Dua Lipa Wants Women To Embrace Their Sexuality

Dua Lipa has never been shy about speaking her mind. From politics to climate change, the "Electric" singer uses her platform to share her informed point of view and lately, she's encouraging women to embrace their sexuality and femininity.

In a recent interview with The Sun, the British-Albanian singer, who is now officially a citizen of the latter country, asserted that decades of oppression at the hands of a patriarchal system has prevented women and femme-aligned folks from fully expressing their sexualities without reproach or criticism. "As women, we have been oppressed on how you are supposed to look or be. We have been pushed down for too long to truly feel who we really are and explore the sexual and feminine side of ourselves."

Despite experiencing incredible success as a musician, it has not been without its hardships and obstacles as the singer admits that female artists are not given the same recognition, continuing, "We are building our own castles, but not necessarily getting the recognition we deserve."

Dua remains hopeful, however, as younger generations are determined to push back against the status quo and engage with the world on a more meaningful level. She reveals that her younger siblings, Gjin, 16 and sister Rina, 21, sharing, "younger generations have a really interesting look on life. Maybe it is the internet or the way we've evolved as people .. it is really interesting and refreshing -- and inspiring as well."

The Grammy award-winning singer is most certainly a part of a more progressive generation as she is the founder and host of a civic-minded weekly newsletter and podcast Service95, where she dives deep into everything from cancel culture and misogyny to her favorite restaurants in Paris.