Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis downplay scuffle during game vs. Suns

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The game’s chippiest moment came between teammates, as Anthony Davis pointed a finger in the chest of Dwight Howard and shoved him down into his chair during the second quarter. They had to be separated by others on the bench. The hostilities were sharp, but brief. Said Howard: “We squashed it right then and there.” Said Davis: “It’s over with.”
Source: Kyle Goon @ Orange County Register

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Emiliano Carchia @Sportando
Lakers’ Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis downplay scuffle: “We squashed it”
sportando.basketball/en/lakers-dwig…4:16 AM

Eurohoops @Eurohoopsnet
Los Angeles Lakers teammates stepping in prevented more between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard #NBA
(📽️) WATCH
eurohoops.net/en/nba-news/12…3:45 AM

Kurt Helin @basketballtalk
Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis have confrontation on Lakers bench, say its now over nba.nbcsports.com/2021/10/23/dwi…2:19 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Anthony Davis on Dwight Howard argument: “After the situation happened, me and DH, we talked about it and we left it at that.” – 2:02 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Just like Dwight, AD downplayed the scuffle pic.twitter.com/NpRZV9KFaB1:39 AM

Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
Anthony Davis said he and Dwight Howard were arguing about a defensive pick-and-roll coverage. – 1:34 AM

Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
Anthony Davis on his bench altercation with Dwight Howard: pic.twitter.com/GWAHnKbeeG1:33 AM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
Anthony Davis on the confrontation with Dwight Howard: “It’s over with.” – 1:30 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Lakers coach Frank Vogel said the court side fan slapped Rajon Rondo’s hand. Vogel also on the AD/Dwight incident and his own technical pic.twitter.com/0Ip30Zbvey1:12 AM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
Frank Vogel says that the AD-Dwight confrontation, his tech, and the Rondo confrontation with a fan are all isolated, even though they involve high emotions. Of the collective frustration the team showed, Vogel said: “It says we want to be 2-0, and we’re not. That’s all it says.” – 1:02 AM

Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
Frank Vogel on the AD-Dwight argument escalating to a physical altercation: “That’s too much. … I handled it behind closed doors.” – 1:02 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Frank Vogel says Dwight Howard not playing in the second half was not for disciplinary reasons. – 1:01 AM

Kamenetzky Brothers @KamBrothers
Frank Vogel said the scuffle between AD and Dwight was over a blown coverage. “When you’re getting your ass kicked, sometimes those conversations get heated.” Added that he’d rather guys care than not care. AK – 1:00 AM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Vogel: “Dwight and AD had a miscommunication … when you’re getting your ass kicked, sometimes (arguments) happen.”
He added that they squashed it, that they’re brothers. – 1:00 AM

Dave McMenamin @mcten
Frank Vogel on the Dwight Howard/Anthony Davis spat: “Those guys love each other. … I’d rather our guys care than not care” – 12:59 AM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
Frank Vogel on the Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis spat: “When you’re getting your ass kicked, sometimes those conversations get heated. Those guys love each other.” – 12:59 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Frank Vogel on Dwight-AD altercation: “Had an issue on a coverage and they talked it out. … And that’s going to happen from time to time.” – 12:58 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Dwight Howard on Lakers’ struggles: “We’re going to get it together. There’s no doubt in my mind. … You got to crawl before you walk.” – 12:56 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Dwight Howard said his lack of playing time in the second half had nothing to do with his bench incident with AD pic.twitter.com/LfkCgnuDqX12:55 AM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Dwight Howard on the argument with AD on the bench in the 2nd Q, which he said came from a disagreement on the court: “We already squashed it. That’s my brother. We’re good.”
Added: “We all understand that we have to stay humble and stay positive.” – 12:55 AM

Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
Dwight Howard said he and Anthony Davis had a “disagreement” about something that happened on the floor. Howard called AD his “brother” and added, “We’re good. We squashed it.” pic.twitter.com/FiftPo1hr212:55 AM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
Dwight adds on Davis: “he’s my brother” and that he won’t let anyone ruin their relationship. – 12:55 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Dwight Howard says not playing in the second half had nothing to do with the altercation with Anthony Davis. – 12:54 AM

Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Dwight Howard says he and Anthony Davis squashed their altercation right then and there. He called AD his brother and said they were upset about a play and both got into their feelings.
“We have no issues with each other.” pic.twitter.com/aozOirZXEr12:54 AM

Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
Dwight Howard on his bench altercation with Anthony Davis: pic.twitter.com/xmzzf9qRQs12:53 AM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
Dwight Howard said that he and Anthony Davis squashed their spat on the sideline right after it happened. pic.twitter.com/qvZDF6dgPY12:53 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Dwight Howard on Anthony Davis: “We have no issues with each other.” – 12:53 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Dwight Howard said that he and Anthony Davis “squashed it” after their bench disagreement pic.twitter.com/VOtnyoo6V812:53 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Dwight Howard on altercation with AD: “We just had a disagreement about something on the floor.” Says they already “squashed it” – 12:52 AM

Bill Oram @billoram
That… was a train wreck. The Lakers lose 115-105 to the Suns to fall to 0-2, but it will be remembered for the flap between AD/Dwight, Rondo beefing with a fan and the Lakers being thoroughly outplayed by the team that bounced them from last year’s playoffs. – 12:37 AM

Dave McMenamin @mcten
The Lakers fall to 0-2 with a 115-105 loss to PHX in a game they trailed by as many as 32. LeBron 25 pts 5 ast 5 tos; AD 22 pts on 6-of-18 shooting 14 reb; Russ 15 pts 11 reb 9 ast 4 tos; Melo 16 pts; Reaves 8 pts on 3-of-4 – 12:37 AM

Allen Sliwa @AllenSliwa
Lakers start the Season 0-2…Suns Win 115-105…
LA – LBJ 25pts…AD 22pts 14rebs…Russ 15pts 11rebs 9ast
PHX – CP3 23pts 14ast…Booker 22pts…Bridges 21pts
Thoughts Laker Fans? – 12:36 AM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Lakers finish with a 115-105 loss to the Suns. Lakers hustled at the end. But they shot poorly (39.5%) and conceded too many points in the paint (52). And AD & Dwight had a little scuffle. – 12:36 AM

StatMuse @statmuse
Rough last 24 hours for Dwight:
— Left off the 75 all-time list
— Got into an argument with AD
— Benched the entire 2nd half pic.twitter.com/goSD1T4egO12:34 AM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Attacking the rim should be assumed with Russ/LeBron/AD, but they rarely got into the paint for the first 7 quarters of the season. That’s changed in this 4th Q, with 14 points in the paint after 12 in the 1st 3 Q’s. Suns did back off their defense some w/t big lead. – 12:32 AM

Sam Vecenie @Sam_Vecenie
Lakers need to get LeBron-AD-Westbrook reps with Reaves, clearly – 12:26 AM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Technical fouls on Anthony Davis and Deandre Ayton, but it comes after Booker gets an open 3, and hits it. #Suns up 20. – 12:19 AM

Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
Double technical fouls on Deandre Ayton and Anthony Davis. – 12:19 AM

Brad Turner @BA_Turner
AD and Ayton both hit with Techs in the fourth – 12:19 AM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Westbrook-AD connection! That was smooooth… – 12:14 AM

Stefan Bondy @SBondyNYDN
Just getting caught up on the Lakers. Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis fought on the bench; Rondo finger-gunned a fan. What else did I miss? – 12:11 AM

Lakers’ Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard get into tussle on bench during game vs. Suns
cbssports.com/nba/news/laker…12:06 AM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
I always questioned why the Lakers trader for Russell Westbrook. He’s obviously a good player, but God his fit next to LeBron and AD was always questionable and through 2 games, it looks bad. – 11:54 PM

Nate Jones @JonesOnTheNBA
Ayton ain’t JTA. And that’s not a knock on JTA. He just had no chance of containing AD. – 11:47 PM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Some peacemaking. Just before recent timeout, Dwight Howard extended a high five to Anthony Davis, and he reciprocated – 11:47 PM

Rob Perez @WorldWideWob
CP3 dancing on AD back-to-back possessions pic.twitter.com/HiKM3lA0HU11:45 PM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
During this entire third Q, Dwight Howard has stood up along the bench or along the baseline trying to cheer everyone on the court. Even more than usual – 11:39 PM

Jeff Goodman @GoodmanHoops
AD and Dwight. I’m taking AD all day every day. – 11:11 PM

Duane Rankin @DuaneRankin
Here’s Chris Paul getting his 7th point to reach 20,000 and become 1st player in #NBA75 history to score 20K and dish out 10K assists.
It came on a FT after drawing foul on Dwight Howard. Has 11 and 9 assists in the game. #Suns up 42-38 midway through 2nd quarter. #Lakers #NBA pic.twitter.com/PxwE7N8Clt11:03 PM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Come on, Dwight… Why bite on CP3’s antics? Smh – 10:58 PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Four Suns in there around Dwight to make sure he didn’t get that offensive rebound. Team got really good at gang rebounding in the playoffs – 10:56 PM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
LAL take a 26-23 lead out of the first Q despite LeBron and AD combining to shoot 3 for 8, after the two combined for most of LAL’s offense in Game 1.
Westbrook led all scorers with 8 points. – 10:43 PM

Allen Sliwa @AllenSliwa
End of Q1, Lakers up 26-23…Russ with 8pts + 3ast, Lebron with 6pts, AD with 4pts + 4rebs – 10:39 PM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Tough call on AD, who looked to have drawn JaVale’s charge, but was called for his 2nd PF. Westbrook also has a pair of PF’s after an offensive foul. – 10:38 PM

Allen Sliwa @AllenSliwa
Like this lineup…AD at the 5, Melo at the 4 along with Bazemore, Monk and Westbrook
Lebron has 2 Fouls… – 10:28 PM

Kellan Olson @KellanOlson
Bridges on LeBron so Booker is on Westbrook.
Suns are going at AD defensively on the move around screens off the ball. Two floaters for Jae Crowder already. – 10:14 PM

Eliot Clough @EliotClough
As AD is saying — offense is playing through BI and remaining patient. I like this. – 9:28 PM

The Ringer @ringernba
Dwight Howard should have made the #NBA75 list. #TheMismatch pic.twitter.com/xJSdwy68He9:05 PM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Frank Vogel said it’s “pretty surreal” to have four players from the #NBA75 list on his team.
If you don’t know already, those players are: LeBron, AD, Westbrook and Carmelo – 8:41 PM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Frank Vogel on the Top 75, regarding Dwight Howard: “He should for sure be on the list.”
Vogel listed a few of Howard’s credentials, including being a 3-time Defensive Player of the Year. Perhaps the most impressive part of Howard’s resume: 8 times on an All-NBA team (5X 1st). – 8:24 PM

Brad Turner @BA_Turner
Vogel said same starting lineup of DJ, Bazemore, Bron, AD and Russ. – 8:23 PM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Lakers coach Frank Vogel taking issue with Dwight Howard and Klay Thompson not being on NBA Top 75 list. Vogel called it “surreal” that LeBron, AD, Westbrook and Melo are all on the list pic.twitter.com/fqfCdJ22KS8:23 PM

Melissa Rohlin @melissarohlin
Frank Vogel said Dwight Howard should’ve “for sure” been on the 75 greatest players list. – 8:22 PM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
Frank Vogel on Dwight Howard’s omission from the 75th anniversary team: “He should for sure be on that list. For sure.”
Says he doesn’t focus too much on those lists, but was also surprised Joy Thompson was left off. – 8:21 PM

Bill Oram @billoram
Asked Frank Vogel about Dwight Howard being left off the NBA’s 75th anniversary list: “He should for sure be on the list,” Vogel said. “For sure.” – 8:21 PM

Jovan Buha @jovanbuha
Frank Vogel says Dwight Howard “for sure” should have made the NBA’s Top 75 list, citing Howard being a three-time Defensive Player of the Year and 11th all-time in rebounding. – 8:21 PM

Ryan Ward @RyanWardLA
Frank Vogel on Dwight Howard snub on #NBA75: “He should for sure be on the list. For sure.” – 8:21 PM

Gerald Bourguet @GeraldBourguet
Frank Vogel says the Lakers are going with the same starting lineup with DeAndre Jordan at the 5 alongside Anthony Davis. Mentioned Deandre Ayton’s size and how “he shot 80% against us in the playoffs” as part of his reasoning – 8:17 PM

Kyle Goon @kylegoon
The Lakers will play the same starting five tonight: DeAndre Jordan, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Kent Bazemore and Russell Westbrook. – 8:17 PM

Bill Oram @billoram
Frank Vogel said the starters will remain the same against the Suns as in the opener: LeBron, AD, Westbrook, Jordan and Bazemore – 8:17 PM

Mark Medina @MarkG_Medina
Lakers coach Frank Vogel keeping with same starting lineup vs Suns: LeBron, AD, Westbrook, Jordan, Bazemore – 8:17 PM

Mike Trudell @LakersReporter
Same starters for the Lakers as the opener tonight: Westbrook, Bazemore, LeBron, AD and Jordan. – 8:17 PM

Chris Palmer @ChrisPalmerNBA
Klay did not make the 75 Greatest Team. Because he’s not one of the 75 Greatest. He didn’t get snubbed. Resume: 5x All-Star, 2x All-NBA, 1x All-Defense. Way too thin. He’s only played 615 games. Only AD has played fewer. And he didn’t deserve to be on. – 8:03 PM

Alex Kennedy @AlexKennedyNBA
I started covering the NBA during @Dwight Howard’s rookie year. I watched him develop into one of the NBA’s best players – an MVP runner-up – and he was DOMINANT in his prime. This piece is spot on.
Put some respect on Dwight Howard’s name (by @NekiasNBA): basketballnews.com/stories/put-so…4:00 PM

Louis Williams @TeamLou23
The Dwight Howard disrespect is crazy. – 3:57 PM

Jorge Sierra @hoopshype
Accumulated Win Shares of Bill Walton, Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard through the years.
#FWIW pic.twitter.com/X4eFi7ai3o3:43 PM

Rylan Stiles @Rylan_Stiles
Josh Giddey is the third youngest rookie in NBA history to start in a team’s season opener. LeBron James and Dwight Howard are the others per the Thunder game notes. – 3:41 PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin
Dwight Howard responded to Jason Kelce’s comments about Ben Simmons #Sixers pic.twitter.com/Cknhx6OOwI3:27 PM

Nick Friedell @NickFriedell
It really is a joke that Dwight didn’t make the NBA’s 75 list. People have forgotten how great he was during his prime. – 3:17 PM

Danny Leroux @DannyLeroux
Dunc’d On Prime: Mobley’s Debut; “Buckle In”, WATFO Recap w/ @Nate Duncan
Subscribe to Total Access for ad-free episodes of Dunc’d On, and much more: https://t.co/n4QLDCqWYd pic.twitter.com/2tOrU1GfNz2:30 PM

Tony Jones @Tjonesonthenba
Dwight Howard is a case study in how an NBA player’s career is looked at, based on how well or not well he is personally liked by the masses – 1:48 PM

Tas Melas @TasMelas
#NBA75 snubs (Dwight, Grant Hill, Parker, Jokic, etc.), Curry’s 45, De’Andre Hunter slows Luka, Heat’s revenge tour, Morey vs. Simmons + more! 🙏
📼: https://t.co/6qYNvcCwWy
🍎: https://t.co/XjSclyJYjS
✳️: https://t.co/YpCkqbnDWC
🅰️: https://t.co/v1qudKTb56 pic.twitter.com/1CKPUrKmxn1:18 PM

Yossi Gozlan @YossiGozlan
Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady being left off the Top 75 struck a nerve with me.
@Bryan Kalbrosky compiled the list of biggest #NBA75 snubs on @Jorge Sierra. Check it out!
hoopshype.com/lists/the-bigg…12:08 PM

Michael Scotto @MikeAScotto
Story: Who were the biggest snubs of the NBA Top 75 all-time players list? Some notable players include Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady. More on @Jorge Sierra by @Bryan Kalbrosky. hoopshype.com/lists/the-bigg…11:56 AM

Danny Leroux @DannyLeroux
Dunc’d On Prime: Mobley’s Debut; “Buckle In”, WATFO Recap w/ @Nate Duncan
Subscribe to Total Access for ad-free episodes of Dunc’d On, and much more: https://t.co/n4QLDCqWYd pic.twitter.com/6nQ7VvHAQG11:30 AM

David Locke @DLocke09
Let’s do a live edition of LOCKED ON JAZZ on @YouTube
Today’s topics
* Getting ready for the Kings
* A comp for Eric Paschall
* What about AD for top 75 and by the way defensive matters too.
Plus your question on a Friday edition
youtube.com/channel/UCQxdU…10:49 AM

Michael Pina @MichaelVPina
i’d like to hear from top 75 voters who left dwight off the team – 10:25 AM

Danny Leroux @DannyLeroux
Dunc’d On Prime: Mobley’s Debut; “Buckle In”, WATFO Recap w/ @Nate Duncan
Subscribe to Total Access for ad-free episodes of Dunc’d On, and much more: https://t.co/n4QLDCqWYd pic.twitter.com/Gg7ngm5gt98:30 AM

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Apparently, Howard didn’t wait for the doors to close – preferring to wring out their beef on the court during the timeout. “That’s my brother, that’s my teammate,” he said. “And that’s what I told him. ‘I’m gonna always be here for you, no matter what. I’ll always fight for you, do whatever I can to help this team win.’ He said the same thing. We’re good. We squashed it. There’s no need to try to make it bigger than something else.” -via Orange County Register / October 23, 2021

Ryan Ward: Anthony Davis on team’s chemistry: “In house, what we do in the locker room and what we say, we keep it to ourselves. After the situation, me and DH [Dwight Howard] talked about it, and we left it at that.” -via Twitter @RyanWardLA / October 23, 2021

The low point was the shove between Davis and Howard, who disagreed over a pick-and-roll coverage going into a second-quarter timeout. While Vogel acknowledged teammates putting hands on each other was “too much,” the team preferred to keep their settlement behind closed doors. “When you’re getting your ass kicked, sometimes those conversations get heated,” he said. “Those guys love each other. They talked it out. And that’s going to happen from time to time. I’d rather our guys care than not care.” -via Orange County Register / October 23, 2021

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