What’s driving Doug Ford’s reopening plan

Ontario will ease the COVID-19 restrictions it put in place in early January, allowing restaurants and gyms to open at 50 per cent capacity. Starting Jan. 31, businesses including restaurants, bars, retailers, gym and recreation facilities, cinemas, meeting and events spaces will be able to operate at a 50 per cent capacity limit. Premier Doug Ford said while the Omicron variant will continue to pose challenges on the healthcare system, it’s something that can be managed through the reopening.

This isn’t the first time Ontario has unveiled a reopening plan. The province previously released a comprehensive and ambitious plan to reopen the economy, but was forced to reassess the plan after the rise of the Omicron variant.

On this episode of Editor's Edition, Alicja Siekierska and the Public Policy Forum's Sean Speer dig into Ontario’s reopening plan and what’s different this time around. Speer argues that the government’s latest “cautious approach” may be influenced by the forthcoming provincial election campaign.

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