Duane 'Dog' Chapman says family is moving past Moon Angell drama: 'Daddy can't just be alone forever'

And just like that, there is peace in the Chapman household. After a tumultuous few months amid Duane "Dog" Chapman's relationship with Moon Angell, the reality star told Fox News the family is on the mend.

It's been eight months since Beth Chapman passed away from cancer, and Dog said he’s realized his late wife "was the glue that held our family together."

"I thought I was," he admitted. "So all of our family, all my family went in different directions all of a sudden when she was gone. They're coming back to the fold now."

Dog and Angell, a longtime family friend who was maid of honor in his 2006 wedding to Beth, sparked romance rumors in recent months. His daughter Lyssa was disgusted upon finding out Angell replaced Beth's clothes in the family home with her own. Dog explained to Fox News that all families have disagreements.

"Well, all the girls are like, you know, were mad," Dog said. "All the boys were like, 'Dad, whatever you think, we're behind you.' The girls are like, you know, 'We hate them w******.' I mean, they just don't like any kind of other stuff. And I try to tell them, 'Daddy can't just be alone forever. You girls have to understand.'"

Dog added, "So they're, you know, starting to come back and stuff. Families argue, that's what it's all about. I mean, if you have a family that never argues ... I don't know if that's not an American family. So the getting back together and the blessings at dinner and the prayers at night and all that mean a lot much more to all of us than it ever has."

The Dog's Most Wanted star said Beth's passing has brought the family closer.

"I'm never on my own because my brothers, my family, my daughters, they're all with me. And I think we've gotten, if this is not bad to say, but closer, we're a closer-knitted family," he admitted.

However, Dog is still grappling with the loss of his wife.

"I guess I'm OK," he said. "You know, there are days when you just can't believe it. It's been eight months now. The worst thing about it is, it seems like it was yesterday. So allegedly, 'time heals all wounds,' but I don't know if time heals that big of a wound, that big of a cut."

Right now, the former Dog the Bounty Hunter star is channeling his energy into work. He's currently working on the biggest bond since his 2003 capture of convicted rapist Andrew Luster. It's also the last one Beth ever wrote.

"The bail they've set for him right now is $1.5 million," Dog said of Kameron Lawhead, and the amount has since been increased by a judge. "He has vowed not to go back to jail ... You know, he wants to hold court in the street. And so we have the anvil and we're ready."

Dog said this hunt is for Beth, adding, "My tears have turned to blood."

As he goes after Lawhead, Dog said he'll miss Beth "yelling at us."

"And her encouragement," Dog continued. "But we have something to prove now. You know, we are the best in the world when it comes to catching fugitives. Over 8,000 we have put away behind bars and in the bucket, so this one here is, you know, the beginning of my new life, and it's just incredible."

Dog added, "My brother said we have an angel drone in the air. So this [bond] is special. This one is so special. And you know this could be the beginning of [Lawhead's] end."

"Of course, I'd rather have her here next to me and by my side, but she kind of is," he exclaimed.

"She would always threaten me with: 'Unless you catch him, don't talk to me tonight,'" Chapman recalled. "So I kind of miss that, but I believe in the hereafter, and I believe that she's in heaven, and I believe that she will be helping us out."

"I'm still going to mourn for the rest of my life. But now it's time to separate the men from the boys," he explained. "So I brought my men with me, my son and my two brothers. And this guy has a very serious problem once we catch him."

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