Dylan Dreyer reveals how her three sons share one bedroom in NYC apartment: ‘They all fit just fine’

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 (Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Getty Images for NYCWFF)

TODAY meteorologist and mother of three Dylan Dreyer has revealed how all three of her kids are currently sharing one room in their New York City apartment.

On January 22, Dreyer, 40, posted a photo on Instagram of her sons, Calvin, five, Oliver, two, and Russell James, also known as RJ or Rusty, three months, in their bedroom. Dreyer shares these children with her husband, Brian Fichera.

The photo shows Calvin and Oliver posing on their bunkbed, with Rusty’s crib next to them. Along with the crib, Rusty’s changing table is leaning against the wall.

In the caption, Dreyer made a joke about how her big family could fit in the small space, regardless of how many times her peers told her to get a larger apartment.

“’You have to move,’ they said,” she wrote. “’You’ll never fit in your apartment,’ they said. ‘Time for a bigger place,’ they said. This is how you do it in NYC. I think they all fit just fine … for now. #nycliving#my3sons#roommates.”

Dreyer welcomed her third son to the family at the end of September 2021. And one month after his birth, Dreyer spoke to TODAY about Rusty and their family.

“Cal and Ollie love it when his eyes are open and he’s looking all around and taking in the sights and sounds,” she said about her sons’ relationship with Rusty. “The boys can’t stop kissing him and if I leave the room, Calvin lays next to RJ (that’s what Calvin calls him) and says he’ll watch him for me.”

"It’s hard to find a picture where Calvin isn’t hugging him or kissing him or laying on top of him,” she added.

Speaking to TODAY again in November 2021, Dreyer shared that she and her husband were “in the thick of it,” as they were now taking care of three boys.

“It’s funny, Brian and I have gotten onto shifts,” she explained at the time. “I sleep from nine to midnight, and Brian sleeps from one to six ... I mean, it’s the only way we’re kind of doing it right now, because three kids is no joke."

Prior to returning to TODAY on January 24 after her maternity leave, Dreyer reflected on how grateful she was for this time off in an Instagram post.

“Maternity leave is a blessing and I’m so appreciative for the 16 weeks I got to spend at home with my boys (although some would argue it’s not nearly enough…agreed!!),” she wrote. “As I prepare to go back to work in a week, I’m baffled by where the time has gone. Looking back, though, I realise…we squeezed A LOT in!”

Dreyer noted that she’s not only savoring every moment with her family but she also expressed how important it is for her kids to see her work.

“I know time will keep flying by so I’m soaking in every second and loving every minute of it,” she added. “I’m also so lucky that I get to go back to a job I love and my kids get to see me loving what I do and working hard.”

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