Driver trapped in ditch crawls to back with her dog to call for help, Texas cops say

Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5

A woman was driving with her dog when she “encountered high water” while driving through a park in Texas, authorities said.

She tried making a U-turn, but she accidentally drove off the road and into a ditch the evening of Saturday, Nov. 26, according to a news release from Harris County Constable Ted Heap.

“She was unable to exit her car but was able to crawl into the back seat with her small dog and call for help,” officials said.

Precinct 5 deputies responded to Bear Creek Pioneers Park in Houston, and a witness helped them find the driver in need of rescue, according to the release.

One of the deputies waded into the water, helping the woman and her dog out of the vehicle and back onto land, authorities said.

Heap’s office shared a photo of her vehicle in the ditch, reminding drivers to avoid driving into water.

“Covered roads can hide dips, debris and other hazards,” officials said. “As little as six inches of water can be enough to cause serious damage to your vehicle.”

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