine. "This is an extremely privileged procedure and I want to stress that this is not just typical plastic surgery," she said. "Had I not been trans, these wouldn't have been changes that I would have sought out, but because of my gender dysphoria I felt I needed it."

Mulvaney went on to recall how the surgery itself took "multiple hours" and included; a hairline advancement; a brow bone shave; a rhinoplasty; a cheek enhancement; a lip lift; a jaw shave; a chin reduction; and a tracheal shave.

Commenting about why she picked these procedures in particular, Mulvaney said: "You can get one of those things. You can get all of them. You can get none of them. It's really whatever you have dysphoria over and I knew I wanted to get everything done in one fell swoop because the recovery process is a lot."

And it's that recovery process that Mulvaney describes as the "craziest part" about having FFS. "I had some of the most insane swelling I've ever experienced in my entire life. I felt like I got stung by 1000 bees," she recalled, explaining that over the next few weeks she started to process her new look.

Mulvaney added that although she's shared her new appearance with her fans, there's likely to be more changes ahead. "The craziest part is that it can take up to an entire year to actually see all the swelling gone," she said. "So over these next few months, we will continue to see some changes. But right now here at the six week mark is a pretty strong idea of how it's going to be."

Elsewhere in the TikTok, the activist reminded fans how important it is to champion trans healthcare. "I want us to all start viewing FFS as just as important as other gender affirming health care," Mulvaney went on. "Trans people spend years saving up for these types of procedures because they are rarely covered by insurance. And it has truly already brought me so much peace, that I hope we can all start advocating for better trans health care."

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